Seattle Public Schools superintendent finalists visit: Sandra Husk

A bit delayed because we didn’t find the district-posted video clip till tonight, here’s the third of three Seattle Public Schools superintendent candidates who visited this week, Dr. Sandra Husk from Salem, Oregon. The video is from one of her three sessions with small groups of reporters. Here’s the Seattle Times (WSB partner) report on her interviews; here’s how Seattle Schools Community Forum covered her appearance. Our previous reports with the same three sources: José Banda here, Steven Enoch here. Send your thoughts to Also note that West Seattle’s board rep Marty McLaren has a community-conversation meeting this Sunday, 1:15-3 pm, at the West Seattle (Admiral) library branch.

3 Replies to "Seattle Public Schools superintendent finalists visit: Sandra Husk"

  • Criminy April 28, 2012 (12:16 pm)

    I could see why the district’s power brokers didn’t want anyone to see this. What a lot of edu-speak without substance. Lot’s of passive voice responses regardeing her DUI “traumatic event” and the latest district “incident” of lousy oversight.

    I love the very end, when a deep-voiced reporter asks her “Do you promise to not use the word ‘skill-set’ when you meet people?” She says “Would you like me to promise that? I don’t know if I can. Haa haa”

    She reminds me of certain superintendents we’ve had in the not to distant past.

    • WSB April 28, 2012 (12:41 pm)

      Criminy – it wasn’t that they didn’t want anyone to see it. I actually got the link from their website and it was probably up hours before I looked … yesterday was a nonstop day and finally when late night arrived, I thought I’d better close the loop on the superintendent candidates even if I didn’t have all the same raw material as for the first two – so I looked at the district home page and there was the mention that they had posted video of all three. The communications person who had sent the link to us the first two days may not even have been in on Friday for all I know … TR

  • jonbourn April 28, 2012 (9:05 pm)

    I know here and she is lying! People in Salem are very mad with her which is why she is leaving. She does not listen well

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