Election 2012: West Seattle, White Center Republican caucuses; statewide results coming in

(9:15 PM UPDATE: Statewide and countywide results continuing to show up here)

10:11 AM: We’re at West Seattle High School, one of two sites in the 34th Legislative District where Republicans are gathering to participate in their party’s statewide precinct caucuses this morning. 34th Republicans chair Jim Clingan had told us they expected the WSHS Commons to be packed; the tables here, each for a specific precinct, are indeed full, maybe 300 people by our count. Craig Keller, who is leading this meeting, is just starting to speak, to explain the rules; he’s been presiding over sign-ins. The gathering is scheduled to continue till noon.

11:22 AM UPDATE: We stayed at WSHS until all the individual tables were about to get down to business. Keller (above) explained to participants that they had two things to accomplish: Elect delegates to the next level of caucusing (one or two delegates per precinct, depending on each precinct’s “Republican voting strength” in the 2008 election), and participate in the presidential “straw poll.” (Participants would have to pledge that they were Republicans – since we don’t have formal party registration in this state – and that they weren’t participating in any other party’s caucuses.) Results were not to be announced at individual caucus locations; they were to be reported to county and then state headquarters, which is expected to announce them tonight. After WSHS, we headed south to White Center to check out the caucusing location that also included precincts from south West Seattle:

This one was run by Jim Clingan, who told us they’d counted about 200 people. One thing of note: We looked at both locations for evidence of presidential-candidate preference, and the only candidate whose logo we noticed was Ron Paul: Somebody wearing a Ron Paul hoodie at WSHS: a stack of Ron Paul signs outside the doors at Evergreen.

4:16 PM UPDATE: The Paul campaigning – he was the only Republican presidential candidate to come to Seattle – seems to be showing in the early results; he’s a close second to Romney. You can watch statewide results updates on this State GOP website.

9:15 PM UPDATE: Statewide, it’s Romney 37 percent, Paul 26 percent, Santorum 25 percent, with 90 percent of the vote counted. King County is listed as 75 percent counted, also with Romney in first place, Paul in second.

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  • NFiorentini March 3, 2012 (11:31 am)

    I’ve never participated in anything like that before. It was fun and the people there were really nice. A highschool senior, participating in his first election, came by the table to support his candidate.

  • JoAnne March 3, 2012 (12:10 pm)

    Turnout was definitely higher than four years ago.
    I’m a Romney delegate, but WOW so impressed by Paul supporters–every one of them passionate and fully committed to Paul.
    Wild guess-timate: 1/3 to 1/2 of the crowd were Paul supporters.

  • banned bags March 3, 2012 (1:36 pm)

    Is this group being lead by the same anti bag-ban Republican activist,
    the same one who just recently gave up on his petition drive to rescind the Seattle bag ban?

  • tk March 3, 2012 (1:38 pm)

    YEEAHHHH!!! We got 4/4 delegates for RON PAUL! I was at Evergreen High School this morning and it was apparent Ron Paul had at least 80% or the support. Lots of Seniors donning Ron Paul Stickers too! Super excited!

    JoAnne! A Romney supporter actually bowed out of wanting to become a delegate because he was so inspired by the Paul Support at our table. There was one guy who started the whole “well Ron Paul isn’t electable,” garbage and in the end said “I’m going to vote from my heart, I’m voting for Ron Paul.” Woohoo! If more people did that the world would be a better place.

  • LeRoy March 3, 2012 (1:40 pm)

    Down with bloated social programs! Just don’t take my social security!

  • NFiorentini March 3, 2012 (1:58 pm)

    My precinct was five votes for Ron Paul and one for Romney.

    Does Ron Paul really have a shot at winning Washington State?

  • Smitty March 3, 2012 (2:21 pm)

    Right on LeRoy!

    It’s called using your brain. Just because we dislike some social programs does not mean we can’t like others – especially the ones we paid into for so many years!

    More social security – fewer food stamps!

  • Margaret Weber March 3, 2012 (3:42 pm)

    My first caucus experience was inspiring and reassuring. I have never experienced people expressing political thought and opinion with such civility and acceptance. At the end I discovered why:
    21 attending:
    1 for Gingrich
    20 for Romney
    0 for all the others.
    Them were the good ol’ days!

  • Bob Loblaw March 3, 2012 (3:44 pm)

    Go Craig! Love to see you so involved. We may not always agree, but it’s nice to see your passion.

  • tk March 3, 2012 (3:52 pm)

    Yeah I’m all about State funded and raised social programs. It’s dangerous to let the Federal Government get too big.

  • JoAnne March 3, 2012 (4:55 pm)

    TK Paul was excellent in the debates, but seeing the kind of support he had in the precincts really bowled me over.

    Actually, I may go with Paul. I actually don’t care anymore who wins the nomination. We have had a long and grueling process, and the people left standing are the cream of the crop as far as I see it.

    I would vote for Ron Paul, Santorum, or Romney with pleasure. They are all great candidates.

  • Dave March 3, 2012 (5:00 pm)

    Yeah down with food stamps, screw the poor, as long as I got mine Yeah!

