West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Friend of New Year’s Eve murder victim starts online campaign to find killer

A day and a half after the deadly shooting in the 9200 block of 16th SW, no updates from police, but we know more about the man who died:

(Photo republished with permission)
We know more about 40-year-old Stephen Jeffries, Jr., thanks to a friend’s effort to make sure the shooting doesn’t go unsolved. Mr. Jeffries is survived by four daughters (three of whom are with him in the photo above). He was a 20-year employee of Seattle Public Utilities. His longtime friend Mike Wheeler set up a Facebook page to publicize the search for tips and has also started a crowdfunding campaign for reward money.

Mike says of his friend, “He was a homeowner, one-time business owner, and good friend to so many people in the Seattle area as he was born and raised here. … Stevie was loved by so many people of different race, religion, and status that many people are in serious pain right now. I started the Facebook page because I, like so many others, are in serious pain because of his loss.”

Mike notes that Mr. Jeffries is the second son his mother has lost to deadly violence in West Seattle. 12 years ago this month, he was with his 18-year-old brother William Jeffries at a party in the 1400 block of SW Cloverdale. A fight broke out; when it was over, William was dead, shot three times. Prosecutors didn’t file charges against William’s admitted killer, who said it was self-defense. Their mother, West Seattle resident Michelle Jeffries, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit and ultimately lost; the case history shows that while she represented herself for the first few years of the proceedings, by the time it went to trial in 2006, she had retained lawyer Bruce Harrell, now a city councilmember.

(Photo from early Wednesday by Christopher Boffoli for WSB)
Police have said only that Tuesday night’s shooting happened during a “disturbance” at what they referred to as a New Year’s Eve “social event” at the residence of the other person who was shot, a 33-year-old woman who suffered a hand wound. We covered it starting moments after the first dispatch, originally sent to just an intersection address, 15th/Barton, but that eventually changed to the 9200 block of SW Barton … which is the same block in which Mr. Jeffries’ brother lived when he was killed in 2002, according to a document in the aforementioned lawsuit. Police have not released any description of the shooter. But if you have any tips, the Seattle Police Homicide Tipline is the place to call – even if anonymously – 206-233-5000.

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  • miws January 2, 2014 (4:27 pm)

    This is just so sad.


    Condolences to Mr. Jeffries’ family and friends…



  • Kari January 2, 2014 (4:55 pm)

    This is just very sad to see a photo of him with his family, it really puts a face to the name that was reported in the Seattle Times and drives home what a huge loss it was to everyone. My condolences

  • Jason January 2, 2014 (5:03 pm)

    So tragic. Thoughts are with his kids and the rest of his family and friends.

  • kayo January 2, 2014 (5:53 pm)

    This is such a senseless tragedy and I hope the person who did this is brought to justice. My thoughts go out to Stevie’s family and friends.

  • stunned January 2, 2014 (6:16 pm)

    Very tragic.
    The news story (PI) about the 2002 shooting death of Mr Jeffries’ younger brother states: “An argument over use of the bathroom led to blows between Stephen Jeffries and the shooter’s cousin. Stephen wound up hitting him over the head with a bottle, prompting the shooter, William and about a dozen others to jump in.” Wow, just wow.

  • Rob January 2, 2014 (7:38 pm)

    Very sad to see this photo and know that he was a father of four, worked for our city for 20 years and was loved by so many. My condolences to his family. What a loss.

  • m January 2, 2014 (8:02 pm)

    Healing thoughts go out to Stevie’s family and friends. I can’t imagine the grief and pain they are experiencing, particularly given the proximity of the location to where his brother died. This happened very close to my house and it’s been hard to drive past that street.

  • G January 2, 2014 (8:24 pm)

    Just absolutely gut-wrenching.

  • EN January 2, 2014 (8:29 pm)

    I hope the terrible person/people that did this are quickly brought to justice. My heart goes out to his family & his little girls.

  • DM January 2, 2014 (8:59 pm)

    I’m speechless, and so sorry for his family. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

  • trl January 2, 2014 (9:51 pm)

    I’m speechless too and very sad and feel so helpless. My heart hurt for his baby girls, family and friends.

  • Alki resident January 2, 2014 (10:26 pm)


  • Seattle January 2, 2014 (11:14 pm)

    +1 Alki resident

  • emily January 3, 2014 (4:16 am)

    this is so sad.. he was loved by so many and wa truley a good guy who didnt deserve this. rip sparro

  • TJ January 3, 2014 (6:33 am)

    RIP, big cuz.

  • Lox January 3, 2014 (7:25 am)

    What Alki Resident said. Man up!

  • teddy January 3, 2014 (8:27 am)

    rest in peace Sparro 1. the life of everyone you knew was better because you were in it. my hart brakes for your family.
    to the cowered who took your life you have truly taken someone very dear to a lot of us. I hope you pay for your sins.

  • His sis January 3, 2014 (8:56 am)

    Please if you know anything let them know!!! We all deserve justice! Steve was there whenever you needed him! A loving dad a good friend that was down for his friends and family, so it our turn to be down for him. Please find him!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP

  • Denise Jeffries-berg January 3, 2014 (9:08 am)

    please help us get justice for my dad…. PLEASE! :(

  • barbara January 3, 2014 (9:26 am)

    ok,,very sad, I find it VERY HARD to believe NO ONE SAW this? C’mon people of THE party..your partly to blame if your keeping your mouth shut. Also same area of town as last slay? Sounds like trouble to me. Prayers.

