Summer Solstice Sunset Watch 2012: Crowd yes, sun no

(1st 3 photos by Torin Record-Sand for WSB)
At Solstice Park about an hour ago, NASA Solar System Ambassador Alice Enevoldsen looked off to the west with some trepidation/anticipation, a few minutes before the official 1st sunset of summer was supposed to happen, somewhere behind all this …

We counted more than 70 people scattered around the hillside viewpoint over the Lincoln Park tennis courts, where for the past three-plus years, Alice has showed up on equinoxes and solstices to explain them – and anything else astronomical that folks want to know about.

But as part of her volunteer ambassadorship, Alice organizes other events too – next up, a Mars landing party on August 5th, previewed a bit with Lego rover models at Solstice Park tonight:

Alice yelled out to the crowd that she’s still looking for a venue “with Internet and a roof,” available around 10:30 pm on August 5th. If you have a suggestion, reach her through her website,

ADDED 11:32 PM: Thanks to those who shared their photos! First, Jordan Petram caught the color that the sunset yielded, even without the hoped-for alignment view at the park:

Cathy Jaramillo caught a closer view of Alice as she explained how that alignment would work if the sun were in view (note the stone in the lower right – that marks the spot):

And from Scott Scowcroft, the view of the crowd, looking northwest:

Note the cupola of The Kenney (WSB sponsor) off to the right.

2 Replies to "Summer Solstice Sunset Watch 2012: Crowd yes, sun no"

  • David June 20, 2012 (10:11 pm)

    What a fantastic experience! It was our first time visiting Solstice Park but certainly won’t be our last. Alice and her dad were terrific hosts and so well informed. I could have listened to Alice for hours. Thanks for the great experience! – David & Jim

  • West Seattleite June 21, 2012 (8:46 pm)

    June is my favorite month of the year. Twenty days, or so, and then we, in the Northern Hemisphere, reach the LONGEST DAY of the year.

    Then, after the summer solstice, the depression gradually starts setting in. Slow at first. Then WHAM. It is November, then December. Good gosh how I hate December. Yuck.

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