WestSide Unicycle Collective: New student-founded group for all ages announces 1st meetup

Schmitz Park Elementary fifth-grader Riley Nachtrieb, an avid unicyclist (on trails as well as pavement, as shown in the video above featuring Riley and her 9-year-old sister Addison), couldn’t find a nearby group to join – so she’s starting one herself, the WestSide Unicycle Collective. Riley and Addison are organizing and running it by themselves, according to an announcement forwarded by their parents, who are lending “a watchful eye.” The group has a Facebook page and will have public meetups every other Thursday, 6:30 pm-7:30 pm, beginning next week (May 30th) at Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza. Future locations will be listed on the FB page, and Riley stresses its purpose: “Meet new unicyclists and ride with us. Learn new skills and tricks or just ride and have fun! Unicyclers of any age or ability welcome.”

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  • jissy May 20, 2013 (11:35 am)

    That’s cool! My 3 year old just said to me last night, “Mom, I want to ride a unicycle!” after seeing one in the Alki Bike Parade yesterday (I’m guessing it was probably Addy or Riley, too).

    She’s probably a little young, just learned to ride her pedal bike but we’ll check it out, soon.

  • MEJ May 20, 2013 (11:59 am)

    A nice piece of video. Good shooting, good editing.

  • G May 20, 2013 (12:59 pm)

    Interest in unicycles tends to be a cyclical thing….

    • WSB May 20, 2013 (1:11 pm)

      … leading to a balanced lifestyle!
      But seriously, hats off to unicyclers, from someone who can barely keep her balance while standing up on two feet (washed out as a surfer and rollerskater as a result). Good luck with the club – organizing something new, whatever your age, is no small accomplishment. – TR

  • Mke May 20, 2013 (4:16 pm)

    wow, that’s pretty cool! That is a really great video and two incredibly talented sisters. I love mtn. biking and have ridden a unicycle way back in the day, there’s no way I’d have that skill to balance a unicycle over roots and dirt hills with moss on roots and rocks. I’m impressed! I hope your club works out well, you’ve got passion for unicycling, more power to you!

  • miws May 20, 2013 (4:58 pm)

    Great job, Riley and Addy!


    I never had an interest in trying to ride a unicycle myself, because I’m chicken! But, I’ve always admired those that do, and were willing to put up with the falls that are certain to come with learning.


    Best of luck on this venture!



  • Kathleen May 20, 2013 (8:58 pm)

    This is great! We have three unicyclers here, our son Clay (10) and neighbor Molly (10) plus me (42). They are better riders than me by a longshot, plus, I gave Clay my unicycle when the seat on his broke. We may just show up on the 30th. Thanks, Addy and Riley for giving us something to aim for.

  • claudia May 21, 2013 (9:10 pm)

    We just moved to West seattle 5 months ago, leaving Laurelhurst elementary where my duaghter was on the Unicycle team! My youngest (age 6) is learning and almost there)i’ve already talked to her current PE teacher about starting it up at her school bc there is another girl in her class that unicycles. This couldn’t come at a better time! We all will be there! thanks for organizing girls!

  • Shellie May 24, 2013 (12:22 pm)

    I have a daughter who is pretty good at unicyling but feels embarrased because whenever she rides people stare and it makes her uncomfortable. You two girls have inspired her to want to ride again. She is very excited to be around others who ride. Thanks so much, we’ll see you next week!

  • riley May 26, 2013 (6:58 pm)

    thanks you guys!!! we are excited for you guys to join!

    -Riley & Addy

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