Update: Canada-fleeing sex offender arrested in West Seattle; now suspected of sexual assault here

(UPDATE/EDITOR’S NOTE: Police now say Stanley is under investigation for sexual assault – scroll down for newest info)

9:50 AM: Just published on SPD Blotter:

Seattle police have arrested Sean Michael Stanley, a violent sex offender who fled Canada and entered the US earlier this month.

Just before 6 AM this morning, police received several reports that a man was yelling in an alley near the 2300 block of 44th Avenue SW in West Seattle.

One caller told police that when he’d asked the man to quiet down, the man had threatened to assault him.

When officers arrived at the scene, they Stanley, who became combative with officers and claimed he had a knife.

Officers found a small knife on Stanley, who appeared intoxicated, and booked him into the King County Jail for harassment.

ADDED 10:45 AM: First – in case you are wondering which alley in the 2300 block of 44th, police say it’s the one between California and 44th, behind the Admiral Theater (added: photo of the general area).

No word yet what he was doing in West Seattle; in case you haven’t seen the regional-media reports about Stanley, here’s one from the Seattle Times (WSB partner) published before today’s arrest. He is 48 years old and was out of prison in Canada after serving time for crimes including, reports the Times, “raping an 82-year-old woman who used a wheelchair and of luring and sexually assaulting two mentally challenged boys.”

On October 1st, he removed a monitoring device he had been ordered to wear, and eventually made his way to the U.S./Canada border crossing in Blaine, north of Bellingham. He turned up in Seattle last week and, while local authorities aren’t sure if he is required to register here – Canada didn’t even want him extradited – he did register as transient, saying he was living near Pike Place Market. Here is his page on the King County sex-offender registry site; we’ve added the photo from that page to this story.

11:07 AM: According to the King County Jail Register, Stanley was booked at 8:42 am and his bail is set at $1,000. He is listed on the register as Michael Shawn Stanley; the names/aliases listed on his sex-offender-registration page are Michael Sean Stanley, Michael A. Bigwolf, David Quintasket, Carl C. Youngpine. He is a U.S. citizen and entered the country on October 7th, according to Canadian reports. There’s more about his background in this story, which notes that he has a record with at least four dozen convictions.

11:39 AM: Since the charge on which he’s being held is a misdemeanor, it’s being handled by Seattle Municipal Court and the city attorney’s office, whose spokesperson Kimberly Mills says he is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow morning.

12:23 PM: Police now say Stanley is under investigation for a reported sexual assault just before his Admiral arrest early today. An update from SPD Blotter:

Shortly after arresting sex offender Michael Sean Stanley this morning, Seattle police received information that he may be the suspect in a sexual assault in West Seattle earlier today.

According to the report police received this morning, Stanley met a 16-year-old male at a grocery store, struck up a conversation with the teen, and walked with him to an alley in the 2400 block of 44th Ave. SW. In the alley, Stanley plied the teen with alcohol, grabbed the teen, and sexually assaulted him. The 16-year-old pulled a knife on Stanley and was able to run to another location and contact police.

Detectives believe this incident may have preceded several calls to police about noise and threats in the alleyway. After investigating those complaints this morning, officers arrested Stanley for harassment.

Stanley, who fled Canada and entered the US earlier this month, is currently in the King County Jail, but will be re-booked on additional charges today.

Stanley is currently registered as a sex offender and is under the supervision of the King County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities are now working to determine how this will impact his offender status.

Since attempted sexual assault is a felony, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will now be involved in the case; we’re checking with them regarding plans for a bail hearing – most likely won’t be before tomorrow.

3:32 PM: No new updates yet – the jail register still shows Stanley behind bars. He has been out of prison in Canada since April 2011. We haven’t found court documents for any of his cases but he does have a record in our state as well, dating up to the turn of the millennium. He had a King County Superior Court case from 1983 – when he would have been in his late teens – but the docket doesn’t cite the charge and the records are not available online.