  • Smitty March 3, 2012 (6:40 pm)

    “Yeah down with food stamps, screw the poor, as long as I got mine Yeah!”

    I can only speak for myself, but more people employed = fewer food stamps. That’s what I mean.


  • Tk March 3, 2012 (8:25 pm)

    Man, anyone else notice king county results are WAY off. I’ve heard from 4 ppl at 4 different locations that the caucus turn out was over 3/4 Ron Paul yet it’s not showing in the counts in the media. This is very disconcerting.

    • WSB March 3, 2012 (9:04 pm)

      TK – they didn’t release individual sites’ counts (I had asked local party leaders while corresponding with them about ground rules for us dropping in to get some pix at the two local sites) so no way to compare BUT do keep in mind, King County’s non-Seattle cities have increasing population … Bellevue, Kent, Renton, and beyond … so even if Seattle had a major Ron Paul presence, maybe it was the “outliers” that diluted it? I don’t know if they’re going to release precinct by precinct, I hope so. Also, latest count looks like only 50 percent counted in King County, could be that Seattle is still in the “other” 50 percent. Just a few thoughts (I worked on election coverage for almost all my TV career, across four states, so even in the pre-Web age, I saw all manner of combination of circumstances) … TR

  • Grutzbo March 3, 2012 (9:55 pm)

    The Ron Paul crowd was fun. We had lots of stickers and signs vs none for other candidates so the support probably felt like more than it actually was.

    On the down side, at Evergreen I saw no African Americsns and very few other people of color. We also saw approximately 20% women. Being a 55 year old white man I felt very comfortable – but it does not bode well for November.

  • tk March 3, 2012 (10:12 pm)

    Thanks WSB! Sometimes I forget about those yuppies on the east side. That does explain it. LOL

  • Smitty March 4, 2012 (6:24 am)

    Looks like a lot of women at the Sammamish gatherings – of course this may not be representative of the entire turnout. But you are correct, that does not bode well going forward.


  • phil dirt March 4, 2012 (7:16 am)

    No African Americans?! Gee. Does anyone besides me wonder why every other ethnic group in this country has made progress? Oh yeah, thats right, it’s RACISM. Just ask any Democrat.

  • JoAnne March 4, 2012 (10:17 am)

    I am so thankful to the people that came–both older Republicans and TEA party. After the PC caucuses in 2008 I really thought we were done for.

    I hope Romney will not disappoint the Paul people as badly as McCain did for the Romney people last time.

  • Nick March 4, 2012 (1:57 pm)

    I can’t belove mitt won. Ill be voting for Ron Paul as a write in. Do you people really want Richie rich and the morman church in the white house

  • JoAnne March 5, 2012 (8:15 am)

    I understand how disappointed a person can be when their candidate loses. Been there many times over.

    Please realize though that a write-in vote for Paul is a de facto vote for Obama.

    With Romney, at least there will be another chance in the future. Romney respects the Constitution and has promised to appoint only judges who are strict constitutionalists. You could be supporting Rand Paul or someone like him for President in 2016.

    Obama, on the other hand, stated in his book “Audacity of Hope” that he thinks our constitution is flawed–that it is not redistributive enough. He also thinks that the federal government should monitor people in terms of what they eat, whether they smoke and exercise, take their medication, etc.

    Obama could grant amnesty to illegal aliens (the Dream Act does this, since the parents, brothers and sisters, etc. of students granted amnesty would also be instant citizens).

    That would almost certainly give the Democrats a permanent majority–they would have the presidency and both houses of congress forever.

    We could be living in a bleak totalitarian state after that. There would be only crony capitalism, with the government picking winners and losers. We and our children would be wage slaves with no voice about our own future ever again.

    So please think carefully before you cast a “feel-good” write-in vote!

  • Steph in WS March 5, 2012 (1:09 pm)

    Wow JoAnne, sounds like you are actually talking about what it would look like if a Repub would get into office = scary!
    I am for human rights, social justice and helping the poor which would not happen under a repub.

    Nick, please write in Ron Paul!

    Sorry just couldn’t help myself after seeing those comments

  • Nick March 5, 2012 (1:27 pm)

    You think mitt supports the constitution you must be one of the most misinformed people out there. He supports the patriot act nuff said.

  • boy March 5, 2012 (7:52 pm)

    The bottom line is it does not matter which one wins. It is all about OMG Obamma Must Go!!!

  • phil dirt March 6, 2012 (4:50 am)

    I’m with JoAnne on this one. Another four years of Obama and this country will be ruled by a permanent Democratic Party dictatorship. Of course, there are plenty of dimwitted Seattlites who think this would be great. I will vote for anybody other than Obama!

  • Nick March 6, 2012 (6:53 am)

    Ill take Obama any day over a scumbag 1%er

  • A's Mom March 6, 2012 (11:04 pm)

    What must happen is that the 1% must stop controlling this country. I am not and never will be a republican in any lifetime. But I do agree that the status quo must change. It’s not going to happen if we continue to vote along party lines instead of thinking about tomorrow and the values that this country was founded on, and work together to make change. Ron Paul in my opinion is the only one on the R side who even comes close. Romney and inSanatorium are dangerous to our American Dream!

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