Chief Sealth 40-year reunion: Help find the ‘missing’

It’s reunion season! For the Chief Sealth High School Class of 1972, this year marks their milestone 40th class reunion, and while it’s not until September 22nd, they’re getting a jump on things by looking for classmates they haven’t heard from in a while – maybe you know what happened to one (or more) of them. First, the reunion details: Saturday, September 22nd, 2 pm school tour, then the reunion activities 5 pm-midnight at Rainier Golf and Country Club (11133 Des Moines Memorial Drive S.) You can join the Facebook group at Click ahead for the list of missing classmates:

These classmates have been missing from virtually all class functions since graduation, our 5 Year Reunion, or we have no current address or contact information for. YOU may be the key to help them, and all of us, to reconnect for our 40 Year Reunion.

We urge you to review this list ASAP and help us locate those missing in action.

If you communicate with any classmates listed here please contact them and ask them to allow you to provide us their contact information or have them contact us. We maintain this data with total confidentiality.

Contact us via Email at:

Confidential Database Contact:
Tom Myers
(425) 413-8096 (messages left are confidential)

Lucille Alberle
Sid Anderson
Liz Aycox
Valerie Bachmeier
Robert Bailey
John Balko
Diane Barringer
Brenda Barton
Jessica Beard
Janet Bekkala
Beatrice Bell
Patty Bellin
Marcia Bell
David Bennett
Ronald Berger
Cheryle Betts
Greg Beyerlein
Anita Blake
Carol Blakslee
Greg Bland
David Blaney
Judy Blaney
Gail Bowman
Marilyn Broches
Nancy Brown
Carolyn Burns
Mike Buxel
Pam Campbell
Chuck Carpenter
Loran Caston
Marianne Chapman
Ray Chapman
Linda Chidgey
Mary Coleman
Carol Collier
Tim Cooper
Bud Corwin
Glenda Couch
Dave Coulter
Donna Couty
Roger Craft
Robin Crosmer
Margaret Cross
Laurel Cunningham
Terry Currey
Randy Daft
Bernadette Davis
Blake Dieterich
Clare Dion
John Dodd
Patty Doland
Linda Dowd
Sandy Drake
Caroline Duxbury
Steven Earnest
Noel Eder
Tim Elder
Don Eley
Bev Eng
Vicki Ernst
Rodolfo Esteban
Jeanne Feller
Cathy Fels
Karen Flanigan
Mary Florenda
Bruce Fortney
Jeannette French
Ronald French
Leslie Gallagher
Jamie Gardner
Karen Gehr
Fred Goelden
Beatrice Gonzales
Steve Gonzales
Veronica Goss
Budd Green
Debra Green
Veronica Gross
Veronica Gross
Kelly Grove
Mark Hagenaars
Charles Haight
Gail Halsten
Terry Hanseling
Scott Hansen
Eileen Hasselberg
Michael Hawkins
Janet Heckinlively
Don Heinle
Wilma Henry
Janet Herrin
Gary Higgins
Rose Hobbs
Don Hoffman
Lynn Holder
Richard Holliday
Linda Hughes
Bruce Hulkrantz
Vicki Hurd
Ralph Jackson
Thersa Jamerson
Alan Jefferies
Scott Jensen
Steve Jewett
Carol Johnson
Lorna Johnson
Doug Jones
Karen Jorgenson
Suzanne Kathrein
Gary Keller
Jenny Keller
Jerry Kelso
Cindy Kinney
Bonnie Kitzinger
Elinor Koeppe
Rick Kolze
Stefania Korschinowski
Dan Krum
Thersa Labensky
Arlene Lamb
Karla Lander
Teresa Lang
James Layes
Karen Leaming
Pam Lomax
Sherrie Long
Ed Machen
Donna Malone
Cathy Maxfield
Cinda McSherry
Bob McWade
Carol Mihelich
Terry Mikulich
Christina Miller
Maureen Miller
Jolanda Nanassy
Mark Nelson
Lester Ness
Carrie Neumiller
Rene Nicholas
Janine Ojalla
Julie Olson
Kieth Olson
Deborah Overstreet
Stephanie Owen
Jim Ozier
Nancy Pelletier
Christina Peterson
Christopher Peterson
Marcia Peterson
Guy Pryor
Linda Rapacz
Debra Reid
Mary Renwick
Alexander Reyno
Darol Reynolds
Alejandra Rivera
Garry Robbins
Randy Roberts
Linda Rome
Dorretta Rouleau
David Rowden
Keith Sabado
Rodney Sayler
Doug Selfridge
Sandra Selle
Colette Sherwood
Lou Shiley
Tom Shumate
Susan Sijer
Dan Simonson
Joe Simpson
Terry Skelton
Sharon Skougstad
Tom Smilanich
Becky Smith
Debbie Smith
William Smith
Rendy Sollers
Beldon Spores
Cathy Spotanske
Kent Stevens
Paula Stewart
Robert Strachen
Erik Strom
Richard Summers
Yvonne Sutton
Marsha Takahashi
Marylin Tew
Dave Thompson
Rex Thompson
Ruth Thompson
Joe Thurman
Richard Torgeson
William Troupe Jr
Donna Turner
Jill Tuttle
Jay Underwood
Marlene Vanhalteren
Tim Ventur
Donald Vogel
Wendy Wahlen
Janet Walior
Steve Wangsness
Alan White
Debi Wichers
Kenneth Williams
Toni Williams
Robin Willis
Larry Wilson
Kieth Witter
Noreen Wolfe
Larry Wolff
Bradley Woodlyn
Priscilla Woods
Fred Wright
Susan Wyciskala
Bill Yates
Mary Yost
Steve Ziegler

Thank you for any
assistance and
involvement you can
provide in making this
reunion complete.

Reunion Committee
Lisa Fischer
Tom Huling III
David Katt
Tom Myers
Sue Odne
Elizabeth Smith
Warren Wahlborg
Candace Webb

5 Replies to "Chief Sealth 40-year reunion: Help find the 'missing'"

  • miws May 26, 2012 (11:39 am)

    That serves as a vivid reminder, that I have my own 40th Sealth reunion coming up in four short years!


    Gee, Thanks! ;-)



    • WSB May 26, 2012 (11:45 am)

      I think we had this discussion before. I’m Class of 1976 from a high school in Las Vegas. Did you have red/white/blue tassels for the Bicentennial here too? I’m sorry to think we probably won’t be around for the Tricentennial (well, you never know). – TR

  • miws May 26, 2012 (7:34 pm)

    Yep! We sure did!


    Of course, our yearbook cover was properly themed as well, and the class Motto was “Spirit of ’76“! :-)



  • marty May 26, 2012 (7:47 pm)

    Chief Sealth was red, white and blue from the beginning!!!

    Actually red blue and white….

  • Gina May 27, 2012 (9:49 pm)

    Is there a tally anywhere of how many times Sealth ran off with the WSHS former mascot plaque?

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