3 West Seattle routes to change in Metro revisions September 28

(WSB file photo of bus on Route 21, one of the three routes with changes announced)
Details of Metro‘s next “service change” are now available on its website, including changes to three West Seattle routes (55 in all, systemwide). In two cases, the changes involve service added with city funding. The changes to Routes 21, 22, and 120 can be seen by clicking the route numbers on this page, or here, after the jump:

For Route 21:

On Saturday, one southbound trip to Westwood Village leaving 3rd Ave & Pike St at 7:30 pm will be added.

For Route 22:

Route 22 will be extended further west and south in Arbor Heights. It will operate a counter-clockwise loop via SW 100th St, 44th Ave SW, Marine View Dr SW, SW 106th St, 39th Ave SW and 35th Ave SW to SW 106th SW and regular routing to the Alaska Junction. It will no longer operate a clockwise loop via 26th Ave SW, SW 106th St, 35th Ave SW and SW Roxbury St in Shorewood.

The schedule will be adjusted for the added running time of about 7 minutes.

For Route 120:

On weekdays, one northbound trip to downtown Seattle leaving the Burien Transit Center at 10:34 pm and two southbound trips to Burien leaving 3rd Ave & Virginia St at 10:33 and 11:39 pm will be added. On Saturday, four northbound trips at 7:27 am and 5:36, 6:07 and 6:37 pm, and four southbound trips at 9:08 am and 6:38, 7:08 and 10:54 pm will be added. The northbound trip leaving the Burien Transit Center at 7:20 am will be revised to leave 8 minutes earlier at 7:12 am.

On Sunday, a northbound trip at 6:32 am and a southbound trip at 10:54 pm will be added. The northbound trip leaving the Burien Transit Center at 6:11 am will be revised to leave 10 minutes earlier at 6:01 am.

Metro’s info page also includes sections with information on which days this fall will include holiday-related changes. Metro says printed timetables will be available this Friday, and that you should be able to preview changes right now using the online Trip Planner.

SIDE NOTE: Reminder that transit users – and anyone concerned about transit issues – is invited to help launch the grass-roots West Seattle Transit Coalition next Tuesday – details here.

16 Replies to "3 West Seattle routes to change in Metro revisions September 28"

  • Billy September 18, 2013 (9:00 pm)

    I see the 22 bus will most likely be the death knell for the 21express in Arbor Heights. Could there be a transfer in your future 21express riders.

  • JEM September 18, 2013 (9:49 pm)

    I see the revised 22 as an attempt to fix to the loss of all day 21 service and not as a replacement of the express. The whole viaduct-to-downtown route is not going to be much of an express anymore anyway.

  • Paul September 19, 2013 (5:33 am)

    Has anyone heard when the RapidRide will start stopping at Roxbury & 35th?

  • Mike September 19, 2013 (7:53 am)

    Happy for the Arbor Heights people getting some service back, but unfortunately, to make it happen, we are losing all non-commuter service in Shorewood. It is a long walk from Shorewood to Arbor Heights :(

  • Joe Szilagyi September 19, 2013 (9:29 am)

    @Paul, we haven’t heard anything, and now with the 17% cuts thing I’m curious when it’s happening.

  • WS Born & Bred September 19, 2013 (9:30 am)

    Sorry to see Shorewood lose it’s route! I’m an AH person and I am terrified that increasing the presence of the 22 in our neighborhood means that they are still considering getting rid of the 21E – I live for the 21E. If they take it away, I might have to move. I don’t think I could handle a three bus commute when my job is only in Cap Hill. I already have co-workers that commute from places like Issaquah, Auburn and Puyallup and they can bus and/or train faster than I can from Arbor Heights. UGH.

  • Baxtie September 19, 2013 (9:38 am)

    We will need to have the city and county come up with funding to mind the gap on the C-Line once the mitigation from Viaduct goes away.

  • Paul September 19, 2013 (11:14 am)

    Thanks for looking into my 35th/Roxbury question!

  • kelly September 19, 2013 (1:47 pm)

    Yep. F-off Shorewood. Again. One bus. And it stops running at 8:15 AM. Just the 113. It’s cool. Who cares?

  • Paul September 20, 2013 (6:56 am)

    February??? Bummer. I wish they’d just slap a red ‘C’ on the bus stop sign, like at 2nd/Columbia downtown, and start using the stop in the meantime.

  • fiona enzo September 22, 2013 (8:01 am)

    Does this mean the 113 survived the cuts? It will continue to exist after 9/27? Losing the 133 was a big hit.

    • WSB September 22, 2013 (8:30 am)

      Fiona – this service change doesn’t reflect any of the possible cuts that the county says will loom if the Legislature doesn’t reach a transportation-funding agreement – that would all happen next year …

  • anonyme September 23, 2013 (7:29 am)

    I’m glad Paul brought up the necessity for a RR stop at 35th & Roxbury. The options are still poor for Arbor Heights residents. Currently, there is no easy way for them to connect to the C without multiple transfers – often preceded by a long hike. Changes to Route 22 may or may not be seen as “improvements” but the run has not changed in frequency. It’s still only once per hour, which makes it OK for pleasure trips – not so good for trips that are time-sensitive.

  • David Trotter September 23, 2013 (12:53 pm)

    We were told by Metro reps at the Westwood/Roxhill/Arbor heights neighborhood council meeting in June that the C-Line would begin stopping at 35th and Roxbury with this change. We were also given the reroute information on the 22, whcih DOES still Shorewood, only going counterclockwise after doing the Arbor Heights loop. If either of these things doesn’t happen, we need to legally take on Metro and pressure the city to do likewise for having deliberately deceived the voter/taxpayers/owners and the city itself.

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