Admiral Treats and Treasures 2012, report #2: Boo-tiful people

(Photos by Nick Adams for WSB)
Rain can’t stop Halloween – nor did it stop Admiral Treats and Treasures, the Admiral merchants’ annual trick-or-treat event. We brought you a few early photos as it happened; now, here’s a gallery of some of the people WSB contributing photojournalist Nick Adams found along the way. Above, two Elvii (Kai Medina, 9, and Flora Medina, 11) wait to cross the street, along with “voting machine” Lauren Howe. Next: Olivia St. Germain as The White Rabbit:

The older “kids” enjoyed it too – check out the smile on Aida Gutierrez‘s face as she helps with candy handing-out at Merrill Gardens-Admiral Heights (WSB sponsor):

16 more photos ahead!

The legendary Bubbleman put the “trick” in trick-or-treating during the Admiral event:

For at least one trick-or-treater, the event was a scream:

Here’s Brandon Weglin handing out candy on behalf of Harrah’s Automotive:

Getting ahead of the crowd, this trick-or-treater plied the path along California past the ex-Blockbuster:

2-year-old Celeste Campbell‘s greenery was a perfect match for the backdrop here:

More greenery: 3-year-old Cole Fankhauser, dressed as a tree, accompanying his 1-year-old twin sisters, Ella, center, and Erin, right:

Kristina Borgstrom was a spooky sight outside Mission:

You might say Campbell Howe had a playful costume:

There was at least one ghostly apparition:

An Iron Man sighting, too (aka Dillon Newhall):

This is the very first Halloween for 9-month-old Elodie, held by mom Jennifer Jensen:

Outside Zatz A Better Bagel (WSB sponsor), Jesse Allert served up the treats:

Costume-watching was a treat in itself. Lego-headed Aulden Skaggs, 6, wore a homemade costume made from buckets!

And here’s another look at the creatively crafted election-related costume glimpsed in the photo at the very start of this gallery:

So many participating merchants to visit, so little time … and space … 3-year-old Bridger Newhall is the astronaut:

Back at Merrill Gardens, The Hulk muscled in on some treats:

Speaking of Merrill Gardens, we should find out this weekend who won the Admiral treasure baskets in the drawings that trick-or-treaters were invited to enter there – look for Treats and Treasures report #3 when we get the news about that! For info on other Halloween events through Wednesday (including Junction trick-or-treating during tomorrow’s first-ever Harvest Festival) … check the long list on the WSB West Seattle Halloween 2012 page.

8 Replies to "Admiral Treats and Treasures 2012, report #2: Boo-tiful people"

  • JayD October 27, 2012 (10:47 am)

    LOVE nick’s photos. Really great images. The Blockbuster and Missions ones are top notch.

  • Gina October 27, 2012 (12:13 pm)

    The voting machine is brilliant!

  • Sybil October 27, 2012 (2:32 pm)

    The Admiral T or Ting was so much fun. We had never done it before, but so glad we did. It wasn’t crazy crowded and the merchants were all so nice to the kids and gave out a ton of candy. Thank you Admiral District for hosting this!

  • KT October 27, 2012 (2:52 pm)

    The Ironman and astronaut are my little guys! Love the photos!!

  • sam-c October 28, 2012 (2:22 pm)

    these photos are so amazing. I love Nick’s photographers eye!

  • LL October 29, 2012 (9:23 am)

    The White Rabbit with her baby sister as Alice was my favorite! I saw them over by Bartell’s so cute!!!!!

  • ls October 30, 2012 (11:57 am)

    love the photos too!!!!!

  • Grandma Tractor October 31, 2012 (6:48 pm)

    Looks like great fun

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