West Seattle ‘Hum’ update: CalPortland says offloading’s over

If you have been following the saga of “The Hum” – a widely heard sound most recently traced to periodic vacuum-offloading operations at the CalPortland terminal on the Duwamish River – we have an update this morning. CP’s Pete Stoltz e-mailed WSB to say that they’re done with the ship whose arrival apparently triggered the most recent round of reports:

CalPortland completed ship offloading around 12:30 AM this morning. Fabrication of the second silencer is currently on schedule to leave the factory on November 9. This schedule allows time for its arrival and installation before the next ship arrives and begins offloading during the first week of December. We’ll update you on our progress next month.

(The “silencer” is basically a muffler – as explained in this story from a visit to CalPortland as they explained what they had been doing to address the situation, just before the most recent ship arrival.)

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  • LisaH October 28, 2012 (9:06 am)

    Very good news!

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