MONDAY MORNING UPDATE, 10:05 AM: The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office tells WSB he has yet to be booked in the sexual-assault case, so he won’t be on the bail-hearing calendar for that today. He is in Seattle Municipal Court right now and citywide reporters say he has pleaded not guilty and that bail has just been set at $100,000. Separate story to come.

106 Replies to "Update: Canada-fleeing sex offender arrested in West Seattle; now suspected of sexual assault here"

  • pam October 22, 2013 (10:07 am)

    Hopefully they can ship him back to Canada now. So glad he didn’t attack, rape, molest anyone,that we know of, while he was here!

  • hollywood October 22, 2013 (10:09 am)

    Does his description or vehicle match that of the recent pervert sightings!?

  • Lesley October 22, 2013 (10:11 am)

    Please keep him locked up. Good lord.

  • Kerri Kokias October 22, 2013 (10:12 am)

    That didn’t take long. I’m glad they got him on something! Repeat sex offenders and pedophiles are obviously scary to have in our community, but there was something about him raping the elderly woman that I found especially chilling. I hope this arrest will be what they need to reintroduce him to the U.S. criminal justice system and keep tabs on him if nothing else.

  • anonymous123 October 22, 2013 (10:13 am)

    Just heard about him yesterday, but it doesn’t look like he was actually in Pike Place where he was “registered.”

  • Mike October 22, 2013 (10:13 am)

    Just saw this on the ST too. Is he Canadian? If so, can we deport him ASAP? I’m guessing Canada doesn’t want him back…

  • kvk October 22, 2013 (10:15 am)

    So do they think this is the same pervert that has been stalking Holy Rosary, Hope Lutheran and West Side???

  • Todd October 22, 2013 (10:17 am)

    No wonder Canada doesn’t want him back…it didn’t take long for him to wind up arrested – there’s an article in the paper this morning about him (registered last week as a transient sex-offender) being spotted close to the Pike Place Market Pre-School.

  • Steve October 22, 2013 (10:23 am)

    No welcome mat to West Seattle, Mr. Stanley. Thankfully your visit was short…don’t hurry back.

  • Andrea October 22, 2013 (10:26 am)

    Whoa…Holy cow! He was in WS?! That is nuts. So glad he acted out and SPD was able to grab him. Seriously though…whoa!

  • Martha October 22, 2013 (10:32 am)

    Scary. I wonder why he was in West Seattle.

  • Laurie October 22, 2013 (10:33 am)

    That is terribly close to Lafayette, isn’t it? What a relief that he’s locked up (but for how long?)…

  • panda October 22, 2013 (10:34 am)

    Whoa, way too close to home and several schools. Glad they got him before my kids went to school this morning. Hopefully they can send him back to Canadaland.

  • Robespierre October 22, 2013 (10:51 am)

    Hopefully a deportation order is forthcoming…

  • M October 22, 2013 (10:53 am)

    He’s a US citizen. Canada doesn’t want him back. He left Cananda after the HR/HL incidents.

  • Gene October 22, 2013 (10:54 am)

    Before we all start breathing a sigh of relief– let’s wait to see if he actually STAYS in jail!!

  • TH October 22, 2013 (10:55 am)

    He is a U.S. citizen and Canada does not want him back.

    • WSB October 22, 2013 (10:57 am)

      Sorry for the lack of background on initial publication – we were out on an errand and the best I could do was publish the SPD Blotter info via iPhone. Have added a lot more now, and Stanley’s photo will be included shortly, from his page on the sex-offender registry (which is now linked in our update). – TR

  • CW October 22, 2013 (11:02 am)

    Why are there so many freaks in the Admiral Junction?

  • enough October 22, 2013 (11:02 am)

    Does WS attract crazies or is it a Seattle kinda thing? Recent examples: Cafe Racer shooter, this guy Sean Stanley, private school flasher(s), insert any number of people engaged in illegal activity featured over the years on the WSB. I’m not making fun of the mentally ill but I have no sympathy for sex offenders, murders, etc..

