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Morgan Community Association: The park, the tank, Rapid Ride revisited, and more

At its quarterly meeting, the Morgan Community Association voted to support the new West Seattle Transportation Coalition, got an update on the about-to-be-built sewer-overflow-control project at Lowman Beach, heard about efforts to improve cleanliness and safety at Morgan Junction Park, discussed a new development – and that was just the start:

(WSB photo, taken the day after the MoCA meeting)
FRIENDS OF MORGAN JUNCTION PARKS: In addition to the volunteer work this group is doing, talk turned to those who loiter in Morgan Junction Park. Park volunteers say they have engaged the people who hang out, but so far the loiterers are not complying with trash rules. And they say not enough people are calling 911 when they see rulebreaking; more should be making those calls, for wider community representation. The behavior is getting worse, it appears – one week earlier, there was a big drinking party, and a big bonfire was started in the park; Seattle Fire came but police were never able to respond because that happened concurrently with the Westwood Village-area stabbings. To address this, MoCA is working with police to find an official sign to put up regarding, “Drinking is against the rules, here’s who to call.” Also call in matters of public safety – somebody passed out, someone injured … “Don’t be shy,” said Friends of MJP’s Tod Rodman. “It’s your park – if people are there, the bad stuff will (recede),” added FoMJP’s Barry White.

Back to the group’s main work: One more planting and mulching event will be happening in early November, an afternoon event after the Seahawks game, White said. “It’s been a great ride, and we’re getting more and more people involved.” The triangle park just north of West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) had a great planting party recently with 20 volunteers from Peace Lutheran Church in Gatewood. The current planting project in the streetside strips by Thriftway is the store’s doing, it was revealed in subsequent discussion. Next, the Friends of MJP is going to look at the Fauntleroy/Juneau triangle property to find out how it can help.

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PACK YOUR BAG! Day 20: Perfect use for old clothes

October 21, 2013 11:52 pm
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Two-thirds of the way through Washington State Diaster Preparedness Month AND two-thirds of the way through the “Go Bag”/emergency kit we’re building one day at a time, with the help of West Seattle Be Prepared:

It’s time to dig through the pile of clothes that you were going to give away: Put in a change of clothing and a pair of shoes for each person. It’s better in our part of the country to make sure you have warm clothing included, rather than just a T-shirt or light pants. If you can fit them, a pair of gloves and a warm or waterproof hat should go in as well.

Items 1 (the bag itself) through 19 are archived in reverse-chronological order here.

P.S. Be extra-prepared by going to the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network‘s Tuesday night meeting – info here.

Keeping kids safe: West Seattle families invited to special event

“Safety shouldn’t be scary!” So says the flyer for a special event just announced, with an open invitation to families from around the community:

Hope Lutheran School is sponsoring and hosting (the event) on November 5th, presented by Kim Estes, from Savvy Parents Safe Kids. Due to the recent events at various local schools (including Hope) involving children being approached by strangers, we felt a great need to not only review safety with our students, but also with our parents. We invite the community to attend this great workshop about how to keep our children as safe as possible. The 90-minute presentation followed by a question-and-answer session is free. Child care will not be provided. The event begins at 6:30 and ends at 8:00 pm followed by a question and answer session.

Here’s the full flyer:

(See it here if you can’t see the scrollable embedded version above.) Hope is at 42nd and Oregon in The Junction.

Looks like NO grocery strike: Unions announce tentative deal

The unions representing thousands of grocery-store workers at chains including QFC, Safeway, Albertsons, and Fred Meyer say they have reached a tentative contract deal. So it looks like NO strike. Here’s their statement via Facebook:

We are very pleased to announce that today at 5 PM the union member bargaining team from UFCW 21 & 367 and Teamsters 38 reached a tentative agreement with the national grocery chains in contract negotiations. This tentative agreement has been unanimously recommended by the union member bargaining team. Details will not to be released until after union members themselves have had the opportunity to review the tentative agreement and vote on it. The times and locations of those vote meetings will be announced in the coming days after arrangements have been made to schedule the vote.

