Life-saving cookstoves: Burn Design Lab founder @ West Seattle Rotary

(Photo courtesy Dave Nichols)
“An astounding 2.5 billion people around the world still use crude open fires fueled by coal, wood and charcoal to cook meals,” says Vashon-based Burn Design Lab. Reducing that number, they add, will save people’s lives (as well as reduce deforestation). So they’re working on cook-stove technology. BDL founder Peter Scott is in the photo above, speaking today to the Rotary Club of West Seattle about the organization and its work.

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  • Jones September 6, 2012 (9:38 am)

    These little rocket stoves are great for emergency preparedness and car camping..We have one made by, which is where Peter got his start with a group called Aprovecho.Both groups do great work,make great products and help a lot of people. We purchased one designed to burn wood and found with a hand full of twigs,pine cones and dry grass you can boil a gallon of water in less than 9min. They are extremely efficient so there is almost no smoke.Slap a dutch oven on it and you will always be able to cook.

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