Video: Seattle Police Memorial Day 2013 ceremony honors ‘family’

Family was a theme evoked more than once during the Forest Lawn (WSB sponsor) ceremony in honor of today’s by-mayoral-proclamation Seattle Police Memorial Day. Above, our video of the 35-minute ceremony in its entirety; Interim Police Chief Jim Pugel spoke of both the department “family” and the families who say goodbye to their loved ones each morning as they head off for another day of their perilous profession each morning. The appreciation was echoed by Cheryl Terry, widow of Officer Antonio Terry, killed in the line of duty almost exactly 19 years ago. Toward ceremony’s end, she helped release of white doves:

Others on hand, along with dozens representing SPD, included King County Sheriff John Urquhart, below left with Chief Pugel:

The last line-of-duty death for SPD remains Officer Timothy Brenton, the West Seattle High School graduate killed in October 2009. Meantime, Forest Lawn management says they are continuing to work on the long-standing plan to create a permanent Seattle Police Memorial there.

2 Replies to "Video: Seattle Police Memorial Day 2013 ceremony honors 'family'"

  • thanks May 31, 2013 (11:06 pm)

    Thank you for covering this so thoughtfully. Our hearts are with Cheryl Terry and her family as well as Tim Brenton’s family and all officers lost in the line of duty. I’m not necessarily a religious person but as my husband leaves for the night shift for SPD I pray every night that he comes home safely. As the years stack up (almost 20) the odds of something going wrong do too and it becomes increasingly hard to live the lifestyle while raising a family which includes difficult hours and shifts that don’t match ‘normal’ schedules. Often the family is moving in one direction and the officer is moving in another. There is a lot of sacrifice where the family is involved. Having said that, ultimately we are thankful – he has work he loves and we are both grateful for a great job in a great city.

  • Ms. Picky June 3, 2013 (10:47 am)

    @thanks: Many thanks to you and your husband for making the sacrifices that you do to protect us. You are appreciated.

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