West Seattle Crime Watch: Bike-theft alert from police

With reader reports about bikes found as well as bikes taken, West Seattle Crime Watch has featured more bicycle-theft reports than usual lately (with one even caught on camera). And Southwest Precinct‘s Sgt. Joe Bauer confirms to WSB that it’s a heightened concern. How to thwart these thieves? For one, he warns that bicycle owners need “to secure their bicycles in the underground parking garages. We are getting a lot of stolen bike reports that seem to be mainly on Avalon and in the North Admiral and Alki areas. We have had some on Fauntleroy too. I’d like to remind folks that the bikes are not secure just because they are in the garage. Lock them up or, better yet, keep them in another location in the building if possible. If the bike won’t fit in the condo or apartment, folks can always take the seat and front wheel off to make the bike a little less appealing to the thief.”

Checking overnight reports, we see another report from overnight – 1700 block of Alki SW. But not everyone files police reports (checking the report map, we see fewer bike-theft icons than we’d expect, given what we hear about); Sgt. Bauer reiterates the importance of filing a report, and has one more reminder: “Please put identifying information on the bike that can make it easier for us to return it and make it harder for the bad guys to sell the bike.”

5 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Bike-theft alert from police"

  • I. Ponder May 8, 2013 (10:38 am)

    Also, cable locks are not secure. They can easily be cut with a pocket tool. A Kryptonite type U-lock is very difficult to cut. They are more expensive but essential for protecting your investment. Lock should be attached to frame and wheel if possible and secured to a rack or similar structure, not a chain link fence.

  • zzzzzz May 8, 2013 (3:28 pm)

    they are steeling bikes because they know that most people dont have paper work for there bikes. and without paper work you cant prove its yours so then the thieves dont even need to worry about getting caught. so yeah thats why most people dont even bother to report it stolen

  • pilsner May 8, 2013 (3:57 pm)

    ill say it again. a gas main/ meter is my favorite place to lock a bike. try to smash that!!! Also, write a note or something and stick in the handle bars under the end cap but not so that its unretreivable. for ID purposes later.

  • Sgt. Joe May 8, 2013 (5:25 pm)

    We have had great success using the West Seattle bike shops when we find one of their stickers on a bike. They are great about getting us in touch with the owner. The note in the handlebar or the seat post is a great idea too pilsner. I use that one myself

  • MK May 9, 2013 (9:03 am)

    I cannot reiterate that you MUST leave your bicycles in your homes. Parking garages, house garages, and leaving bikes outside are easy targets. I’ve never left them in any of these places, and thus, have never had mine stolen.

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