West Seattle weekend scene: Sundodger meet @ Lincoln Park

Thanks to Karen for sharing photos from today’s Sundodger Invitational cross-country meet, which brought hundreds of runners from more than two dozen high schools and colleges (none from West Seattle) to Lincoln Park. These photos are from the high-school-varsity girls’ 5,000-meter race, in which Karen was cheering for niece Rachelle Kline of Auburn-Mountainview HS (in blue):

Team and individual results are here.

7 Replies to "West Seattle weekend scene: Sundodger meet @ Lincoln Park"

  • Lori September 14, 2013 (6:32 pm)

    I live near Lincoln Park and the traffic jam that this event creates is unbelievable. People park their cars anywhere they can squeeze them in – even in front of hydrants and close to blind corners. We saw more than one close call today. There really should be some kind of parking or transportation arrangement for people coming to an event like this.

    All this and no West Seattle schools even participate!

  • Pat September 15, 2013 (9:32 am)

    The organizers of this event, like so many others in Lincoln Park, paint route markers all over the paths and often tree roots. The paint defaces the park long after the runners have left. There should be a fine for this, and they should use removable flags instead.

  • Velo_nut September 15, 2013 (11:01 am)

    Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. Both of the above posts are ridiculous.

    The meet was only half a day, you’ll get over it.

    The paint and chalk marks will go away, get over it.

    Do any of you think Lincoln park in its current state is there naturally? We manipulate it by cutting down bushes, mowing the grass, replacing rocks and sand as well as using fertilizers.

    Get over yourself and let people use the park as their permits or visitations allow.

  • James Weston September 15, 2013 (11:37 am)

    Nice site, good pictures BUT it would have been even better if I could have seen the scores. Is that asking too much?

    • WSB September 15, 2013 (12:18 pm)

      Hi – I’m sorry, we have no control over the results site to which we linked – if you are having trouble with it, maybe a note to their webmaster? It’s working for me but I don’t know what kind of tech back end they have and whether it’s visible to everyone. I just included it in case anyone was interested. We didn’t even get notification of this event … looked it up after folks started asking us what was up in Lincoln Park. – TR

  • Melisssa September 15, 2013 (4:14 pm)

    It’s wonderful that all of those kids could run through our beautiful park. I’m happy that it can be used for the enjoyment of the outdoors for which it was designed.

  • Bill September 16, 2013 (9:38 am)

    Lori, I agree with you. If the organizers of this race would deal with the parking problem caused by their participants it would be a tolerable event. Otherwise it brings _nothing_ to the West Seattle community other than impassable traffic as ferry customers are piled up into the driving lane – which brings me to another issue. Why doesn’t WSDOT take responsibility for the traffic they generate when their line spills out into the driving lane? Why doesn’t UW bus people into the Sundodger from their parking lots on the other side of the city?

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