  • Wednesday October 22, 2013 (11:02 am)

    Hum, wonder if there’s any connection to the recent child luring cases in WS??

  • enough October 22, 2013 (11:06 am)

    kvk – I think the private school flasher(s) happened before this guy cut off his ankle bracelet and came to the US.

    • WSB October 22, 2013 (11:20 am)

      Enough is correct. The flasher incidents happened in September. The report of a possible luring attempt near Hope Lutheran (please see the story we published last night about an upcoming safety workshop there, by the way) was on October 3rd. It appears from Canadian reports, though, that he was likely to have still been on that side of the border then:
      We will continue adding to this story as we find out more information, including any hint as to what he was doing in this area (we’re of course cross-referencing for possible relatives, etc.) – Tracy

  • craig October 22, 2013 (11:19 am)

    Why is he still alive or out of jail? If you’re a weird sexual deviant, off with your head.

  • A October 22, 2013 (11:28 am)

    He attempted to sexually assault a homeless man that did not report it right away when police arrived. He was encouraged by someone to report it. Let’s hope he does and thia guy is sent back to Canada.

  • K J October 22, 2013 (11:32 am)

    Perhaps he was here in West Seattle to visit one of the other sex offenders living amongst us. A quick visit to the King County Sex Offender Search website revealed that another Level III offender is registered as living on the 2300 block of California Ave SW, which is very near where this guy was apprehended. And by “very near” I mean *exactly where* this guy was apprehended.


  • alki forever October 22, 2013 (11:34 am)

    His bail only set at $1,000? what a great country we live in..

  • laeti October 22, 2013 (11:39 am)

    Glad they cought this guy it’s right behind our daycare :(

  • Deb October 22, 2013 (11:39 am)

    The media should be sure to update their photo of Stanley. He looks different with the goatee shaved off.

  • Alki Resident October 22, 2013 (11:41 am)

    Folks-he’s not from Canada, he’s from here. But he wasn’t here during the luring attempts. KOMO did a story on him the other day, the reporter questioned him about his offenses including the sexual attack on a poor 80 yr. old woman, he claimed to have not been anywhere near her. This guy is really bad news and he hasn’t learned his lesson and he never will. It’s up to us to keep our neighborhoods safe and look out for ALL children. He’s only on a $1000 bail, so he’ll be enjoying the streets again real soon. Hopefully he will encounter the right person soon and we won’t have to worry about him anymore .

  • JanS October 22, 2013 (11:46 am)

    I live in the Admiral District. For those questioning why so many crazies here? No more than any other place in this city. And, yes, it’s a big city…and crime and crazies will happen, sadly. But there isn’t an overabundance in this area, IMO…

  • Irukandji October 22, 2013 (11:49 am)

    Just heard on KIRO that he attempted sexual assault on a 16yo M in that alleyway. A kid he followed from one of the grocery stores. More facts coming.

  • BNC October 22, 2013 (11:49 am)

    In his KIRO exclusive interview, he mentioned that he has a brother in Seattle. Lucky brother, lucky us.

  • Melissa Overdorf October 22, 2013 (11:55 am)

    Sickening and scary… just a few blocks from our house and all the places we walk to. Grocery store, library, restaurants, theater, etc…

  • Malaika October 22, 2013 (11:57 am)

    This all happened right outside my door this morning and had I known who it was, I would’ve have not gone outside to investigate. Hope he doesn’t remember this alley and come back, very scary to find out from the local news who just interviewed me who this person was.

  • EPL October 22, 2013 (11:58 am)

    This isn’t going to be the last time we (hear) from this guy. He is a violent-sexual-predator; three words in consort that should send chills down your spine!
    I pray we can act and our justice system can help, do things to make his life here miserable and totally exposed. I truly fear his behavior will escalate and we’ll be reading about his arrest for murder. This POS is no joke.

