Video/photos: Duwamish Alive! volunteers, from the river to the greenbelt

(Video and photos by Nick Adams for WSB)
Twice a year, hundreds of volunteers join forces across multiple sites along the Duwamish River and its watershed for Duwamish Alive!, a day devoted to caring for the vital waterway used by wildlife as well as industry and recreation, as well as the area that feeds into it. Today was the fall edition, with work parties at five sites; WSB contributing photojournalist Nick Adams went to the West Duwamish Greenbelt on Pigeon Point, to T-107 Park on the river, and to the Brandon Street Natural Area on Longfellow Creek; some of the sights are in the video above, and some in photos like these:

That’s Masha Sukneva working with an orange honeysuckle, while others worked on mulch:

More ahead:

Volunteers trooped off to get started at Pigeon Point Park:

Art and nature often meet during Duwamish Alive! – Amy Denio played the clarinet at Pigeon Point Park:

… and Ricky Gene Powell regaled volunteers with banjo music:

Removing invasives is a big job every fall – at Pigeon Point Park, Luke Wanitthananon tackled the blackberries:

Amelia Clausen took on the Scotch broom:

An EarthCorps member added mulch to the base of a tree.

More native plants awaited their new homes:

Definitely not a job for bare hands:

But it WAS work that could be done by all ages: Here’s Tim Stoner helping his son Robin, 7, get the roots of some Scotch broom.

Volunteers pushed wheelbarrels full of mulch past an old fireplace at Brandon Street Natural Area.

Also at Brandon Street, Green River Community College student’s Gloria Tan hands Tain Yin invasive ivy cleared at Brandon Street Natural Area.

At T-107, George Blomberg worked on plant identification:

Of course, the greenbelts and waterways of our area get TLC many other times each year too – organizations like Nature Consortium, EarthCorps, and Green Seattle can connect you with other work parties, as can the WSB West Seattle Events Calendar</strong> (please let us know if you organize something!).

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