Video: Seattle Summer Streets, & spring showers, at Alki

(Have we ever had a sunny “car-free day”? Our archive check, at end of this story)

The summery weather we’ve seen recently did not stick around for the 2012 edition of Seattle Summer Streets (“car-free day”) on Alki. But if Sarah from the Log House Museum can brave the showers to answer your questions about West Seattle history and museum happenings, you can certainly come down, with umbrella if necessary, and check out what’s up between 63rd and 56th SW, closed all day – right? Here’s the list of events, performances, and activities.

ADDED 1:03 PM: Another reason to come down – bring canned food to donate to the Seattle’s Healthiest Canned-Food Pyramid!

At right, with volunteers, that’s Fran Yeatts of the West Seattle Food Bank. The pyramid started with donations from Metropolitan Market and PCC Natural Markets (WSB sponsors) among other businesses. It’s right in front of Tully’s on Alki. Meantime, if you find the Seal Sitters west of 61st, you can enter the raffle for this little guy:

Summer Streets continues till 5 pm; upcoming events include a bike parade at 2.

2:16 PM UPDATE: The rain has stopped – perfect time to come down. Still overcast but very bright. We arrived back at the beach to find a pickup ballgame in the street:

And then the bike parade!

Music in two places – Alki Arts (where proprietor Diane Venti has artists doing live demonstrations, too).

That’s The Brian and Janie Show – till 3. There’s also a stage in the bike lane at 61st and Alki. And more community groups – we think the Morgan Community Association banner, shown off by president Deb Barker, is the best we’ve seen, given today’s weather:

Just east of 62nd SW, Cindi Barker (no relation to Deb) is at the West Seattle Be Prepared tent – never too young for kids to start learning about preparedness!

2:56 PM UPDATE: At the east end of the closure zone, you’ll find activities including basketball:

At the 61st stage, Sarey Savy is singing, with DJ accompaniment (concluding with a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”). And the SPD parking enforcement officers are goofing off by drawing a chalk outline in the street – no wait, it’s something more:

The big yellow MaxMobile is here now, too, by the west end of the 63rd-56th closure zone, with adoptable pets.

4:49 PM: Minutes to go till this year’s event ends. Near the parking officers’ chalk creation, others drew a word full of optimism:

By and by!

5:17 PM P.S. Since the gray, damp weather was the big story, we checked back on coverage of previous years (since we have always published “as-it-happens” coverage for this event), and here’s what our photos show:
*May 22, 2011 – cloudy
*May 23, 2010 – started cloudy, some clearing later in the day
*May 31, 2009 – cloudy till the last hour
*The only truly sun-soaked “car-free day” was the first one – before SDOT changed the name to “Summer Streets” – September 7, 2008 – here’s the proof

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  • RobJ May 20, 2012 (1:15 pm)

    Thanks alot weather…

  • Wild One May 20, 2012 (4:30 pm)

    Sprig rain in West Seattle is a good thing. I love it.

  • resident3 May 20, 2012 (7:36 pm)

    I second rob.

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