West Seattle Crime Watch: Brazen burglar; laptop left; hit & run

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes tonight. First, doublecheck before bedtime to make sure your doors are locked. That’s the message one West Seattleite is sharing, after someone broke into her mom’s house in North Admiral:

My mother in-law lives on Palm Ave SW and woke up at 3 am Sunday morning to a person standing in her living room. When confronted, they ran out the unlocked kitchen door in which they entered. Cash and a watch were stolen; no one was hurt, luckily. A reminder to lock all doors and windows; motion lights will now be installed at this residence.

Nighttime break-ins are actually more brazen than daytime burglaries, since there’s more of a chance the burglar(s) will be confronted.

We also have an update from a burglary reported here one week ago: The reader who first told us about the 13-year-old arrested in connection with at least two break-ins says she found something he left behind – somebody else’s laptop. She was trying over the weekend to reach police to get them to come take it.

Finally, a hit-run driver damaged a parked car and destroyed a fence early Sunday in Westwood. Two readers mentioned it to us that morning – and then we heard directly from the fence’s owner, Laura:

A car took out my fence at 36th Ave SW and Barton St.

The front end of the car in the photo was also smashed.

Laura says it was somebody else’s car; the hit-run car and driver both got away. The fence was to be fixed today.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Brazen burglar; laptop left; hit & run"

  • Virgilbikes December 31, 2013 (7:23 am)

    Two nights ago we had something similar. Noise in street. People yelling. We were asleep. Lights out. Someone came bashing at front door. Like trying to kick it in. We scared them away but not before they dropped a game dvd in backyard. Think they were seeing if anyone home. Some prefer you at home as you turnoff motion detectors. They sometimes use the carbon end of a spark plug to cut their way in. Crazy stuff. The dvd Mortal konflict, I believe. Kids? Who knows?

  • joel December 31, 2013 (6:56 pm)

    the dvd was likely a stolen item from their last heist

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