The announcement came with just a few hours left in the strike countdown.

Navy says Blue Angels, ‘Fleet Week’ ships returning to Seattle in 2014

(Blue Angels fly over Boeing Field, 2009 photo by David DeSiga)
An announcement by the Navy last Friday was so quiet, they’re shouting it a bit louder today – they’ve figured out how to resume “community outreach” and that means, among other things, that the Blue Angels are back in the air next year, and that some festivals will see Fleet Week ships again, including Seafair here in Seattle.

(USS Bunker Hill passing Alki Point during Seafair 2012; photo by Gary Jones)
Here’s the Navy’s announcement. You’ll recall that this year’s Seafair went without Blue Angels and a visiting fleet because of federal belt-tightening.

Fight cancer by helping next year’s West Seattle Relay for Life now

October 21, 2013 4:12 pm
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(WSB photo from June 2013 Relay for Life)
One of our area’s major cancer-fighting fundraisers, West Seattle Relay for Life, happens every summer – a memorable all-night relay with moments from exuberant to emotional. Like so many excellent events, it doesn’t and can’t happen without major volunteer help, and this is where you come in – maybe your special skills can make a difference:

Right now, the local American Cancer Society signature fundraising event is looking for committee members to help organize the 2013 Relay For Life. With just over nine months left before the Relay, the committee has a place for everyone.

Positions available include:
Sponsorship Chair: Get local businesses involved in this community-based event.
Online Chair: Manage the online fundraising arm of the American Cancer Society’s most successful event!
Team Development Chair: Help teams fundraise and recruit new teams to join the fight.
Many more!

This year’s Relay For Life of West Seattle will take place overnight in July (date TBD) at West Seattle Stadium.

Want to know more, or just go ahead and volunteer? Contact chair Santina,, or ACS staff partner Nici, An organizational meeting is coming up in early November and they can tell you more.

Junction demolition update: Teardown of 2nd building begins

You won’t notice it yet if you drive by on California or Alaska, but from 42nd SW, you can see that demolition has indeed begun on the remaining building on the site of Equity Residential’s 2-building, ~200-apartment project. A closer look shows long-hidden interior brick walls:

As discussed in comments on recent WSB coverage of teardown elsewhere on the site, this building was once – when it had a second story – home to the West Seattle Hospital, which later moved to the site on SW Holden that is now home to Navos. Meantime, another reminder that sidewalks on California and Alaska are closed – temporarily, as noted here Friday – while this stage of demolition continues for several days.

West Seattle Hi-Yu royalty: No longer just for girls

Stopping by the West Seattle Hi-Yu table at the Fauntleroy Fall Festival on Sunday, we found out Hi-Yu has just announced a big change: Boys are now welcome to apply to be Hi-Yu royalty, as well as girls.

The full announcement is on the Hi-Yu website, along with this link to the Junior Court application (which will download as a Word doc). The application has to be in by November 5th; this year’s Junior Court coronation is planned for the Hi-Yu Community Breakfast on November 9th. Girls and boys 8-12 years old are welcome to apply.

The Senior Court also will be open to both male and female candidates, and Hi-Yu says it’ll announce the application period soon. The next royalty will be part of a milestone – Hi-Yu’s 80th anniversary!

If you would like to get an application in person, Hi-Yu reps will be at the Hiawatha Community Center Halloween carnival this Friday night (one of the events are in the just-launched WSB Halloween Guide).

West Seattle Crime Watch: See what’s happening where

Relatively quiet weekend – no major incidents – but we do have reader reports to share in West Seattle Crime Watch today, and we’ve checked the Seattle Police map for current trends, noting for starters that burglaries are still running above average:

The map shows 23 burglaries reported in West Seattle since last Monday. That’s compared to 24 the previous week, and up from last October, which SPD online stats say averaged 18 a week. Eighteen is also the weekly average this year, through August, the most recent month for which SPD has published monthly stats. To see addresses, go to the map and click on any icon, which will tell you the street/block number and when it was reported.

