Lowman Beach sewer-overflow project: Permit-commenting time

King County has formally applied for the land-use permit needed to build a million-gallon underground tank across the street from Lowman Beach Park to reduce combined-sewer overflows from nearby Murray Pump Station.

Six homes and small apartment buildings, all of which have been vacated, will be demolished to make way for the project. The application was announced in today’s Land Use Information Bulletin, and it triggers a new public-comment period – according to the notice, if you’re interested in commenting, you have until July 11th – here’s how. The bulletin also includes a notice of a different permit application related to the project, a “Shoreline Substantial Development” application; its comment deadline isn’t until 7/27, and you can comment here.

4 Replies to "Lowman Beach sewer-overflow project: Permit-commenting time"

  • boy June 28, 2012 (3:01 pm)

    Where are the swing sets?

  • bockrock June 28, 2012 (7:43 pm)

    Looks great, seems like no impact on the existing park. Hopefully just will reduce the smell?

  • Mike June 28, 2012 (9:01 pm)

    boy, the swing sets are at Lowman Beach Park, the pic above shows the new overflow ‘park’ as NE of the swings.
    Reduce the smell… hahahaha. They’ll tell you it does not smell, just like in Renton. They say that does not smell, go there on a hot day…it realllllllly smells.

  • boy June 28, 2012 (10:49 pm)

    but is this not the same place?

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