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West Seattle Crime Watch: Unicycle, purses among car-prowl loot

No major crime reports during this stormy weekend, but tonight we want to share reader reports in queue since just before the weekend, all related to car break-ins. (We would check the latest trends and include those here, but the Seattle Police system that automatically sends brief incident reports to the online map and to Twitter is NOT updating today – here’s hoping it’ll be fixed tomorrow.)

STOLEN UNICYCLE: Taken from Arbor Heights, near 32nd and 106th, early Thursday morning, from a car parked in a driveway. From our anonymous report:

The dog alerted us to intruders in the driveway even before the car alarm went off, I called 9-1-1, the neighbor saw the 2 people (one person had a mohawk-style haircut) as they were running away with it and was able to give descriptions to the 9-1-1 dispatcher, but *still* the perps got away.

This really stinks in many ways, especially because this type of unicycle isn’t made anymore, it is hubby’s favorite, and he’d just brought it home hours earlier from his last day at his job. If you see it, secure it and call the police, please!!

Further description, since our inset photo from July 2011 is not that close-up – the seat is all black, there’s a “bump out” on the fork, and the 26-inch wheel – much bigger than the usual unicycle – has a “mountain bike”-style treaded tire.

Ahead, four more reader reports – car break-ins at public facilities as well as in residential neighborhoods:

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West Seattle weather updates: Wind warning; road woes

(Added 10:09 pm: Photo by Tom Marx)
(NOTE: We’re keeping these updates “pinned” to the top of the home page while the warning’s in effect – so there’s newer news BELOW this story on the home page – scroll below this story to see it.)

5:21 PM: Six hours after the National Weather Service upped its alert to a High Wind Warning – see it here – it’s officially in effect. The forecast is for wind picking up this evening, “increasing from the south at 20 to 35 mph, with gusts of 50 to 60 mph.” Rain continues too, and our area is under a Flood Watch until noon tomorrow. Updates to come.

6:03 PM: Evening’s first traffic problem – a crash reported on the downhill side of Roxbury/Olson/4th. Uphill side had a mishap earlier (see our photo on Twitter).

7:49 PM: Roxbury seems to be the trouble nexus tonight. Now there’s a report of vehicle/bicycle collision on the county side around 26th/Roxbury. Meantime, check the comment section for weather analyst MetPatrick‘s updates and other discussion on how the storm is turning.

8:37 PM: Traffic note – Kim says via Twitter that there’s a median crash on Admiral Way, a few blocks east of California. No medics dispatched, per 911 log. Meantime, the weather experts are starting to say the winds will NOT be so strong because of where the “low” made landfall – see MetPatrick’s comment below, and see weather analyst Cliff Mass‘s update.

9:29 PM: The National Weather Service’s evening “forecast discussion” is up. NWS also mentions a diminishe(d) threat but says it’s not ready to drop the warnings yet (caps theirs): “BESIDES THE INCREASING PRESSURE GRADIENTS…THERE ARE SOME STRONG WINDS JUST OFF THE SURFACE WHICH COULD MIX DOWN IN THE UNSTABLE AIR BEHIND THE FRONT.”

10:47 PM: First downed-tree report we’ve had since Saturday:

That tree’s down along the sidewalk by the drop-off mailboxes outside the Junction Post Office – note the Hi-Yu mural in the background. Thanks to Jamie Hanley for the photo.

11:25 PM: Via text – a tree branch is down on the road in the Orchard/Dumar/Myrtle vicinity just east of Delridge.

11:56 PM: And a new problem – a crash on Highland Park Way hill, between Holden and West Marginal Way, is closing it off both ways; apparently they need to call City Light in for a pole problem.

2 AM: The wind warning has been downgraded to a wind advisory, in effect until 6 am.

Happening now: Last day at the beach for Alki Arts

Seahawks game is over – the potential windstorm is a few hours away – perfect time to get out and go wish Diane Venti well, on the final day for the original location of Alki Arts, which she and husband Tom Wyrick opened more than three years ago. It was expected to be “temporary” – but then suddenly, there they were, celebrating one year in business, then marking two years in business, and gaining fans not only for the art, but also for events both public and private. But two months ago, Diane announced they’d been notified the “temporary” lease was finally ending, and today is their final day – drop by before 7 pm, and/or catch up with them in the future at their other “temporary” location – Alki Arts at Harbor Steps (55 University St. downtown).