Ahead – a stolen-vehicle report plus a look at the map/numbers for how that category of crime is trending in West Seattle right now, as well as other reader reports on car break-ins, mail theft, and two likely stolen items found:

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West Seattle Monday: Duwamish River’s future; Luna Girls on Alki; I-90 bridge tolls; music education for preschoolers…

October 21, 2013 11:06 am
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More fencing went up this morning around the building on the southeast corner of California/Alaska, where sidewalks will be *temporarily* blocked off during the Equity Residential project demolition over the next several days (full details in this update from last Friday). Also happening today/tonight – highlights from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

MICROHOUSING-RULES COMMENT DEADLINE: Speaking of development, have something to say about the city’s proposed rules regarding so-called “microhousing”? In case you missed our earlier story about the proposals (and the West Seattle projects in process) – see it here; today’s the city deadline for comments.

TOLLS ON I-90 BRIDGE? As previewed here over the weekend, the state has two meetings this week for your comments on potential I-90 bridge tolling, and the first one is tonight, 4-7 pm at Mercer Island High School. (If you can’t make it to a meeting, our preview also includes how to send your comment via e-mail.)

DUWAMISH DREAMS: The Duwamish River is more than an industrial waterway, more than a Superfund cleanup site – it’s a river within a city, home to wildlife, and the center of hopes, dreams, and years of work, past, present, and future, to help bring it fully back to life. Tonight, hear and talk about it during a community forum presented by Sustainable West Seattle at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 7 pm. (5612 California SW)

HEAR ABOUT ‘LUNA GIRLS’ PLAN: As first reported here earlier this month, there’s a new plan for where to install local artist Lezlie Jane‘s new “Luna Girls on Alki” sculpture, and you are invited to hear about it and comment on it during a 6:30 pm meeting tonight at Marination ma kai (WSB sponsor) at Seacrest Pier. (1660 Harbor Ave. SW)

EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHER? HOMESCHOOLER? You’re invited to an event presented tonight by the West Seattle Preschool Association – “Sing Into Reading” with Nancy Stewart, regarding the “importance of music and singing in early childhood development … In this workshop participants will learn the six early reading skills, and how singing is vital in building them.” 7-9 pm at Sweet Pea Cottage Preschool. (7141 California SW)

IT’S NOT TRIVIAL: Check the calendar – only place you’ll find EVERY listing we have for today, tonight, and far beyond – for tonight’s three listed trivia and pub-quiz events!

Before 60-foot-deep excavation – pre-construction meeting November 6 for Murray overflow-control project

(WSB photo from last week, looking south across the project site)
Demolition work is over at the future site of a million-gallon storage tank meant to reduce combined-sewer overflows across the street at the Murray Pump Station on Lowman Beach. As King County’s Doug Marsano told the Morgan Community Association last week, this is going to be a BIG dig – 80 feet wide and 60 feet deep. It’ll all be previewed at a public meeting planned for 6:30 pm Wednesday, November 6th. The official announcement has just arrived:

Construction of King County’s new water-pollution-control facility near Lowman Beach Park gets underway later this year.

Do you have all the information you want about the project activities, schedule, and potential impacts to the community? Please join King County’s Murray Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control Facility project team for the project’s pre-construction public meeting!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
6:30-8:30 pm
Fauntleroy Church, 9140 California Avenue SW

· Meet and share concerns with the project team
· Understand how the project protects public health and safeguards Puget Sound
· Review the project schedule
· Learn more about the project’s potential impacts to neighbors and park users
· Discuss how the County project team will work with the community to reduce disruptions

You can see the project’s final design plan on the county website.

