Election 2012: Local Democrats caucusing this Sunday

checkbox.jpgIf you missed the mentions before – yes, Democrats are caucusing in our state, even though, as the 34th District Democrats‘ website puts it, “there is no mystery as to who our candidate will be.” The 34th DDs’ website explains why. Next Sunday (April 15th) is the day, 1 pm the time, multiple gathering places; if you are a Democrat, you can find yours by using this lookup. (Here’s our coverage of the local Republican caucuses last month.)

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  • Marcee Stone April 10, 2012 (6:53 pm)

    Thanks WS Blog for publishing an article on this. We had the largest caucuses in the history of the country in 2008 and we want to have a great showing of support for President Barack Obama in 2012. Come visit with your neighbors and make a statement for progressive values! And tomorrow night we’re the first legislative district to have a candidate forum with candidates from 3 statewide races. See your next Secretary of State, Auditor and a Supreme Court Justice.

  • redblack April 10, 2012 (7:04 pm)

    thanks, WSB. i started a thread about this in the forums and will add links to caucus locations – and how to find precinct numbers for those who are just getting into the process.

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