West Seattle High School’s Velko Vitalich: ‘Coach of the Year’

Thanks to Bev Corey – who edits West Seattle High School‘s comprehensive weekly newsletter “Westside Weekly” – for sharing the news that WSHS head baseball coach Velko Vitalich has been honored as the 2012 High School Varsity Coach of the Year by the Northwest Baseball Umpires Association:

The members of the Northwest Baseball Umpires Association recognize Coach Vitalich for his outstanding contributions to the lessons he imparts to his West Seattle High School team and students. Coach Vitalich exemplifies the extension of the classroom to our athletic fields by his consistent and exceptional portrayal of the highest ideals. The West Seattle High School teams and students all benefit from their participation in the opportunities to experience competition, leadership, honor, respect, confidence, teamwork, focus, discipline, humility, pride and determination.

President : Rich Johnson
Director: John Philbeck

Last month, the WSHS varsity team made it all the way to the state tournament. Congrats to the coach for this honor!

6 Replies to "West Seattle High School's Velko Vitalich: 'Coach of the Year'"

  • Dave June 15, 2012 (3:41 pm)

    Way to go Velko! You should go down in West Side history along with Bud Pripp, Corey Mitchell, and Woody Ulin as legendary West Side coaches. Give this guy some sort of raise out of that big grant the school received for a good job year in and year out.

  • BretM June 15, 2012 (3:46 pm)

    Velko!!!! It was certainly due. His dedication to those boys is nothing short of commendable.

  • Paula Tortorice June 15, 2012 (5:10 pm)

    Congratulations to a fantastic coach! You certainly deserve such a wonderful honor. We are so lucky to have you working with our young men, and as a colleague.

    Paula Tortorice

  • Danny McMillin June 15, 2012 (6:08 pm)

    WSHS Class of ’73 is well represented by Velko Vitalich. Congratulations, pal!

  • WestSide45 June 15, 2012 (7:31 pm)

    Next time we golf (6:30, Wednesday…be there) you may have the honor on the first tee.

  • Gary Coy WSHS '73 INDIANS July 5, 2012 (12:36 pm)

    Velko, it was my distinct honor and privilege to nominate and then convince fellow umpires to vote for you for this annual award that my umpiring association presents to HS varsity baseball coaches in King County. It was also my pleasure to attend the assembly and present the award to you. It is WELL deserved. Gary Coy, Northwest Baseball Umpires Association (NBUA)

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