Door-to-door alert of sorts: Evening lease-seeker?

No way to tell if this was casing or legit, but a WSB’er wanted to get the word out about this Friday night encounter:

We live in townhomes on Fauntleroy Way SW near Morgan Junction. Around 8:45 PM, a white male approximately 5’8 140 lbs. with short brown hair wearing a black coat, white t-shirt, blue jeans and carrying a backpack knocked on the rear door of our unit. He said he was sorry to bother us but was wondering who he could talk to about leasing a unit in our development. These units are all owner-occupied and there are no real-estate signs advertising vacancy, etc. When we told him all units were owned he said he was sorry to bother us again and left on foot. We reported the suspicious activity to SPD and, after speaking with neighbors in the development, learned that they had seen him in the alley behind the units (near the off-street parking) and he had approached them and asked the same question.

What our tipster did is exactly what police ask you to do – particularly if the suspicious person or activity is happening NOW – call them (911 is preferred, SPD has said again recently; they can always refer you elsewhere if determining it’s not “happening now” or otherwise urgent).

3 Replies to "Door-to-door alert of sorts: Evening lease-seeker?"

  • Mike April 7, 2012 (6:24 pm)

    Everything is not suspicious. People need to Relax!!

  • T April 7, 2012 (9:01 pm)

    Whether it is deemed ‘suspicious’ or not . . . it’s still kind of a loser move to go knocking on residents’ doors at almost 9 p.m. to inquire about leasing. Or any other reason for that matter. Suspicious, probably. Stupid, definitely.

  • me April 7, 2012 (9:27 pm)

    I use to be relaxed till I came home from work one day and door was kick in and things gone that can’t be replaced. Now I relax with one eye always open!

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