  • AH October 22, 2013 (12:06 pm)

    I tend to prefer WSB to the PI, but they have the story with a darker detail, that he attempted to assault a teenager:


  • Cami October 22, 2013 (12:06 pm)


    Kiro just reported he was sexually assaulting a 16 year old boy in the alley. AWFUL!

  • Alki Resident October 22, 2013 (12:09 pm)

    Just read KINGTV, he sexually assaulted a 16 yr old boy he just met at a local grocery store and followed him into that alley he was found in. He also had a flashlight,screwdriver and knife on him. This guy is clearly a major threat.
    I have taken down our “princess light” and window decor from our daughters bedroom window as of today so it’s not obvious who sleeps in that room. This guy is clearly more of a threat than I even imagined.

  • John Q Lincoln October 22, 2013 (12:09 pm)

    This is the last thing we need over here. Can’t he be fitted for an ankle bracelet replacement…or concrete shoes?

  • KatherineL October 22, 2013 (12:15 pm)

    Re: the $1000 bail – that’s the set bail in city ordinances for any misdemeanor harassment. When he goes to arraignment tomorrow, the judge can change it.

  • EdSane October 22, 2013 (12:16 pm)

    Now there is word he assaulted a 16 year old male in the alley. Hopefully they up bail, charges quickly.

  • DRW October 22, 2013 (12:17 pm)

    I want to know why this guy went to Canada in the first place. Did he do something in the US, jump the boarder, get arrested and jump back to the US? This guy is a little old to just be starting out as a sex offender.

  • Shy October 22, 2013 (12:19 pm)

    That guy tried to get me on Saturday. I was sitting in front of safe way, he kept trying to get me drunk. He said he was from Canada. Kept jacking liquor from safe way… I told that kid to go home.

  • Admiral73 October 22, 2013 (12:24 pm)

    Let’s hope some inmate does us a favor and ices the chump on the inside.

  • 935 October 22, 2013 (12:25 pm)

    So how did this guy get across the border? If you’re a felon, Canada will not let you in. How did not only a convicted felon, but one who cut off their ankle bracelet get across the border?

  • Noelle October 22, 2013 (12:26 pm)

    Other news is saying that he assaulted a 16 year old in the alley? Have you heard any thing about that?

    • WSB October 22, 2013 (12:26 pm)

      Noelle – that information is now in this story. SPD Blotter just published an update.

  • Neighbor Mom October 22, 2013 (12:29 pm)

    I’m so sorry to hear about him preying on a 16-year-old this morning. I hope that ups his bail above the RIDICULOUS $1,000 that was previously set.

  • Alki Resident October 22, 2013 (12:36 pm)

    @SHY- if you’re for real, you need to report this TODAY to the police, before he has court tomorrow. My kids hang around there after school with their friends and this will be stopped because clearly this guy is all over the place. Please,I beg you, report what you know. It will bring more charges as he’s not allowed around kids.

    • WSB October 22, 2013 (12:39 pm)

      NM – the $1,000 bail was, I believe, an automatically set amount based on the misdemeanor charge for which he was first arrested. We have an inquiry out to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office regarding what happens now with the added allegation, which would be a felony, and will continue updating as we get info. The jail register still lists only the harassment charge but it usually lags a bit. – TR

  • Noelle October 22, 2013 (12:46 pm)

    Thank you WSB

  • Bonnie October 22, 2013 (12:53 pm)

    I’m so glad they caught him. So close to two schools (Lafayette and West Seattle High). I wonder why he was in West Seattle? If Shy’s story is true he/she needs to report it ASAP.

    • WSB October 22, 2013 (12:59 pm)

      I’ve been cross-referencing his names, aliases, trying to find background info to see if there’s anything obvious (his record goes back into the ’80s so a lot of the old Canadian coverage is not likely archived online) and I’m sure others are doing the same. If anyone has any such info – and/or any info on how the victim from this morning is doing – editor@westseattleblog.com – TR

  • Erin October 22, 2013 (1:06 pm)

    How on earth did this guy get back across the border????? And can’t he be held on more than this one assault charge since he CUT OFF HIS ANKLE BRACELET AND SNUCK ACROSS THE BORDER?? I am so confused.

