The Kenney says it’s seeking a ‘sponsor’ to take over

A spokesperson for The Kenney (WSB sponsor) says it’s seeking a “sponsor” to take over its operations, and has four prospects. Here’s the announcement we just received:

The Kenney Retirement Community, located at 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, is in the process of seeking a new sponsor to assume operations of the retirement community.

The Kenney board of directors has been interviewing non-profit, faith-based organizations who share a similar mission of serving seniors. Covenant Retirement Communities, Mennonite Services Northwest, Wesley Homes, and a fourth (yet to be named) have indicated interest in the potential of a transaction to become sponsors, and each is evaluating the feasibility to assume operations of The Kenney later this year.

In today’s changing health care environment, affiliation with other sponsors has proven to benefit senior living providers and the residents they serve. Benefits include group purchasing programs, efficiencies in staffing and systems, and the ability to provide a broader network of services.

Last summer, an interim CEO and Ontrac Management Services were engaged by The Kenney to assist during this transition. Ed Mawe, Interim CEO, and The Kenney board of directors have been communicating with residents, families of residents and staff frequently about the sponsorship search. Communication about the sponsorship search process has been transparent with all parties, sharing discussions about the preference to find a sponsor who shares similar values with the heritage of The Kenney.

The Kenney continues to provide quality continuing care with residential apartments, assisted living, memory care and support, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. Potential sponsors have expressed their intention to continue the services and the fine tradition of care.

The Kenney marked its centennial four years ago. From 2008 through 2011, it pursued a redevelopment plan that eventually was downsized to some standalone changes including the addition of a memory-care unit, opened last year. Meantime, as for today’s announcement, we’re asking a few followup questions and will add to this story when they’re answered.

4:36 PM UPDATE: Ontrac’s Moraine Byrne has replied to our questions: No, The Kenney is “not in danger of closing. All financial obligations are being met (and it’s) operating well within budget.” She says its occupancy is also “strong.”

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  • buda April 30, 2013 (10:02 pm)

    I have a parent @ the Kenney. This is the first I have heard about who the “sponsors” might be. Would seem appropriate to keep family advised of search. Wish they would just use the term new “manager” or “ownership”, not misleading “sponsor”.

    Not the good facility it once was.

  • jayseedee May 1, 2013 (10:31 am)

    As a current employee of The Kenney, I feel compelled to share my experiences and thoughts about this new chapter for The Kenney. Residents and their welfare are the top priority for staff. With that in mind, the path to sponsorship is not only a necessity but it is the healthiest move The Kenney can make. Interim management over the last number of months has brought about productive and positive change resulting in wide spread resident approval, higher than ever occupancy and management stability and cohesion. It is my experience every day that residents and staff are embracing these changes. There is an atmosphere here of confidence and excitement about The Kenney’s future.

  • Silly Goose May 1, 2013 (7:42 pm)

    I had the pleasure of doing business with the Kenney. It is such a beautiful warm and friendly place. Everyone was kind and professional all of the residents seem to be having a wonderful time playing games, visiting etc. At the top of my list for retirement centers. I hope the new sponsors take as much pride in the facility as the current managers do.

  • Bette Jean Bullert May 3, 2013 (10:24 am)

    My mom has been at the Kenney for more than a decade. The current team running the Kenney have done an excellent job.

    Can the interim management team stay?

  • Common Sense May 5, 2013 (7:59 am)

    In the interest of full disclosure The Kenney should have said that Ontrac Management Services is in fact affiliated with Covenant Retirement Communities. But this is indicative in the society we live in, putting the right marketing spin on something can be the difference of surviving or having to fight for survival because someone miss interpreted something. Which is interesting since in their last month newsletter, they refer to marketing verses myth as it relates to the great depression and the dust bowl, when they mentioned about the myth of the “rain follows the plow”.
    “not in danger of closing. All financial obligations are being met (and it’s) operating well within budget.” A person who is making only the minimum credit card payment on their card are still making their financial obligations, a person who pays all their bills but doesn’t set aside funds to upkeep their house as a lot of people are doing are meeting their financial obligations. What exactly does this statement mean? and where is all the fine print that has been left out. Full disclose????
    Don’t get me wrong The Kenney has a great mission and people should be donating to them in their droves, because all these vulnerable adults are way more vulnerable now in this economic turmoil our society is in. But they should donate only to the life care fund which is required to go directly to the care of the residents and not there unrestricted fund which could be used for doing something as simple as paying for a news letter or staff salaries or pay the bank. In fact if there is a brave person or persons, or corporation out there that would love to financially back (not Sponsor) The Kenney and it residents, I would wager they would jump at the chance to remain autonomous under The Kenney’s original intent
    One final and very important thing to mention that should really be the first thing that is spoken of this great mission of the Kenney’s and other none profits and that is the employee’s who daily fight for the mission and get paid less than most people in their same profession. Missions like The Kenney would not exist without the dedicate sacrifice of it’s employees. Who will take care of them when they are in the same position?

  • Uncommon Sense May 8, 2013 (3:20 pm)

    The residents and staff of the Kenney have known all along of the relationship between Ontrac and Covenant Retirement Communities. There have been no secrets here. In fact, all of the issues related to the Kenney’s future sponsorship affiliation have been disclosed and are discussed with residents frequently. Every two weeks in a coffee meeting, hosted specifically for the purpose of full transparency, the ongoing process is discussed and questions are answered. The residents and staff have known all about the process for many months and they get constant updates. BTW: The term “Sponsor” is used in the non-profit world as opposed to “owner” in that no one actually “owns” a non-profit organization. Think about it.

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