Celebration of life Saturday for lifelong West Seattleite Bob Gramm

Family and friends of Bob Gramm will gather next Saturday at The Kenney to celebrate his life. Here’s the remembrance shared with us by his daughter:

Robert “Bob” Gramm died September 9, 2013, at 95 years old. He was born in Seattle, August 2, 1918, to Paul and Genevieve (Barnecut) Gramm. He was a lifelong resident of West Seattle, graduating from West Seattle High School in 1936.

He worked as an airplane mechanic at Boeing, until joining the Army Air Corps just as World War II was ending. He served in the occupation forces in Japan and the Philippines. He returned to Boeing and became a cost estimator, retiring after 35+ years.

In 1944, he married Barbara Jacobson and they enjoyed skiing, hiking, and traveling. Bob loved salmon fishing and boats, made wine, flew kites, and tinkered inventively.

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Hundreds outrun the rain at Beat the Burn 2013 on Alki

September 29, 2013 12:37 pm
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The rain hadn’t yet returned when hundreds hit the walkway/trail at Alki this morning for the 2013 edition of “Beat the Burn” – the run/walk presented by Port of Seattle Firefighters to raise money for burn survivors. This year, the firefighters ran with everybody else, and behind the runners, there was a sizable group of walkers:

The Port’s Engine 2 sounded the siren that got the event started at 9 am:

And after all the other runners and walkers, one firefighter entered the course, geared up:

A separate fun run for kids was scheduled to follow the main event. The specific beneficiary of Beat the Burn is Camp Eyabsut, a free (thanks to fundraising like this) annual summer-camp experience for hundreds of young Northwest burn survivors.

Sunday midday/afternoon coverage: ‘High Wind Warning’ for tonight; other weather/traffic updates

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This story included updates and additions into mid-afternoon, including several crashes – scroll through)

We’re tracking weather and traffic again today – and, in a separate update later, will do so tonight too. First:

WIND WARNING FOR TONIGHT: The National Weather Service’s alert just intensified while we were typing this – now it’s a High Wind Warning, in effect 5 pm-4 am. See it here. The strongest winds are expected to be north of us, but overall, the NWS warns, “This has the potential to be one of the strongest September windstorms on record.” The alert says the wind will be “increasing from the south at 20 to 35 mph with gusts of 50 to 60 mph.”

TRAFFIC SO FAR TODAY: The Admiral exit from the westbound bridge was closed a while because of this crash at the bottom of the hill that the exit leads to (technically, the 3400 block of 30th SW):

We drove past it and tweeted about it last hour; no injuries that we know of – no medic dispatch. Also, while we didn’t get an alert at the time, it should be noted there was ANOTHER northbound Highway 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct crash this morning, in the 8 am hour. …

ADDED 11:50 AM: Problem at the east end of the westbound West Seattle Bridge, possible spinout/crash as Columbian Way leads to Spokane Street. Not sure about traffic effects.

ADDED 12:40 PM: Thanks to Devon for the tip – crash at Fauntleroy/Edmunds is blocking at least part of the road; no serious injuries reported.

Thanks to the person who texted that photo!

ADDED 1:58 PM: Two-car crash at 42nd/College in the Admiral District. Big response as it’s a “heavy rescue” call.

(Photo by Christopher Boffoli)
2:20 PM UPDATE: Heavy-rescue response canceled. No serious injuries. At least one parked car involved. SW College is closed from 41st to 42nd, which is just north of the West Seattle (Admiral) Branch Library.

Update: House-fire call on 32nd SW, closed quickly

9:50 AM: Seattle Fire is responding to a possible house fire in the 6500 block of 32nd SW. We are en route.

10:02 AM: Call closed before we arrived, last fire engine pulling away.

10:46 AM SIDE NOTE: To explain “closed” – on the live log of Seattle Fire Department 911 calls, a call that is “open,” still active, shows in green; when a call is closed – meaning no units are assigned to it any more – it turns blue. One other side note: If a call like this gets a big initial dispatch with lots of units, even if they all still show as “green,” it does NOT mean all those units are still on scene – the display does not allow unit-by-unit color change. A medic response might even show “green” without ANY unit remaining on scene, because it doesn’t close until a unit that has taken someone to the hospital is done with that part of the call.