  • K October 22, 2013 (1:11 pm)

    OMG…this is so scary. It reminds me of a story I heard once. Someone said they were training as a nurse in the jail system. They were walked by a cell, cage, whatever you want to call it. The person inside apparently had a “trigger for violence” that was women that looked like her. She said he went totally ballistic and started behaving like an animal…. when moments before he looked normal. Fuuuurekky! In our neighborhood or any neighborhood this is disturbing. All I can say. Any person that apparently is interested in hurting the vulnerable types (like what is reported here) sounds incredibly dangerous and concerning. Wow… I wonder if he has been locked up most of his life? This kind of behavior doesn’t just start out of the blue…. I would expect someone who does this stuff to have history of working up to it. I rarely get the heebie jeebies but have them now. Freaky.

  • Shy October 22, 2013 (1:14 pm)

    @alki resident : that kid was a 16 year old run away…. He was sleeping behind the movie theater. I told that kid to go home.
    The cops aren’t going to listen to me I’m homeless in the Admiral. Definitely not a “crazy”. It probably would of happened to me too. That guy wouldn’t quit hanging around me 2 days ago… He quit after I moved inside the same way. He told me his brother lived in West Seattle and that he gave his sister his truck and Said he was from Canada. He didn’t try touching me I wouldn’t go anywhere else. He tried drinking stolen vodka from the safe way with me. I wish someone would of told me then!!!!!

  • Mike October 22, 2013 (1:17 pm)

    WSB, please keep this story updated as things progress. As a father of two very young daughters, I want to know where this SOB is at all times.

    • WSB October 22, 2013 (1:21 pm)

      Mike – absolutely. Next step is, we’re still awaiting info from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office on plans for a probable-cause/bail hearing and watching the jail register for his status in the meantime.

  • onion October 22, 2013 (1:24 pm)

    Clearly this guy is bad news waiting to happen. You could see that from the initial reports from Canada after he made it across the border. I know, innocent until proven guilty, etc. But I am extremely grateful that he is tripping up BEFORE an innocent person gets hurt. This guy has previous convictions in the US, I believe, so the courts ought to be able to treat him as a repeat offender.

  • Travis October 22, 2013 (1:41 pm)

    My family and I just rented our house on this same block to a nice family with two young kids. They were upset by what happened this morning. If you live nearby and see families with kids in the area (in the immediate vicinity there are several such families), please say hi and welcome them. Help them know that this is not what the Admiral, and broader West Seattle neighborhood–or Seattle, for that matter–is like.

    Also, many of these comments lack any semblance of common decency for another, if unwell, human being.

  • Gyngersnap October 22, 2013 (1:57 pm)

    His bail is set at only $1,000.00 ?????? Are you kidding me? Well, I know you’re not, but REALLY? That would be an easy amount to get, even for him.

  • Alki Resident October 22, 2013 (1:59 pm)

    Safeway should have hopefully some video of him going into the store and also hanging around this kid.
    @Shy- Im sorry you feel the police won’t listen to you because you’re homeless. Being his brother lives in West seattle,Im sure he’ll be back to our area soon enough. Keep yourself protected. I do urge you to get ahold of police and ask to file a report just in case this really could help. It’s worth a try. Good luck.

  • joel October 22, 2013 (2:05 pm)

    too bad the 16 year did not knife this guy in the heart Dexter style and do away with him.

    obviously Canada and the US courts can’t handle him. maybe someone can do it themselves?….before an innocent person is dead.

  • Neighbor October 22, 2013 (2:14 pm)

    How is it that the Dept of Homeland Sec., the FBI, or even SPD did not have this person under survailence 24/7?

    There is NO excuse for this happening. Who was in charge of him? If the decision was made to not keep this man under observation who made it?

