First sunset of fall: Autumnal equinox at West Seattle’s Solstice Park

(Photos by Nick Adams for WSB)
A shelf-like layer of clouds provided the drama for last night’s autumnal-equinox sunset watch with West Seattle’s NASA Solar System Ambassador Alice Enevoldsen at Solstice Park. WSB contributing photojournalist Nick Adams was there and shows us how it unfolded – ahead:

In the foreground, that’s the stone with which the spring/fall equinox sunsets are supposed to line up. Whether the weather cooperates or not, Alice’s sunset-watch events are always educational:

That’s Alice at right, seated (explaining how the sun and moon can look the same size from Earth). Just x weeks ago, she hosted a suspenseful late-night viewing party as Curiosity landed on Mars, and last night during the sunset event, Keith Enevoldsen was back with Mars-rover models, showing how it worked:

Those 7- and 11-year-old brothers were amazed – and the Mars landing is certainly a story to retell!

So on to the sunset – would there be one?

The clouds did get in the way, but there was still color to enjoy:

Planning ahead? The winter solstice will be on December 21st. Watch Alice’s website – – for advance word of solstice-sunset viewing, and other major astronomic events.

P.S. If tonight’s sunset (also around 7 pm) promises to be clearer – it would only be one degree off from Saturday, so you can still go to Solstice Park and check whether it lines up!

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