The other Seattle-SF matchup: Gatewood Elementary won!

Though the Seahawks didn’t quite pull it out tonight against the 49ers, in a parallel competition, their semi-surrogate – West Seattle’s own Gatewood Elementary – won! We first heard last weekend about P.E. teacher Alex Beaty‘s $1,000 Donors Choose funding request for a sound system making it into a promotional vote tied to tonight’s Thursday Night Football game, up against a San Francisco school – and tonight multiple Gatewood supporters messaged us to say Gatewood won; congratulations! (By the way, the other school gets 50 percent of its funding request, so it’s not winner-take-all.)

7 Replies to "The other Seattle-SF matchup: Gatewood Elementary won!"

  • Brandon October 19, 2012 (7:36 am)


  • Que October 19, 2012 (7:41 am)

    Yay Gatewood!!! Whooo Hooo!

  • miws October 19, 2012 (9:03 am)

    Congrats, Gatewood!


    Although I went to Lafayette in the ’60’s, my Mom went to Gatewood in the ’30’s.



  • steve October 19, 2012 (10:45 am)

    My daughter attends Gatewood and of course, I am happy. However, the other school broke my heart. They just wanted balls! I’m so pleased that they also get funding.

  • 2 October 19, 2012 (10:50 am)

    Congrats! Exciting!

  • Heidi A October 19, 2012 (1:08 pm)

    Way to go Gators!

  • Bonnie October 19, 2012 (2:41 pm)


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