Followup: Another record Recycle Roundup in Fauntleroy

(Sunday photo by WSB editor Tracy Record)
Another successful dropoff event this past weekend – more successful than ever, in fact! Judy Pickens just shared this wrapup of how the Fauntleroy Church‘s Recycle Roundup on Sunday (WSB coverage here) turned out:

The West Seattle peninsula is surely sitting higher in the water today after residents brought a record 16 tons of recyclables to Sunday’s Recycle Roundup hosted by Fauntleroy Church and 1 Green Planet. With that much stuff returning to the resource stream, more cars surely fit in the garage and a few marriages may have been saved!

The crew packed every truck available with 16 tons of almost everything imaginable, from infant car seats to elder scooters, computers to fencing. To thank the church’s green committee for organizing the free event and providing a “Green Ideas” handout, recyclers tossed just over $1,400 in the donation basket.

The church will announce the fall event date soon so that area residents have ample notice to start sorting.

2 Replies to "Followup: Another record Recycle Roundup in Fauntleroy"

  • owen April 30, 2012 (12:11 pm)

    With apologies to Merle Travis:
    You load sixteen tons, what do you get
    Room in the garage (and the landfill, better yet),
    Neighbor, don’t you call me for my old lawn mower
    I gave that old beast to the re-cy-cle corps

  • old timer April 30, 2012 (1:38 pm)

    That was so easy and convenient.
    I got rid of a lot of stuff I had no idea what to do with.
    Old Christmas lights, broken space heaters, old printer,
    old stereo receivers, and lots more that I no longer have to look at.
    Thanks to all.

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