3 more huge Super Post Panamax cranes headed for Harbor Island

The Port of Seattle just sent word that Terminal 18 on Harbor Island, run by SSA, is getting three more Super Post Panamax cranes, and they’re expected to arrive in the area next Tuesday. They’re 267 feet high and can handle the world’s largest container ships; the ZPMC Zhen Hua 23 will bring them in. (You can track it here.) The first three arrived in November (WSB coverage here).

5 Replies to "3 more huge Super Post Panamax cranes headed for Harbor Island"

  • robert July 19, 2012 (10:28 pm)

    Will these be american built or more china crap?

    • WSB July 19, 2012 (10:44 pm)

      Looks like Zhenhua is the company that makes them. So I’d imagine that means they’re coming from China, though the itinerary here shows the last port as Los Angeles, and doesn’t show the itinerary before that – maybe they dropped something off there after the crossing.

  • Alanah July 20, 2012 (7:58 am)

    My children and I have often wished the Port would paint the cranes to look like giraffes or brontosauruses. C’mon…please??? It would be so whimsical and fun!

  • IntheKnow July 20, 2012 (11:16 am)

    The vessel will be arriving and anchoring off of Smith Cove Sunday and will stay there until the 29th.

    Seattle will have plenty of time to gawk at those cranes.

  • bridge to somewhere July 23, 2012 (1:38 pm)

    I’ll never get over seeing the biographies of executive leaders on a company website with the attribute “Chinese Communist Party member” listed first and foremost for every leader: http://www.zpmc.com/about.php?act=ldjs

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