West Seattle Halloween: 2013 guide up; additions welcome

October 21, 2013 9:31 am
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Halloween is ten days away but since it’s on a Thursday, many – but not all! – of the events are this weekend. From community-center carnivals to business-district jackols.jpgtrick-or-treating, we’ve gathered together all the upcoming Halloween/harvest/fall-festival events from our calendar and you’ll find them in one place, – or click the HALLOWEEN tab beneath the header photo on any WSB page. If you haven’t let us know about your business/organization/school’s event, though, it might not be there – but it’s not too late for us to add it; e-mail No need for a long announcement – just send the basics, and if you have a web and/or Facebook link for the event, please include it. Thanks!

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday on the move

October 21, 2013 6:07 am
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(East-facing camera on the West Seattle Bridge; see other cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Welcome to a new week! Just one alert for today – reminder that a TEMPORARY closure of sidewalks on the southeast corner of California/Alaska is scheduled to start today as demolition work begins on the west half of the development site there. Here’s our story from Friday.

Update: Lots of smoke from dryer fire in The Junction

(Photos by Christopher Boffoli for WSB)
10:04 PM: Fire crews are at a residence in the 4500 block of 41st SW in The Junction for what they describe as a “tapped dryer fire.” But they’re also acknowledging there’s lots of “residual smoke.”

10:29 PM: WSB contributor Christopher Boffoli checked out the fire scene and reports no one was hurt; he saw SFD “haul the smoking dryer out of the house.”

Next Design Review Board meeting for 3078 Avalon Way, more than a year after its last one

A second project is now on the Southwest Design Review Board‘s agenda for November 21st, in addition to 3210 California SW: The city’s tentative schedule for that night now shows the second and potentially final review for 3078 Avalon Way SW, now described on the city project page as an 8-story, 108-apartment, 61-parking-space proposal. That’s fewer spaces than were mentioned when it passed Early Design Guidance in its first board review in September 2012, from which the image at left was taken (as noted then, this is in the zone where new construction isn’t required to have any on-site parking at all). As shown in WSB coverage of the September 2012 meeting, a sizable group of neighbors has been following the project closely, and expanded its attention to other proposals in the area; most live on 32nd SW, a single-family-home neighborhood just north of the project site. The tentative plan for the November 21st meeting is for 3210 California to be reviewed at 6:30 pm, 3078 Avalon at 8, at the Senior Center of West Seattle (California/Oregon in The Junction).

Tomorrow: Imagine, and talk about, the Duwamish River’s future

In the wake of Saturday’s semi-annual Duwamish Alive! cleanup day, you have the chance tomorrow night to join in a discussion about the river’s future – not just the bigger cleanups that are happening now and in the future, but also the vision for what it should be. Sustainable West Seattle is convening the conversation, to be moderated by “Diver Laura” James, who shared the photo above from the start of Saturday’s cleanup (including kayaks loaned for the occasion by West Seattle’s Alki Kayak Tours). Reps from the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition will be there too, as well as other organizations with a stake in the river’s future, but this isn’t just about the experts – it’s about you. Come to C & P Coffee Company (5612 California SW; WSB sponsor) Monday night, 7-9 pm.

Video, photos: Fauntleroy Fall Festival’s 2013 fun

(WSB photos and video by co-publishers Patrick Sand and Tracy Record)
2:28 PM: From cake judging to drumming to pumpkin-painting, the Fauntleroy Fall Festival is on! 9100 block of California SW (Fauntleroy Church, Y, Schoolhouse), both sides of the street:

Even behind the schoolhouse – which is where you’ll find the critters, including Gideon the miniature donkey and Buttercup the miniature horse:

Don’t miss a thing, now until 5:30 pm. Even if you’re from elsewhere on the peninsula, friendly folks like Fauntleroy Community Association president David Haggerty are here to welcome you:

Lots of activities to keep kids busy – this is no spectator festival! They can build birdboxes:

That’s in the church parking lot, where you’ll find some of the live music until the big tent, too. (added) Here’s a quick Instagram clip of Lauren Petrie, popular for playing at dances around West Seattle and beyond:

Festival info’s all in our West Seattle Sunday preview.

