West Seattle Thanksgiving 2012: Fixing the Fauntleroy feast

Michael Chase is one of the busiest cooks in West Seattle today. Actually, he’s not only a cook – he’s a chef – Executive Chef, to be precise, for Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering at The Hall at Fauntleroy. We watched him in action early this morning as he and volunteer helper Adam worked to get everything going for this afternoon’s free community Thanksgiving dinner (noon-3 pm).

The stacks and stacks of pans include stuffing made with 8 sheets of focaccia and 30 pounds of sausage. Then there’s six pans of Carrots Provencale, with olives and garlic cloves in the sauce (and a basil garnish when it’s all done).

Back in the walk-in cooler, 5 pans of homemade cranberry sauce – plus the groundwork for simple pasta with marinara sauce, for vegetarian guests:

Here’s the real secret: We thought we’d find ovens and ovens full of roasting turkeys. Actually, Chase – who’s been with T&TS for 15 years – roasts turkey breasts: 12 of them, split, so, 24 pieces in all:

Here’s where you come in: If you are coming to dinner at The Hall at Fauntleroy, bring a dessert if you can. Not mandatory. Even if you’re not, you are welcome to donate – drop one off any time – the doors should be open now. And again, ALL are welcome for dinner – it’s not just for those in need – it’s a gift to the community that Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes has offered for years now. Noon-3 pm, on the south side of the old Fauntleroy Schoolhouse – right next to a beautiful wooded ravine:

There’s parking behind the schoolhouse, accessible from its south/west side, by the way, and it’s right on the RapidRide bus line. (The Fauntleroy dinner details are part of the comprehensive Thanksgiving guide – and beyond! – on the WSB Holidays page.)

10 Replies to "West Seattle Thanksgiving 2012: Fixing the Fauntleroy feast"

  • JanS November 22, 2012 (10:09 am)

    yay, Mike…this is always a wonderful meal. My daughter used to work for TNT..lovely, lovely people !

  • AJP November 22, 2012 (10:14 am)

    T&T makes super yummy food, too bad I have to go to my in-laws for dinner! Thank you so much for doing this in our community!

  • miws November 22, 2012 (11:33 am)

    I attended this two years ago, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner!



  • Sue November 22, 2012 (11:55 am)

    It’s been our tradition to go since moving to Seattle and I’m very grateful for all that they do, and the vegetarian options. Unfortunately I’m passing it up this year as I’m sick and don’t want to pass that along to everyone else. Next year!

  • Kim November 22, 2012 (12:06 pm)

    Thank you David, David and Michael and to the TnT
    family! Your contibutions to the community are so amazing and fantastic. We are very lucky to have all of you!

  • ensignmarvin November 22, 2012 (3:47 pm)

    Just got back…with mom and dad ages 91 and 86 respectively and it was perfect! Great food and wonderful table mates. This was our 1st time and will not be our last.

    Thank you!!!

  • Larry November 22, 2012 (3:54 pm)

    Thank you for an excellent meal, great service and the opportunity to connect with old friends. This was our first time and we were very impressed. Next year maybe we can payback by volunteering.

  • Pat November 22, 2012 (8:47 pm)

    Mike you r the best. Go bro

  • Adrienne November 23, 2012 (10:57 am)

    I did my externship with TNT and I can vouch at how amazing this catering company is. This just shows how amazing chef mike and both the David’s are. Happy Thanksgiving and I miss the kitchen!!

  • Captain Lynn November 25, 2012 (8:06 am)

    Mike ol buddy. Proud to be ur friend. Happy holidays to all. Hope to see you soon. Lynn

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