  • dianne January 3, 2014 (10:44 am)

    I live a few blocks from here and there are many who are shot, assaulted, robbed. Insanity!!I’m praying for this family and all who loved and cared for him.I’m also praying for the person who did this. Please come forward and take responsibility. Give this family justice. God will be with you to make you strong.

  • unknown January 3, 2014 (3:59 pm)

    I’m always amazed at when this story first broke the comments that were made…mostly negative and now that you see his face and see that he had a family and was loved the comments change… I’m ashamed that people always jump on the bandwagon and talk “dirt” and don’t think no matter what the victim did or does they were a human and someone now lost them in their life… my condolences for your loss.

  • alkigirl January 3, 2014 (4:20 pm)

    Denise, my heart goes out to you, and your family, and everyone else that knew and loved your dad. It’s an unimaginable, tragic loss. I remember you as a happy child at FP and happiness stems from love. Obviously, you have been very much loved in your lifetime, as I’ve seen you now, as an adult, and you are an outstanding young woman. Carry on as your daddy taught you, and be proud of who you are, because of him. “Justice Is Mine, Sayeth The Lord”. This killer will be caught….sooner or later, and he will pay. I will continue to hold your circle, in my prayers.

  • LJ January 4, 2014 (11:58 am)

    Guns and alcohol – what a great combination!!!

  • Sharron January 4, 2014 (2:34 pm)

    Jaime,Denise,and the rest of Steve’s family my heart is saddened to hear of your lost.A person who has changed his life around to get this.Not fare thinking you and have you in my prayers to find this killer.

  • Lynn January 4, 2014 (4:16 pm)

    You think bringing a gun to a party makes you bad. You know who you are look in the mirror, and know, you took someones son, someones father, someones brother, and someones friend, and soon everyone will know who u are make no mistakes. How do you live with yourself knowing you have committed the ultimate sin murder. Everyone who wants to keep this persons secret your just as wrong, shame on you.

  • Simmerdz January 4, 2014 (5:21 pm)

    R.I.P. Sparro…for 19 years I had the blessing of having you for a friend. Hope they get whoever did this before I do…

  • pat January 4, 2014 (6:51 pm)

    I knew stephen for only a few years at SPU and as a fellow co-worker he was very dependable and a good person, god has gained another angel by his side. My prayers go with his family.

  • Kelz January 4, 2014 (11:42 pm)

    Sadden by another loss! I met Steve (Sparro) a few times but I can relate with how the family maybe feeling at this time! My daughters father was also murdered & she never got the pleasure of knowing him. Denise: babygirl please hold onto your memories, write them down & share with your younger siblings they will need it! Mom, I cannot imagine losing both sons, I can only sympathis with you, but please find comfort in your grand babies & your own memories, for when you do that he never dies! Media: PLEASE stop pushing lies, opinions & theories onto the public, this only hurts the family & friends who know the TRUTH! Do your job & report FACTS! You did the same sh*t to my family & it’s character assassination & should be illegal! Let people mourn in peace!! Jeffries family you’re ALL in our thoughts & prayers, god bless…Kelz

  • ScubaFrog January 5, 2014 (4:01 am)

    I sure hope we find Mr. Jeffries murderer. What a tragedy. My heart and thoughts are with his family and friends. Surely someone at the party saw the shooter and has a description? Maybe the woman who was shot – but thankfully survived, has some information.

  • Gabriel January 5, 2014 (10:28 am)

    Stephen Spro Jefferies was my friend in years past. I just want all to that he was a good man. Daughters pls know he will always be with you.

  • nemobeansmom January 5, 2014 (10:38 am)

    “unknowns” comment agrees with Kelz’s re-read below and as Kelz’s states report truth & facts and respect the family who has lost a loved one!

    I’m always amazed at when this story first broke the comments that were made…mostly negative and now that you see his face and see that he had a family and was loved the comments change… I’m ashamed that people always jump on the bandwagon and talk “dirt” and don’t think no matter what the victim did or does they were a human and someone now lost them in their life… my condolences for your loss.
    Comment by unknown — 3:59 pm January 3, 2014

  • FazeOne January 6, 2014 (3:06 am)

    Rest In Paradise Sparro1.

  • Angie Wylde-Harris January 6, 2014 (11:09 pm)

    I’ve known Sparro for about 17 years. He was a great man always there when you needed him. Please find the coward who ripped his family apart.

  • Damien Kaze Kirkwood January 9, 2014 (8:31 am)

    Best friend of 25+ years. He will for always be missed very much. The culprit will be caught. Just a matter of time. Peace be still. My deepest condolences to my Jeffries family. I love you all

  • Trudy January 22, 2014 (4:45 pm)

    Prayers to the family. Wanted to let them know that the couple of times i met him he took the time to remember who i was and the fact that i was a single mom with a child who was going through medical problems.He gave me encouragement and compliments. What a nice loving guy with beautiful daughters that he was so proud of. Please share any samll piece of info, any thing that sticks in your mind or caught your eye that night.

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