6:03 PM: Festival’s over; we’re continuing to add photos and video. Here’s Dance! West Seattle (headquartered in Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, performing today in the Fauntleroy Church Fellowship Hall):

That’s from their preview of the annual “Magical Doll Maker” holiday production, as explained here. Back across at The Hall, the cakewalk was a hot ticket:

It followed the judging of cakes created by community members – the big winner, this owl cake:

The owl cake was the creation of Aine McMahon-Grace:

In addition to Aine’s creation, the ferry cake caught our eye:

And there was a “beginners” category including these two:

Back over in the church parking lot, central festival venue, the Endolyne Joe’s (WSB sponsor) booth was selling pulled-pork sandwiches, with Elliot (below, center) on hand to help:

Fall in Fauntleroy is also about celebrating salmon, and again this year, creek/watershed steward Judy Pickens assisted young festivalgoers in the creation and decoration of salmon hats:

You can help call the salmon home by joining the annual drumming/singing event at the Fauntleroy Creek Overlook (across from the ferry dock) next Sunday (October 27th), 5 pm.

Back to today’s festival – other volunteers in action included Kathleen Steele and Pat inside the Fauntleroy Y (WSB sponsor):

Outside, FCA board member Kathleen Dellplain was on balloon duty:

And it’s not the Fauntleroy Fall Festival without a stiltwalker sighting:

Also with a great overview of the festival – young wall-climbers!

Remember the pumpkin-painting at the start of our story? By mid-afternoon, there were painted pumpkins aplenty:

Besides the mentioned-earlier salmon-homecoming event next Sunday, lots more coming up in Fauntleroy – watch (and the WSB calendar) for event updates, including between-festivals fundraisers for the FFF.

Update from grocery workers’ union: No deal yet, 30 hours to go

The spokesperson for the unions that have given strike notice to QFC, Safeway, Albertsons, and Fred Meyer says no deal yet. That’s from a media-advisory e-mail sent by Tom Geiger, who says about 30 hours remain in the 72-hour notice given to the chains on Friday night; he also says workers plan a rally at 7 tonight by the “countdown clock” set up at Westlake Park downtown. A strike would NOT affect Metropolitan Market, Thriftway, or PCC (WSB sponsors), though they are unionized; they have separate contracts with their workers.

PACK YOUR BAG! Day 19: Just enough to set the table

More simple additions for your “Go Bag” – what you need to get by in case of catastrophe – as we arrive at Day 20 of our day-by-day packing project, in honor of Washington State Diaster Preparedness Month. Today’s instructions from West Seattle Be Prepared:

You’ve been packing food; time to put in plastic silverware, plates, bowls and/or assorted plastic containers with lids. I would recommend 1 plastic plate, one spork, and one plastic container with lid per person, but most folks have paper plates on hand and those would work as well. A small kitchen knife could be added. You don’t have to stock up a kitchen – just something to hold that soup and canned foods you’ve put in.

Catching up? Previous installments are archived in reverse-chronological order here. Plus – get another preparedness-info boost at Tuesday’s meeting of the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network – go here for details.

West Seattle coyotes: Five reader-reported sightings

The most recent West Seattle coyote reports shared by WSB readers:

*From Greg this morning: “Saw a few coyotes today at Brandon and 29th along the Longfellow Creek entrance.” [map]

*From Christopher on Saturday afternoon: “Pretty sure I just saw a coyote in the alley between Fauntleroy and 39th and Graham and Morgan.” [map]

*From Karen on Friday: “2 coyotes seen on 98th & 39th Ave SW, 5:30 pm Friday Oct. 18th, just 2 blocks off the top of Fauntleroy Park.” [map]

*From Chris, also early Friday evening: “Just saw a lone coyote poking around in the alley behind our house at 30th and Webster. It headed off down Webster.” [map]

*And on Thursday, Rachael reported that her “neighbor just saw a coyote on 10th & Elmgrove in Highland Park.” [map]

To wrap up this roundup, something new: Ron, who reads WSB daily from his residence in Mexico, sends “coyote news from elsewhere” on occasion. This week, he e-mailed a link from TV’s “Dog Whisperer,” headlined Five Ways to Keep Your Dogs Safe From Coyotes.