  • Bradley October 22, 2013 (2:16 pm)

    Good thing the 16 year-old boy he sexually assaulted had a knife or else it could have been curtains for the kid.

  • joe October 22, 2013 (2:21 pm)

    This just goes to show us that the increasing homeless population all around us has an extremely disproportionate amount of dangerous, violent felons, sexual predators, the severally drug-addicted, alcoholics, and mentally ill. The media needs to be more honest when it comes to reporting that these aren’t simply people without homes or housing. These are people who cannot be reasoned with in most cases and need extreme emergency care.

  • anonyme October 22, 2013 (2:45 pm)

    I had a gut feeling this scumbag would end up in West Seattle. I have to agree with the other poster who said we seem to get more than our share of bat sh!t crazy over here.

  • Brian October 22, 2013 (2:49 pm)

    @joe: If your comment were represented as a venn diagram, a lot of those traits would be encased in the large “mentally ill” bubble.

  • margaritaville October 22, 2013 (2:52 pm)

    Great coverage WSB!

    Thank you.

  • jsr October 22, 2013 (3:03 pm)

    More useful info from the RCMP, including aliases:


    • WSB October 22, 2013 (3:06 pm)

      Thanks, JSR. Two of those aliases are already in our story from the US Sex Offender page, along with one that is not. The photo in our story is newer, since apparently he shaved before his photo was taken on this side of the border.

  • cj October 22, 2013 (3:05 pm)

    I hope they can find a way to hold him on something as it looks like this hunter of people is not going to stop.

  • Gary October 22, 2013 (3:31 pm)

    935 – to answer your question on how he got back into the US, per The Times:
    “the U.S. citizen entered the U.S. legally after presenting himself to customs agents at the Blaine border crossing, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.
    U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials say Stanley’s right to privacy prohibits the agency from discussing why he wasn’t turned over to Canadian authorities”
    In short, they let him right in regardless of the week long man hunt happening in Canada. And are more concerned with his rights, then the rights of his would be victims.
    And Travis – really?? do you think he has showed any of his many victims “common decency”?! unbelieveable.

  • CanDo October 22, 2013 (4:15 pm)

    Dear Shy: Given the circumstances of what he tried to do to someone else in the alley, I’m pretty sure the police WILL listen to you. Besides, Safeway has cameras and they can probably easily back up your story about him lifting booze from their liquor dept. Give the police a chance and this community, as well. :)

  • kvk October 22, 2013 (4:31 pm)

    Just wondering… if the suspect truly has a brother here; does his brother have a record? Have any of the children at Holy Rosary, Hope Lutheran or West Side, who were actually exposed by a pervert or the possible abduction attempt (yes, all in September) been shown his picture or his brother’s?? Are there any other leads on those incidents?!? I find it hard to believe that that person just up and left West Seattle.
    WSB any updates on those cases?

    • WSB October 22, 2013 (4:42 pm)

      I don’t know the alleged brother’s name. His surname is common and he has multiple aliases, so please don’t assume any relative of his is also a criminal, nor that anyone with the same surname is related. I’ve been combing documents as best as possible but Canadian court records aren’t as accessible as King County, and his records here are from too far back to be archived online. Doesn’t mean we (or someone else) won’t find something, but so far, nothing.
      Meantime, there are no updates on the flasher/possible-luring-attempt cases.

  • flimflam October 22, 2013 (4:51 pm)

    can’t say this is too surprising, unfortunately. I agree with others re:the super low bail for such a proven dirtbag.

    why, why, why do people insist these preditors can be rehabbed? 2nd chances in life are one thing, but this type of criminal has proven to reoffend as much as they can get away with. I hate to think that tax payers should keep him in jail for ever, but the only other solution is capital punishment…

    • WSB October 22, 2013 (5:31 pm)

      he is living in Tukwila now.

  • CandrewB October 22, 2013 (5:22 pm)

    There is no way they are letting him out now. As much as I like to bash certain judges, they still use common sense for the most part. They wanted to snag him before they even had anything on him. They are creating justification for sending him to McNeil as we speak. He has a history in the US and Canada.

