Injured bicycle rider’s daughter looking for Good Samaritan

In Friday morning traffic coverage, we mentioned a bicycle incident at Admiral Way/City View on the hill north of the bridge. It cleared relatively quickly, and turned out to have been a fall rather than a collision, so we didn’t follow up. But then we received this note from Elisabeth, saying the rider is her mom and she’s looking for the person who helped her:

(Friday) morning around 6:50/7:00 am, a good Samaritan helped my mom after she crashed her bike on Admiral. My mom was on the west side of street headed towards WS bridge. The good Samaritan pulled over and I believe she called the medics. I was actually driving to work right around the same time and got there shortly after the medics had my mom on the stretcher.

First, we would really like to thank the good Samaritan because my mom hit her head pretty hard and based on her injuries hit the pavement (or her bike) hard, so we think the fast response was critical, and second, we are wondering if the good Samaritan saw the accident. We are trying to piece together what happened as my mom does not remember any of it. She took quite a spill and has some internal injuries and some fractured bones, but we think she is going to be ok.

Was it you, or someone you know? You can comment, or e-mail us.

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  • Gabrielle Moorhead December 15, 2013 (9:29 am)

    My name is Gabrielle Moorhead and I was one of the first responders with Sarah, the injured bicyclist on Friday. Also, a driver from Franz Bakery also pulled over and together we took care of Sarah until the fire department and paramedics arrived on the scene. In an odd twist, I am a partner at Grand Central Bakery so the bakery folks united with our first aid training. My best guess on her fall was hitting any of that remaining ice on Admiral or I also saw a crushed coke can about 20 yards up from her bike.

    I was wondering how Sarah was and I would be happy to speak with her or her daughter. Please pass along my name, email and phone. Thank you for posting an update. Sincerely, Gabrielle

  • Susan Empey December 15, 2013 (10:17 am)

    Gabrielle, thank you so much for all you did Friday morning! I am Sarah’s other daughter and Elisabeth and I are so thankful you were there to call for help and be with her until the paramedics arrived. We will be in touch soon, but in the mean time, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Al, December 15, 2013 (11:35 am)

    Gabrielle. Good work!! :) I ride a bike a lot. West Seattle and that area is not safe. I’m glad she’s ok.

  • Elisabeth December 15, 2013 (1:21 pm)

    Thank you Gabrielle!

  • Matt W December 15, 2013 (6:34 pm)

    Gabrielle – Thanks so much for helping out with Sarah. To add to the bakery coincidence, Sarah works behind the counter at La Panier in the Market and that’s where she was headed on her bike at 6 something in the morning.

    For an update on Sarah’s status, she is pretty banged up and has been in the ICU at Harborview until today. She’s slowly improving and will hopefully be headed home in the next couple of days.

    Matt (Sarah’s Son-in-Law)

  • Vanessa December 15, 2013 (10:04 pm)

    I live across the street from Sarah. Please let me know if there is anything at all we can do to help.

  • Elisabeth December 15, 2013 (11:31 pm)

    Thanks Vanessa – I will try to catch up with you Monday evening.

  • Val December 16, 2013 (10:49 am)

    Hi Elisabeth. I’m next door in the blue house. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. I’ll look for you this evening…

  • Rex December 18, 2013 (8:53 pm)

    Glad to read Sarah is ok. This is the Franz route sales representative who stopped to help. Not sure how to contact you or your daughters if you have any questions.

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