I-90 bridge tolls? 2 meetings ahead, and other ways to comment

Thanks to Joan for the reminder that the state is midway through a public-comment period on whether to charge tolls on the I-90 bridge, so if you have an opinion, now’s the time to share it. This week, there are two public meetings – 4:30-7:30 pm tomorrow at Mercer Island High School, 4-7 pm Wednesday at the Northwest African American School in Seattle. Full details on both are on this page, along with links where you can sign up NOW to speak at either meeting. You can also comment by e-mail:

Tolling has been proposed on I-90 to, in part, raise money for the new 520 bridge; this PDF includes more on this round of the comment process as well as the options that are under consideration – not with price tags, but with configurations, such as “just toll from Seattle to Mercer Island” or “just toll the HOV lanes.” This round of commenting runs through November 6th; a final decision is expected in 2015.

West Seattle Sunday: Fauntleroy Fall Festival; work parties; more…

October 20, 2013 6:30 am
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Lincoln park, morning fog

(Lincoln Park in the fog, by Michelle Riggen-Ransom, shared via the WSB Flickr group)
Not far from where that photo was taken, Fauntleroy’s big Fall Festival happens this afternoon, and it’s at the heart of today’s highlights from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

CITYWIDE TRAFFIC ALERTS: In a Saturday comment, GMT mentioned that 4th is closed at Jackson on the south side of downtown; that northbound detour, scheduled to be in effect until late tonight, is part of the citywide-alerts roundup you can see here if you’re planning on heading off-peninsula today.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: The market is in its usual spot 10 am-2 pm today BUT remember that NEXT Sunday (October 27), it will move into the streets as part of the second annual West Seattle Junction Harvest Festival. (44th/Alaska)

WORK PARTY AT CHINESE GARDEN: 10 am-noon, you are invited to help keep the grounds of the Seattle Chinese Garden beautiful. It’s just north of the South Seattle Community College (WSB sponsor) campus. (6000 16th SW)

GEAR SWAP, DAY 2: 11 am-3 pm, Mountain to Sound Outfitters annual winter gear swap concludes. Not at the store – a few doors down, at American Legion Post 160 Hall. (3618 SW Alaska)

DAKOTA PLACE PARK NEEDS YOU! The park just north of The Junction can use some TLC going into late fall/winter, so your help 1-3 pm today will be much appreciated. Details here. (California/Dakota)

FAUNTLEROY FALL FESTIVAL: 2-5:30 pm today, in and around Fauntleroy Schoolhouse and Fauntleroy Church/Y! Music, performances, pumpkin-painting, pony rides, a percussion jam for teens … Lots of info in our previews:

*Festival lineup here
*Focus on “green” activities and music here
*Dance! West Seattle preview here
*Baking a cake to bring for the cakewalk (pre-festival)? Info here

The venues are right across the street from each other, 9131 and 9140 California SW (map); there’s parking behind the schoolhouse, and the RapidRide C Line stops right by the church/schoolhouse. See you there!

WEST SEATTLE COOKING CLUB: The theme for today’s meeting is “On a Stick,” so cook a recipe that qualifies and bring it to the 3 pm WSCC meetup at Beveridge Place Pub. (6419 California SW)

LIVE MUSIC AND MORE ON THE CALENDAR … what we’ve spotlighted above is only PART of what’s up today/tonight; go here for the rest.

As-it-happened coverage: Chief Sealth wins Huling Bowl, 49-19 over WSHS

(Video and most photos added postgame)
The annual Huling Bowl game – cross-peninsula high-school varsity football, West Seattle vs. Chief Sealth – is over, and for the second consecutive year after a long WSHS win streak, Sealth keeps the trophy, breaking the game open in the second half and winning 49-19. Our as-it-happened coverage from West Seattle Stadium is below; post-game video with the Luther Carr-coached Seahawks jubilantly claiming the trophy is above, and we will be adding numerous photos below in the hours ahead, so check this story again in the morning to see what happened not only during but also before the game:

ORIGINAL REPORT, BEGINNING AT 7:04 PM: The big game is on – Chief Sealth Seahawks vs. West Seattle Wildcats, varsity football with the Huling Bowl trophy at stake.