  • DJ Allyn October 22, 2013 (5:34 pm)

    Shouldn’t the “three strikes” law be kicking in any time now?

  • BrassyMomma October 22, 2013 (5:46 pm)

    Right by Lafayette and Hiawatha?!?!

    Thank the gods I show my kids photos of these creeps.
    They knows to fight, run, kick, scream, tell ANYBODY if sees anyone recognized from the tip sheets. Even if kiddos are wrong – at least it’s a form of awareness of these people.

    My kids doesn’t know details of the crimes at all (so don’t start hate-blogging me) – there’s no need to explain that part – but they DO know there are people who are sick and harm people in a terrible manner and to never, ever, EVER go near a car or near a person that uses luring language of any sort.

    I work for the Catholic Diocese and we are required to take classes that discusses the details these types of criminals use to bait and lure children. It’s so frightening to discover, but has been a huge asset in helping to face the fact that you have to sit your children down and discuss there are people you need to stay away from and how to do so.

    I am furious that sex offenders are coming to West Seattle so frequently, now. It’s funny (funny sad, funny uh-oh, not funny haha) but I remember when the alert went out for this guy entering out state I immediately though “This bastard is heading our way. I feel it. We’re remote enough from the city to hide.” And here he is – blocks from the school.

    So upset and worried we’ll never stop this sort of thing from happening anywhere :(

    We need to strengthen a watch committee or postering party – are we allowed to do so?

  • evergreen October 22, 2013 (5:48 pm)

    How devastating for the 16 year old boy, but also how BRAVE to fight back and go to the police. The offender is terrifying.

  • Fred October 22, 2013 (5:51 pm)

    I am thinking Gitmo for this guy…

  • Thomas October 22, 2013 (5:52 pm)

    I *think* I saw this guy on the bus twice yesterday — once during the AM on the 550 from Westlake to Pioneer Square and once during the evening commute on the 120. He was drunk both times, especially the morning when he was yelling near incoherent racial and homophobic slurs at someone (who did nothing to deserve it). On the 120 he was harassing a Latina woman until someone got him to stop. Glad to hear he is locked up. Hopefully it stays that way.

  • Thomas October 22, 2013 (5:58 pm)

    And congratulations to that 16 year old for carrying a knife! I’m generally against folks carrying guns around, but it’s time we make sense of our knife laws in Seattle. Eliminate the laws prohibiting carrying fixed knives already (SMC 12A.14.010). Even a 2-inch blade can scare a drunk person away (thank goodness for that boy’s sake).

  • buckwheat October 22, 2013 (6:11 pm)

    What do you expect. The Mayor is gutless, the city attorney is horrendous, and you have the King County Executive saying these are “random acts” of violence. There is a reason why these POS come to Seattle. This is pretty disgusting that this POS wasn’t transported back to the border.

  • Kit October 22, 2013 (6:18 pm)

    He is actually American. Can’t ship him back to Canada, I do not believe.

  • ACG October 22, 2013 (6:57 pm)

    Do his horrible crimes in Canada (including cutting off his monitoring device and fleeing Canada) get to be taken into account when the prosecutors and judges look to sentence this guy here in the US??? Just our luck that some defense attorney will argue that those prior actions are inadmissible in court and this loser will be out real soon to harm more people- again. Any legal-eagles out there that know how these things work?

  • WSPS October 22, 2013 (7:17 pm)

    Buckwheat is correct, but left out one thing,
    Liberal Judges.

  • Macello October 22, 2013 (7:23 pm)

    @Shy – report this! The police WILL believe you, this guy has a history. So scary and Way to close to home. Glad he is locked up….for now.

  • Nw mama October 22, 2013 (8:49 pm)

    @shy: please report. You may feel your details aren’t important , but they may help strengthen the case against this very scary person. It sounds like you helped convince the 16 yo to stay away from this guy. Good work!

