West Seattle Crime Watch: Did you see a package thief?

Out of the WSB inbox, from Chris:

We had a delivered package containing some hard-to-replace valuables taken from our front porch on the corner of 27th and Holden at some point between 2 and 9 pm yesterday. Wrapping material (which I’m assuming is) from the package were strewn down the hill from our house.

He’s wondering if anyone saw someone in the area “carrying a big, 15-20 pound box during that time.”

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  • curious June 9, 2012 (7:18 pm)

    Oh no, what a bummer!
    Didn’t see the package thief, but we live very close by and our cars were ransacked and stripped of all items of value sometime between last night and around noon today.

  • ~~HockeyWitch~~ June 9, 2012 (9:07 pm)

    Grrrrrrrrrr…. I hate theives!! I had a package stolen from my door step a few years ago. Joke was on the thief though. All it was, was a mouse pad with Shiba Inu puppies on it. Sorry you had something much more important stolen. That’s not cool. Some people make me sick.

  • coffee June 9, 2012 (9:10 pm)

    I think for an extra fee you can have packages delivered to some of the shipping places. or ask your employer if you can receive at work.

  • MB June 10, 2012 (1:58 am)

    @curious, one of our cars (that hubby accidentally left unlocked) was ransacked last night as well (28th & Myrtle). Nothing of value was in the car, so nothing was taken, but things were strewn about and the door was open when we got up this morning.

  • Wine guy June 10, 2012 (7:42 am)

    Checkout dropcam.com. We set one up and have it pointed at our front steps area. A worth while investment and pretty pain free.

  • chris June 10, 2012 (9:43 am)

    Thanks for posting this, WSB.

    Wine guy, we were actually looking into dropcam.com before this happened. Definitely going to spend some time deciding on a solution today!

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