1 week until Harbor Seal Day: Pups are popping up all over

More reminders that it’s seal-pup season on West Seattle shores: First, Pete shared the top photo of Friday night’s sunset featuring a seal pup on Alki … then today, Dawn shared this photo of a pup seen at Lincoln Park:

And Seal Sitters volunteers have been busy for many days watching over visiting pups. One week from today, though, it’ll be a day to pause and celebrate – “Harbor Seal Day” at the Alki Bathhouse, 1-4 pm next Sunday (September 8th), a chance to learn about seals and other marine mammals, with fun kids’ activities too. A highlight of the afternoon will be the dedication of Georgia Gerber‘s sculpture “Sentinels of the Sound,” photographed by David Hutchinson a few days after its recent installation just east of the bathhouse:

Lots more information about next Sunday’s event can be found here.

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  • Diana September 3, 2013 (6:23 pm)

    How wonderful that Seattle will celebrate Harbor Seal Day! Seals are playful and adorable. They’re a joy to watch, and they draw local families and tourists alike.

    I hope one day soon, the Canadian government and the Namibian government will realize that clubbing, shooting, and stabbing seals is an atrocity and a financially disastrous policy, too.

    These countries are losing tourists and all the revenues that tourists bring to communities because they insist on allowing a small number of people to massacre baby seals for their fur and blubber.

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