Delridge Day 2012: As-it-happened coverage, plus bonus photos

(Photo by Nick Adams for WSB, added post-festival: Giorvi Merca, 9, at 3-legged race finish line)
11:25 AM: It’s the biggest festival of the summer in eastern West Seattle – and Delridge Day 2012 has just begun, in and around Delridge Skatepark (Delridge/Genesee), which was dedicated at last year’s DD.

(As-it-happened photos, through 3:01 pm update, by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
All the info’s here – lots to watch, lots to do, lots to see. The festival is an all-volunteer production again this year – presented by the North Delridge Neighborhood Council:

At the NDNC booth, that’s Kirsten Smith and Parie Hines. (Parie also leads WSB sponsor LD Arch Design.)

11:40 AM UPDATE: It’s not a festival without RapidRide Man – who’s here along with the big red and yellow bus, previewing the service that will be launched in West Seattle next month, parked along 26th SW on the northwest side of the playfield:

That’s also where you’ll find a food truck, Athena’s from Highland Park. Meantime, here from across the street at Youngstown – it’s the West Seattle Tool Library’s new mobile unit:

That’s Stu Hennessey from Sustainable West Seattle and Alki Bike and Board – ABB is sponsoring the skate competitions that are under way till 2 pm (with free skate to follow) at the skatepark during today’s festival.

12:12 PM UPDATE: The sun has just emerged! When you come to the festival, say hi – we’re by the entrance along Genesee, west of the skatepark. We’re here not just to cover it but also as co-sponsors:

Face painting, bouncy house, balloon art, all part of the Kids’ Zone.

1:12 PM UPDATE: After looking over at the Evo booth near ours and noticing a regal little Shiba Inu, we went over for a photo:

That’s Ryu, sitting on the table in front of Hahn. Lots of dogs here – there’s plenty of space between booth rows, for them to walk comfortably with their people. Meantime, a Zumba performance, flash-mob style, erupted over by the stage a little while ago:

(Video to come.)

2:16 PM UPDATE: First politician sighting – just talked to City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, who was marveling at how well the skatepark is working out, especially considering, as he recalled, it was originally slated to be built up by Myrtle Reservoir – until neighbors opposed it so strenuously, alternate sites were sought; Delridge welcomed it.

Just about everyone we’ve talked with has described today’s festival, meantime, as “mellow,” “low-key.” The police are here – but it’s community outreach, not an emergency response:

The festival’s on till 3.

3:01 PM NOTE: And so soon, it’s over! Thanks to everybody who came by to say hello. We have more photos to add, from WSB contributing photojournalist Nick Adams, which we’ll add later – have to move on now to more of what’s happening today.

ADDED SATURDAY NIGHT: As promised, more photos! From here on out, they’re all by Nick Adams for WSB:

That’s Rafael Newman break dancing with groups Break Animal and Catch Them All.

Next, Dash Yoder, 2, pointing to the skaters, with his father Ryan Barth (who chairs the citywide Skate Park Advisory Committee):

Joe McClury shows his stuff during the 13-to-17-year-old skating competition:

Spectators watched intently from the sidelines:

There were competitions in three age groups. Here’s Shane Darrow, practicing:

Over in the booth area, Nature Consortium‘s Monica Thomas talked with Kirk Lauckner:

The benefit bake sale mentioned here earlier in the week was going full speed ahead:

In the kids’ zone, little ones joined in “picnic games” like sack racing:

And then there was the joy of dancing – another view of the Zumba “flash mob” – that’s Michelle Silver in front.

This was the sixth annual Delridge Day festival, the second one presented by NDNC. Last year it was combined with the skatepark dedication (WSB coverage here); in 2010, it was held in conjunction with Sustainable West Seattle‘s festival, under the umbrella ReFRESH Southwest (WSB coverage here); and in 2009, it was across the street from its current site, held at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (WSB coverage here).

5 Replies to "Delridge Day 2012: As-it-happened coverage, plus bonus photos"

  • Mike August 18, 2012 (3:47 pm)

    After seeing RapidRide man at the parade here this year, I’ve gotta say it’s a fantastic PR idea for RapidRide. I cracked up. He’s hilarious and his smooth “Rapid Ride…” statements just add to the costume and hand gestures of a smooth ride on RapidRide. Whoever came up with the idea to have a super hero promote RapidRide, awesome!

  • bsmomma August 18, 2012 (6:26 pm)

    We had a lot of fun there today and followed it up with Lunch at Zippy’s! :) The weather was perfect too!!

  • Krystal August 18, 2012 (10:13 pm)

    Does RapidRide man enforce fares? Because that would be awesome!

  • Delridge Mom August 19, 2012 (7:20 am)

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the hardworking volunteers who did such a great job organizing this event. My kids and I had so much fun.

  • Holli August 19, 2012 (3:08 pm)

    Thanks for the coverage and support. A few kids in the Face painting line thought the Lady doing the painting worked at TJ’s, but she replied nope, it’s compliments of the sponsor:)

    Nick did a great job with the photos!

    If anyone is inspired to help next year’s Delridge Day Festival get planned, email – we’re always looking for more helping hands.

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