  • not cool October 22, 2013 (9:13 pm)

    there are sometimes when the death penalty makes sense…

  • joel October 22, 2013 (9:26 pm)

    guys like this is where cops should get their taser practice in

  • wscommuter October 22, 2013 (9:46 pm)

    People … sort out the facts here re his custody status.

    WSB has it correct – the initial $1000 bail is just an automatic bail set for a misdemeanor – not a felony – which was the initial charge he was booked on.

    LATER the police got the report of the sexual assault of the 16 yo boy – this escalates to felony status, which means the King County Prosecutor’s Office is evaluating for felony charge of either Attempted Rape or similar charge. This charge has to be filed within 72 hours of his booking on the felony. I guarantee that the new charge will come with a hefty bail he won’t be able to make.

    Trust me when I tell you that if the evidence is there, this guy is all done. He’ll be away for many years, if not forever. Could well be that he’s a Two-Striker, which means mandatory life.

  • Kiersten larson October 22, 2013 (9:54 pm)

    I’m sorry if this isn’t “PC” but this is the exact kind of scenario where vigilante justice would be just fine with me…a few dudes to corner this maniac and and handle it before he hurts another 15-month-old or any other innocent person…I’m all for it. Sorry but I have no sympathy nor do I have faith in our “justice system” to deal with these low-lifes..

  • m October 22, 2013 (10:41 pm)

    @ shy — please do report your very valuable information to the police. They have been trying to monitor this guy since he entered the state and have been waiting for any reason to pick him up since discovering him here in Seattle. The worst that can happen is that the police disregard your information. It’s more likely, though, that they will be grateful for anything like this that may strengthen the prosecution’s case. I’m so glad you were able to hold him off and not be victimized yourself.

  • Kris October 23, 2013 (6:44 am)

    Scary stuff! shy, I appreciate your vulnerabilities and thinking the police will not listen to a homeless kid, but anything you can do to help would be appreciated. Also, no response on here about the fact that you said you are homeless – maybe the same community who wants you to help them, can help you! Maybe some people on here know of places where you can go?

    • WSB October 23, 2013 (10:04 am)

      For those following this story – Prosecuting Attorney’s Office tells me he has not been booked in sexual-assault investigation yet so will not have a bail hearing on that today. Citywide reporters who are at his morning Municipal Court arraignment tweet that he has pleaded not guilty. We’ll be watching for the bail update next. – TR

  • P October 23, 2013 (11:45 am)

    No we Don’t want him back here in Canada. Canadian (Legal) System is a joke. Let him serve some real time in a US prison

  • May October 23, 2013 (1:45 pm)

    This man should have gotten life in prison, if not the death penalty. I don’t say that lightly. But anyone who rapes and sexually molests ANYONE- especially CHILDREN, SENIORS, and HANDICAPPED people- and does it REPEATEDLY- does not have any place among the rest of us who have our morals in the right place. He will never be a benefit to society and he will obviously continue to make these sick illegal attacks on people. When do we get to say, ENOUGH? I don’t even want my tax dollars paying to feed this guy in jail.

  • Karen October 23, 2013 (10:32 pm)

    Does anyone know how the homeless 16year old is and if he is ok? How can we help support him during this difficult time? He has done us great benefit by reporting the incident. Sexual assualt is a difficult frightening thing to report. Walking home last night I passed a youth shivering in a t-shirt, his arms tucked inside. I keep thinking now that it might have been the victim. I live right behind the Admiral. I too have a little one and am extremely disturbed by this. What can we do to support the 16 year old who was assulted? Does anyone know if he is ok?

  • Karen October 30, 2013 (10:51 pm)

    http://www.navos.org/services – this place could help the young victim.

    I have heard amazing things about Navos. I will donate what I can to this place this year.

    It is cold, I think they need coats, gloves, and warm sleeping bags. They need a safe place to stash their stuff. The food bank always needs donations. If you want to help, be aware of the groups that gather things for these people in need. West Seattle Baby is a great place to donate baby stuff.

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