West Seattle Sunday: Beat the Burn 5K; Alki Arts farewell; grains; bikes; Hawks; wine; cider; more

Highlights from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

BEAT THE BURN 5K: You’ll hear a siren on Alki at 9 am -that’ll mark the start of the Beat the Burn 5K, raising money to help young burn victims. Full schedule of the morning is in our calendar listing; if you haven’t registered already, you can come to the beach (near the bathhouse/Statue of Liberty Plaza) as early as 7:30 am. Shortly after 10 am, there’s a free kids’ dash. This race does NOT close the road, by the way. (60th/Alki)

WATCH THE GAME: Seahawks are on at 10 am and your viewing options include venues that open early – such as Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor), open at 9 am with a breakfast special (6451 California SW), and OutWest Bar (California/Brandon), which announced recently it’s opening by 9:30 am on game mornings, and serving brunch. Skylark Café and Club (3803 Delridge Way SW) also has the game on its big screen, and brunch on the menu. Go, Hawks!

WEST SEATTLE CYCLERY SALE: Shopping opportunity today: “West Seattle Cyclery (WSB sponsor) is offering final markdowns on 2013 model bikes! All bikes in stock are 35 to 50 percent off original prices. The sale is limited to remaining bikes on hand, so hurry in for the best selection!” (4508 California SW)

LAST DAY FOR ALKI ARTS AT THE BEACH: The original 2820 Alki SW location of Alki Arts is closing after today (as first reported here last month), so stop by to say goodbye – and buy art! Details in our calendar listing. 11 am-8 pm.

GRETCHEN’S GRAINS: West Seattle foodpreneur Gretchen Evans is demonstrating her frozen cooked Gretchen’s Grains at PCC Natural Markets-West Seattle (WSB sponsor) 11 am-2 pm today. She says they are now carried in more than 230 stores! (California/Stevens)

ROSE TASTING: Stottle Winery invites you to come try a holiday-intended rosé, noon-6 pm, details in the calendar listing. (3400 Harbor SW)

DELRIDGE CIDERPRESSING: It’s a fall tradition and it’s scheduled again today at the Delridge P-Patch – bring your apples and make cider with a hand-crank press from the West Seattle Tool Library. 1-4 pm. (5078 25th SW)

ALL-AGES OPEN MIKE: 3 pm at Skylark Café and Club: “People of all ages can sign up, get on our stage, and show us what they got! Full sound system, lights, our own sound person to dial them in, and a 16-track digital recording of their performance is available for purchase. Fun for the whole family!” (3803 Delridge Way SW)

KIM VIRANT WITH JEFF HASS: Performing live tonight at Feedback Lounge, 8:30 pm, benefiting animal-advocacy nonprofit AARF.

Georgie’s call goes out again: Know a Rosie the Riveter?

The faces and voices of the World War II era are disappearing from among us as time goes by and takes its inevitable course. Those who are still here are making sure the stories and memories aren’t lost – like Georgie Bright Kunkel, the 93-year-old West Seattle writer/performer/activist who not only was a “Rosie the Riveter,” but is also continuing to work to find others. She sent us this message to share with you:

Since the West Seattle Rosie the Riveter group was started by Georgie Bright Kunkel (photo right), there have been many Rosies “discovered” in our area. The blog reported on the first program held at Mt. St. Vincent several years ago. Of the original group, only two are left. There are more Rosies out there who haven’t been discovered yet, so if you read this and were working at a WWII job* please let Georgie know.

The Washington Women in Trades organization has been a mentor to the Rosies and honors them at a banquet every year.

E-mail Georgie at and join the ranks of Rosies. Each one needs to be chronicled so all Rosies will go down in history.

*Or, of course, if your mom, grandma, great-grandma, or a friend/acquaintance was a Rosie – get her in touch with Georgie. Meantime, if you missed the 2009 WSB story to which she alludes above, featuring the stories of West Seattle “Rosies,” check it out here; we have indeed since published obituaries for two of the women featured in that story – here and here.