Beach Drive murder aftermath: Viewpoint safety; other updates

In the foreground, flowers and a candle, almost certainly a tribute to murder victim Greggette Guy; in the background, trimmings from plants along Emma Schmitz Viewpoint, where her car was found, after her body was found a half-mile north, eight days ago. Though this comes as safety concerns have been raised (and replied to), Parks Department spokesperson Karen O’Connor tells WSB that some of the pruning “is work that is normally done during this time of the year,” but she added there’s something extra: “To improve visibility into the lower plaza area, we are removing 3 large clumps of Escallonia. We are waiting for the backhoe to come it to complete that work.”

As of about 2 pm, when we took that photo of an escallonia shrub with a white line painted onto its east side (and the blue letters “OK” on the grass below), that work hadn’t happened yet, but O’Connor mentioned they were hoping the weather would calm a bit.

Meantime, we expect to hear something about the case at tonight’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, to which the public is welcome – 7 pm at the Southwest Precinct meeting room (entrance is from the parking lot along Webster, west of Delridge). Last night at an otherwise-unrelated neighborhood meeting in Arbor Heights, SW Precinct Sgt. Joe Bauer, asked about the case, reiterated that SPD was pouring “resources” into getting it solved.

On a more personal note about Ms. Guy, we have learned that her memorial service is planned for this Saturday at a funeral-home chapel in Kent. A little more about her apparent West Seattle connections has emerged, as well; if you saw our report on Sunday night’s vigil, you heard her father mention having walked with her on Beach Drive many a time. We have heard from multiple sources that she and her family lived here at some point in childhood – she is reported to have attended Fairmount Park Elementary (now in its fifth year of closure). Again, here’s the flyer that’s been distributed:

Police want to hear from anyone with any bit of information that might help the investigation, no matter how small.

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  • Alki Guy March 20, 2012 (6:52 pm)

    Thanks for the thoughtful details WSB. May we find the murderer soon, and bond together through this tragedy.

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