We’ll be updating from West Seattle Stadium as it goes.

7:18 PM: First score of the game, with 4:43 left in the first quarter – Chief Sealth, touchdown by #7, LeeAndre Dickerson. Extra point is good, 7-0 CSIHS.

7:35 PM: First quarter’s over, score still Sealth 7, WSHS 0.

Lot of turnovers.

8:02 PM: Second touchdown in the game is also #7, LeeAndre Dickerson, for Sealth, seen in our Instagram clip:

No point after; score’s now 13-0 Sealth, with 2:26 left in the first half. The marching bands have left the stands to get ready for the halftime show.

8:14 PM: The Wildcats are on the board, with #12 Carter Golgart scoring a TD with :25 to go in the first half.

Attempted two-pointer failed afterward; score now 13 CSIHS, 6 WSHS.

8:19 PM: It’s halftime – still Sealth 13, WSHS 6. (added)The bands took the field.

Instagram clip from the combined bands’ performance:

Band directors Marcus Pimpleton (Sealth) and Ethan Thomas (WSHS):

8:38 PM: The second half has just begun. Good fan turnout on both sides.

8:46 PM: Sealth #42, Marquise Givens (above), just scored a TD, with the point after by #34, Edgar Marquez. It’s now Seahawks 20, Wildcats 6, with 9:48 left in the third quarter.

8:49 PM: And after #59, Sam Tino, came up with the ball again for Sealth, #2, Brady Crane got a 45-yard TD on the reverse. Point after good. Now 27-6 Sealth with 9:26 to go in the third quarter.

9:00 PM: West Seattle answers with another touchdown by #12, Carter Golgart (above), but the 2-point conversion attempt failed. It’s now Sealth 27, WSHS 12 (two-point conversion failed), 5:33 left in 3rd quarter.

9:09 PM: It’s a night for scoring two TDs, at least for the three players between both teams who’ve had TDs so far. Now there’s another for Sealth by #42, Marquise Givens. It’s 36 CSIHS, 12 WSHS.

9:18 PM: Third quarter is over, still 36-12 Sealth. Meantime, thanks to CSIHS’s Twitter crew for informing us that #42 has the wrong name on the printed roster – those two TD’s are the work of Marquise Givens, and we’re editing the above updates to reflect that.

9:20 PM: Another Sealth TD with 10:18 to go in the game. #41, Allen Delker.

9:30 PM: With 7:23 to go, a quarterback-keeper TD by #12 Weston Reed. It’s now Sealth 49, WSHS 12.

9:36 PM: The Wildcats answer – West Seattle’s #5 Carter Mensing with a TD, 4:39 left in the game. 49-19 Sealth. Some spectators have left but a lot of dedicated fans remain. Last year, by the way, was the first time in memory that Sealth won the Huling Bowl – that was a close game (19-15). Two minutes now remain in this one.

9:46 PM: It’s final, 49-19 Sealth over WSHS for the Huling Bowl. Trophy to come.

ADDED: Pre-game scenes – WSHS staff including Principal Ruth Medsker were at the grill for the free barbecue:

Wildcat-spirit treats were part of a bake sale to raise money for the cheer squad:

Speaking of whom:

We photographed their CSIHS counterparts practicing pre-game:

Back in the parking lot, the tailgating continued:

A short time later, the home team’s band marched in, and it was on:

Next week, the final games of the regular season. It’s West Seattle’s homecoming game on Thursday (October 24) at Southwest Athletic Complex, against Nathan Hale; Sealth is on the road Friday (October 25th) vs. Ingraham at Northwest Athletic Complex.