Summer Concerts at Hiawatha’s 2012 lineup, and other Admiral Neighborhood Association notes

(The crowd for 2011’s appearance by Caspar Babypants, who’s in the concert series again this year)
The big news from tonight’s Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting, led by vice president Karl de Jong – the music lineup for this year’s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha. As announced at the meeting (held as usual in the lower-level meeting room of Admiral Congregational Church), chosen from more than 60 applicants, by ANA president Katy Walum with help from ANA treasurer Ann Limbaugh and Hiawatha Community Center’s Tiffani Melake – “We listened to a LOT of music,” said Ann:

JULY 26The Local Strangers

AUGUST 2Mark Dufresne

AUGUST 9Reilly and Maloney

AUGUST 16The Braxmatics (this show is at Alki Beach)

AUGUST 23Caspar Babypants

AUGUST 30 Curtains For You

The ANA’s website will have even more information about the concert series soon (if it’s not already there by the time you see this).

More on this topic and others, including this year’s 4th of July Kids’ Parade and local park issues, ahead:

There was some discussion of how many banners promoting the series should be put up around Admiral, and where. The concerts are so popular, some wondered if banners were needed, especially considering the cost. Others pointed out that it’s a “point of pride” to announce, even to those passing through Admiral on the way to Alki, that Admiral is home to this series.

FOURTH OF JULY KIDS’ PARADE IS ON! Longtime parade organizer Sherri Chun came to the meeting to say they have their permits (for both briefly closing streets along the route in North Admiral, and for using Hamilton Viewpoint Park for games and concessions afterward) – two porta-potties, popsicles (ANA has that concession), good weather, nothing’s changing! West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival royalty will be there as always. They haven’t locked in a keynote speaker yet.

ADMIRAL DISTRICT BUSINESS ASSOCIATION: David Whiting, who was ANA’s catalyst liaison in working with local merchants to get the association off the ground, reported on last night’s meeting. He said about eight business reps were in attendance and talked about, among other things, what other events the group might be involved with, beyond the annual trick-or-treating event and having worked with Life Care Center of West Seattle (WSB sponsor) on this year’s well-attended Easter-egg hunt.

SPEAKING OF PARKS … PARKS Q/A: Carol Baker from Seattle Parks was invited for an informal Q/A. She talked about cleanup/restoration operations at Hamilton Viewpoint and landscaping that’s “in transition” as they strive for permanent plantings that won’t block the view. She was asked about litter problems at the park, and she talked about how Parks is trying to “balance” its litter/recycling operations – minimizing the amount of cans doesn’t necessarily mean more litter outside cans, she explained – sometimes the cans themselves become litter magnet in ways you wouldn’t expect. Asked why Parks didn’t have more recycle-only cans, she said budget cuts – last year, 20 percent reduction in maintenance – mean they can’t afford to keep sending out the separate truck runs that it would take for both trash and recycling pickup. Regarding litter problems, even putting out extra bags didn’t turn out to be a solution, Baker explained – “they started disappearing.” Security issues were discussed too. One attendee asked why some private citizens have keys to park gates; there are some park volunteers who have taken on that role, according to Baker. After she left, ANA members discussed some ways of possibly helping out – such as, when they have Adopt-A-Street events, if there are enough volunteers, sending some to Hamilton Viewpoint.

OTHER TOPICS: There were recaps of this month’s Southwest District Council meeting and the April 21st Gathering of Neighbors. We also were invited to speak for a few minutes about this Saturday’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day; your editor here, speaking with WSCGSD organizer hat on, pointed out that the event was “born” in Admiral – the now-shuttered nonprofit Megawatt was based in a California SW storefront across from Hiawatha when, inspired by the longrunning Greenwood Garage Sale Day, it was inspired to start one for West Seattle. Megawatt presented it three times before closing in fall of 2007; WSB took it over and has been presenting WSCGSD since May 2008 – this is “our” fifth one! We also noted that the Admiral area alone has at least 60 sales, including benefits such as the West Seattle High School Girls’ Basketball Team fundraising sale and Muttley Crew Cuts’ sale to raise money for English Springer Rescue (including hot dogs!). If you haven’t already checked out the maps (clickable/zoomable and printable versions), just go here – the big day is 9 am-3 pm this Saturday (May 12th).

Admiral Neighborhood Association meets on second Tuesdays, 7 pm, at Admiral Congregational Church.

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  • Ann May 9, 2012 (12:19 am)

    The Admiral Neighborhood Association website is up to date with all of the concert musicians. We will have all of our concert series sponsor information updated shortly! Thanks so much and see you at the shows!

  • Westgirl May 9, 2012 (12:47 am)

    Yay for Braxmatics!!!

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