West Seattle Junction Car Show 2012: Record-setting fun in the sun

11:16 AM: We’re live on site at the West Seattle Junction Car Show (and proud to be a co-sponsor again this year) – and lots of people are out and about! Here’s the “live” look from SDOT’s camera by KeyBank, pointed north:

The first raffle winner (ticket sales benefit Pencil Me In For Kids) has just been announced. We’re right in front of Easy Street Records and Café:

(Those are our first-ever freebies on the table – not sure how long they’ll last, but we thought we’d offer something practical, since winter weather – as unthinkable as it seems right now – is a place where WSB community collaboration has always shone!) Right around the corner from us is where you’ll find the raffle tickets, at a booth on Easy Street’s south side. Adding more photos shortly. Tip: Don’t wait till the last hour to come down – in the past, we’ve seen early departures. Also, in case you’re wondering about music, it’s classic oldies – ’60s and ’70s.

ADDED 11:56 AM: Zucchini 500 racing at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market around the corner!

The zucchini celebration even extends to the 50-pound version that you’ll find at the ROckridge Cidery booth:

Even though The Junction’s streets are closed (same “footprint” as Summer Fest), the Farmers’ Market is on, full strength, till 2 pm as always. Thanks to all the cool people who have stopped by to say hi – including a dozen or so who told us they moved here recently and use WSB (even before they got here) to plug into what’s going on. Also just talked to longtime WSB sponsor BJ from Brunette Mix, which is here in The Junction (on SW Oregon). Great to see EVERYBODY who is out and about – lots of smiles regarding the great weather. We’re gathering more photos right now – adding shortly.

12:53 PM UPDATE: Show organizer Michael Hoffman tells us they’ve set a record for registrations – 222! This year, you might recall, motorcycles and scooters were welcomed too – here’s some of what we’ve seen so far:

And of course – more cars! Here’s a 1963 Imperial Crown, entry #105:

Also from ’63, a Mercury Monterey, entry #66:

All the cars look great, gleaming in the sun … now we’re at the time of day where it’s shining on both sides of the street:

2 PM UPDATE: One more hour of prime viewing time before the awards! Here’s a 1974 Volkswagen Westfalia, entry #36:

And a ’65 Mustang, entry #163:

Previous photos are by Patrick Sand; next two are by WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli, with a closer look at some of the beautiful details:


Remember the scooter rally’s coming up right after the car show too – one of the organizers, Hotwire’s Lora Swift, is here chatting with us now; they did a dry run on the route, and she says it was “awesome.” Get your scooter to Hotwire at 4410 California SW by 4 pm. (Whether you’re rallying or not, you’re also invited to the “Quadrophenia” screening at Feedback Lounge tonight!)

3:38 PM UPDATE: The show’s wrapping up with the final award having just been presented – we have recorded video of the entire ceremony and will add that later (added – here’s that video):

Among the many winners, this 1934 Pontiac convertible:

The cars are still on display – the timing’s worked out better this year, along with the increased turnout and great weather. The announcer just noted the street will reopen by 6 pm, so take note of that, in case you were wondering. The raffles during the day raised $700 for PMIFK. Watch for more photos later – either added to this story, or in a “Report #2”! (And if you have a gallery of your own – we know a LOT of people were out taking photos – send us a link, so we can include it!)

LATE-NIGHT NOTE: Updated fundraising total – between the raffles and the “50/50” drawing, $950 raised, according to organizer Hoffman – and that, like the registration total, is a record, he says.

12 Replies to "West Seattle Junction Car Show 2012: Record-setting fun in the sun"

  • Rick September 16, 2012 (4:51 pm)

    Wonderful day with sun and cool cars! Loved the ’64 Merc with the “Breezeway” rear window. Always loved those things.

  • Wallace September 16, 2012 (5:21 pm)

    Very successful!! A ton of beautiful cars. Whoever put it on did a great job this year!

    • WSB September 16, 2012 (5:23 pm)

      Michael Hoffman of Liberty Bell Print and Design has led the effort, every year since the start, of course with help from some fine folks too!

  • Oliver Little September 16, 2012 (5:41 pm)

    All streets in the Junction are re-opened.

  • Harry Reems September 16, 2012 (6:20 pm)

    Best show yet, weather was fantabalous.

  • bridge to somewhere September 16, 2012 (6:46 pm)

    The West Seattle Junction Car Show is a true gem; we love it. Not even that much of an old car person normally, but these cars were amazing and even my daughter (20 months) enjoyed some of the hot rods and quirky little cars.

  • miws September 16, 2012 (7:07 pm)

    I think Mother Nature was trying to atone for the incredibly terrible weather that ruined the Morgan Junction Festival, and for threatening similar weather to a smaller extent, during Summerfest.


    It would probably be a matter of individual opinion as to whether she succeeded in her atonement, but this was absolutely perfect weather for this event. Perfectly sunny, and a perfect temperature, which probably could not have been attained together, a month ago, and would have been having us all wish for cloud cover, (but no rain!)



  • ghar72 September 16, 2012 (8:55 pm)

    This was our first time going to the car show and we all LOVED it! Got in on the zucchini car races too. Our two young boys played with them alllll afternoon. And as a bonus we came away with the WSB ice scraper. Yeah!

  • G September 17, 2012 (12:03 am)

    Absolutely drop-dead beautiful cars, great event.

  • CarBuff September 17, 2012 (4:43 am)

    Great show, great weather, nice people and people-watching. {Minor correction, the black Mercury Monterey is a ’63 model. :) }

    • WSB September 17, 2012 (7:32 am)

      Thanks, Patrick photographed the signs but I mistyped. Not as easy to see typos when working in bright sunshine, even with the less-glare screen :) fixed now.

  • thegodshavegonecrazy September 17, 2012 (7:02 pm)

    Thanks, WSB! :)

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