Recycle Roundup 9 am-3 pm today at Fauntleroy Church

(Added 11:46 am: The 1 Green Planet team this morning in the early going)
Last time the Fauntleroy Church Green Committee brought 1 Green Planet to West Seattle for a “Recycle Roundup,” the recycling company’s trucks went away with 14 tons of electronics and other items. 9 am-3 pm today, they’re back, and will be set up in the church parking lot (9140 California SW) again awaiting your recyclables. If you haven’t checked it yet, here’s the list of what they will and won’t accept. It’s a free service (though the Green Committee will accept donations if you’re interested in helping them cover their costs).

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  • Kris deLancey April 29, 2012 (9:16 am)

    FYI: I was just there and they are not taking audio tapes or video tapes. They are on the list but they can’t take them.

    • WSB April 29, 2012 (9:21 am)

      Thanks, Kris, was there a reason? I know the church volunteers work as closely as they can with 1GP to make sure they have an accurate list … TR

  • Kris deLancey April 29, 2012 (9:33 am)

    Green Planet has to pay for the tapes. So, they lose money on the deal.

  • john April 29, 2012 (10:24 am)

    I asked about the tape thing, they said that that was an error and they will take them. Other than that the service is great, fast and friendly. Love this service!!!!!!!!

  • Bob April 29, 2012 (10:28 am)

    We apologize for the error, WE WILL ACCEPT VHS AND AUDIO TAPES. The flyer was printed up prior to our company changes. Bring it down with the rest of your recyclables.
    Thanks again to Fauntleroy UCC and West Seattle for all your support.

    • WSB April 29, 2012 (10:49 am)

      Thanks, we asked while down there a little while ago and they did say they would take them if people bring them … was just about to update here (adding some photos too) – TR

  • Joseph April 29, 2012 (11:03 am)

    I took some things down. So glad they offer this and will so in the future.

  • Renee April 29, 2012 (4:31 pm)

    Took down an old computer. They were very nice!

  • pam April 29, 2012 (4:37 pm)

    Great timing for us – the waterheater broke last week and we got to avoid paying to take it to the transfer station!

  • Mike April 29, 2012 (8:34 pm)

    I love this. I’ve used it a few times now, great idea and great service. I’m not a church going person, but I’m more than happy to donate to the church there when they do this collection of recyclable items with 1GP

  • TONY April 29, 2012 (8:35 pm)

    Thank you all, this was a service to the community.

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