Update: Last stretch of lower Spokane Street roadway now open

5:46 PM: According to the Construction Look Ahead that SDOT updates every Thursday – see it here – westbound lower Spokane Street will be open all the way from 6th Avenue S. to East Marginal Way by 6 am tomorrow. That’s the last major piece of the four-year project to widen the elevated roadway, add an eastbound offramp at 4th Avenue South, and consolidated westbound on/offramps at 1st Avenue, among other components.

9:50 PM UPDATE: Just checked while coming home from an errand downtown – and the entirety of lower westbound Spokane Street is now OPEN. Photo to come. (For a trip down Memory Lane, here’s our first in-depth story before the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project started construction 4+ years ago. There’s also a project timeline at the bottom of the SSVWP city home page.)

10:50 PM NOTE: If you’re wondering about the designs on the columns – it’s art commissioned for the project.

10 Replies to "Update: Last stretch of lower Spokane Street roadway now open"

  • redblack October 25, 2012 (9:21 pm)

    the SSV widening project ends not with a bang, but a whimper.
    congratulations, west seattle. we survived.

    • WSB October 25, 2012 (9:48 pm)

      It’s open now! We just drove it after an errand downtown.

  • chas redmond October 25, 2012 (11:29 pm)

    The art, by the way, reminds me of being in downtown Chicago in what I refer to as the “underrated” – not bad but all it does is remind one that you are in a hostile environment. Kinda like the ugly treatment on Ravenna under I-5 or Jackson under I-5 – the art doesn’t detract from the ugliness of putting humans underneath a massive superstructure.

  • Rumbles October 26, 2012 (4:18 am)

    To celebrate, we should close it one more time and have a party on top!

  • SudsyMaggie October 26, 2012 (4:59 am)

    I dig the art! Noticed it the other day while on the bus…

  • Nitro October 26, 2012 (8:48 am)

    Can you access westbound west seattle bridge from lower Spokane St? Or do you need to veer off and use the 1st Ave S on-ramp?

    • WSB October 26, 2012 (8:57 am)

      You can get to the westbound LOW bridge – which is how we drove it last night – but to get to the high bridge, you need to go use the 1st Avenue South ramp.

  • Wallace October 26, 2012 (9:07 am)

    Can you turn left coming from Costco to Spokane street to try and get back to WS?

  • Robot October 26, 2012 (11:12 am)

    I don’t understand, is this real? The road’s been closed for so long I didn’t even associate it with a construction project. I just figured it would be closed forever.
    You’re saying we’re allowed to drive our cars on the road under the viaduct now? Like the whole way?

  • GRG October 26, 2012 (2:52 pm)

    As they finish up construction has anyone else noticed the sign over the eastbound southern most lane on the 99 overpass is still covered up with black plastic and tape? I assume it says 1st Ave Exit Only, but don’t know. Did they perhaps forget to uncover it?

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