West Seattle wildlife: Three weekend sightings

Love is not only in the air – it’s in the water. Just received that photo from Seaview resident and diver/underwater photographer Jim Bodoia, who says, “You’ve had some great photos of local nature and I couldn’t resist these two newlyweds that were hanging out about 50 feet under where the Christmas Ships sailed near the Alki Statue of Liberty. They are Saddleback Gunnels (Pholis Ornata) all paired up and nested for the holidays.”

This reminds us of two other wildlife sightings mentioned to us – no photos yet, but you should know so you can keep an eye out in case they come back around:

First – Marcia e-mailed this morning to report a snowy-owl sighting:

Big surprise this morning to look out the window and see a Snowy Owl in a fir tree nearby! It’s in the stand of tall firs in the middle of the small “greenbelt” between Juneau/Raymond and 36th/37th. Not sure how long it has been since one has been spotted in West Seattle. The crows are working hard to displace it, but it’s standing its ground.

She tried to photograph it but it just didn’t work out; here’s a community-contributed snowy-owl photo published here a year ago.

And WSB Forums member Mtrancourt reports a brown pelican off Alki Point, confirming it via e-mail: “… I thought it was an eagle at first, the seagulls were chasing it like an eagle. We live on the beach at Alki and it flew out a ways and then came in about 100 yards from the house before going around the corner toward (downtown).”

8 Replies to "West Seattle wildlife: Three weekend sightings"

  • Sonoma December 9, 2012 (11:37 pm)

    Thank you, Jim, for one of the weirdest and most wonderful animal photos ever!

  • annika December 10, 2012 (12:15 am)

    Great picture!

  • WS December 10, 2012 (8:31 am)

    I love this picture.

  • Bill B. December 10, 2012 (10:02 am)

    I heard the crow commotion around 8 a.m. yesterday morning at 35th and Morgan. I figured it was an eagle as there are still a few around for the winter. I went outside, but with no camera, and there on the roof of Stewart Manor off 34th and Morgan was the owl. I haven’t seen one since I lived in Anchorage.

  • BlairJ December 10, 2012 (12:15 pm)

    I like how the Ornatas have their home so festively decorated!

  • Paula W. December 10, 2012 (3:56 pm)

    Exciting news about the pelican. I’ve always loved watching them and have wondered why we don’t have them around here. Too cold? Maybe another harbinger of climate change? Or just a guy way off course….

  • Trileigh December 10, 2012 (10:19 pm)

    After seeing this post, I headed over to this area to look for the Snowy – no luck! But keep your eyes peeled, everyone, and let us know if you see it again; the more eyes, the better.

  • Don Varekamp December 14, 2012 (8:51 pm)

    (12/14/12) 3:15pmto3:45pm)Observed two Pelicans off Duwamish head yesterday.
    One adult sat on the Navigation platform and a Juvenile fished near shore; with some success. 12/14/12 9:15pm Juvenile seen on Navigation platform flew a half mile loop then landed on the water.

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