West Seattle businesses: Eviction notice at Corner Store/Deli

Just four months after opening, the Corner Store and Deli in The Triangle is closed. The white and red posted flyers on the left side of the door are eviction notices and court documents that just turned up.

As some WSB’ers had pointed out in notes asking about the store’s status, it hadn’t been open much, if at all, lately; we don’t recall seeing its doors open for at least a week and a half. The space at 4415 Fauntleroy Way SW had previously long been known as Tervo’s Mini-Mart.

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  • Derek February 7, 2012 (4:29 pm)

    It’s such an unfortunate location. It’s on a main thoroughfare, but by the time you see it, it’s too late to stop in. There’s also a void of foot traffic around there.

    It seems like the only way to make a lucrative business here would be to make it a destination, rather than a convenience stop. Jones seems to be doing okay for this exact reason.

  • Angel February 7, 2012 (4:29 pm)


  • questionable February 7, 2012 (4:50 pm)

    A convenience store with a pricing structure that charges $2 for a 1-liter of cola two blocks from where 7-11 charges $1.50 for a 2-liter won’t make it, no matter what the economy is like or how good the parking is.

  • Ripper February 7, 2012 (4:52 pm)


  • Derek February 7, 2012 (5:03 pm)

    It can if you make it a place that people will go out of their way for. Offer something that 7-11 doesn’t, be it friendliness, a nicer atmosphere, a fantastic beer selection, etc. It can’t just be another anonymous place to buy a pack of smokes and a can of Pringles or it’ll fail every time. You have to give your customers a reason to go to your store or they’ll just abandon you when they find a place that’s $0.50 cheaper.

  • Dan February 7, 2012 (5:15 pm)

    I thought something was fishy when I stopped by a few weeks ago; wanted a sixer of beer and there was nothing to choose from. Disaffected staffer behind counter mumbled something about “maybe next week” and went back to his mobile phone call. Good riddance.

  • Wes C. Addle February 7, 2012 (5:17 pm)

    Is Jones really doing good in there? I’ve ate there a few times and it was awful. Also I rarely see anyone in there when driving by.

  • coffee February 7, 2012 (5:22 pm)

    Didn’t they spend quite a bit of money on the remodel? I think if they would have stayed open and matched the prices in the area they might have made it.

  • Ripper February 7, 2012 (5:57 pm)

    C’mon, this place was a smut-hole anyway. Will it really be missed?

  • nnnnn February 7, 2012 (6:21 pm)

    It’s sad. The owner seemed like a nice guy. They had the Boar’s Head Deli sandwiches there for awhile, but that was gone by the beginning of January, I think.

    They never seemed to get enough stock in and you never knew whether they would have something or not–they’d run out of things and not replace them for awhile. I suppose they couldn’t afford to keep it stocked because there weren’t enough customers. But then if customers can’t get the things they need, they’ll go elsewhere.

  • johnnyblegs February 7, 2012 (6:45 pm)

    I bought the Boar’s Head meat there – once. I asked for a 1/2 pound of turkey and 1/4 pound provolone because the prices were $2 cheaper per pound than the QFC and I’d much rather support a small business. The guy didn’t even have a scale (which I think is illegal). When I got home I double checked the purchase on my scale. I ended up with a full pound of turkey and 1/2 pound of cheese. I never went back because it didn’t seem that they moved through that inventory fast enough – who knows how old that meat is. I wonder why they got evicted though?? Too bad. I hate to see any local business fail. They could have done something really cool there if they had a vision – or maybe it was a matter of cash flow.

    • WSB February 7, 2012 (7:57 pm)

      JBL, I should have added that the court documents alluded to rent.

  • Alki Area February 7, 2012 (6:54 pm)

    Actually the location isn’t bad. Once you see it, just take the next right, or one after that, go back and they have their own parking lot even. Granted the last incarnation seemed to be poorly run, no surprise they closed. But the location isn’t that bad. Don’t know if we need just another “mini-mart”, maybe a burger joint or something. Jones does ok, but it’s NOT a big “restaurant”, it was never supposed to be, they only have 3 or 4 tiny tables, it’s mostly a takeout and catering type of place (and dang good in my opinion, I swing by for their food once a week, best this side of 3 Pigs in Bellevue)

  • Dj Carpenter February 7, 2012 (7:21 pm)

    Thanx for the info. What a terrible shame… All therodeling and updating Tch tch

  • Marcus M February 7, 2012 (7:38 pm)

    Sell falafels or something other than sh**t prepackaged corn products and you might have a chance in that location. Unlikely though. Then again, look how well KFC & Taco Slime do.

  • CB February 7, 2012 (7:59 pm)

    Damn… where am I going to find porno mags and ham in one location?

  • Marcus M February 7, 2012 (8:43 pm)


  • redblack February 7, 2012 (8:51 pm)

    maybe the owners of super deli mart need a northern satellite.
    pliny the elder on tap, anyone?

  • dsa February 7, 2012 (9:27 pm)

    I did not visit this place at all. I only stopped in the old store a couple of times. It was a dump, but:
    Location, parking, access, someone with the right product and marketing skills should snap this opportunity.

  • DJ Allyn February 7, 2012 (9:35 pm)

    Jones does a MUCH better business down in the SODO district. As someone mentioned above, I would have been tempted to stop had it been convenient, and parking were available.

    That mini-market could not compete with two grocery stores just a few blocks up the road.

  • Kaliope February 7, 2012 (9:49 pm)

    I went in once for cigarettes: They had no marlboro light or equivalent. I passed back again on my way from Jones and went in for gum, selection sucked. completely disinterested proprietor. Some selection (or specialty) and service could do GREAT there, I think.

  • Brontosaurus February 7, 2012 (11:56 pm)

    Love Jones BBQ, it’s definitely worth stopping in for. As for the mini-mart, the unprofessional signage really put me off-it looked terrible lit up at night.

  • mr. the horse February 8, 2012 (12:43 am)

    it ain’t the location. buddah ruksa is across the street and they are jammed all the time.

    better reasons for why they closed: bad management. poor inventory. did no outreach to the neighborhood. didn’t have a marketing plan. no concept. bad customer service.

    sad. they spent a lot of dough to give that place a facelift.

  • nwhiker February 8, 2012 (2:45 am)

    I second that. I love Jones BBQ even if it is awkward to get to. Its signage is too nondescript though — very easy to miss.

  • realist February 8, 2012 (1:26 pm)

    That would be a choice location for a cannabis co op.

  • RJ February 8, 2012 (1:34 pm)

    Bring back TERVO’S!

  • Tim February 8, 2012 (3:12 pm)

    Darn, I never got to buy that poster they were selling, whcih had all of the pictures of peaches with one picture of a naked butt tucked in there.

  • datamuse February 8, 2012 (5:03 pm)

    I’m hearing rumors that Jones is closed…or at least, the one in SoDo is. Haven’t been by to check myself.

    • WSB February 8, 2012 (5:16 pm)

      Don’t know about the one in SODO. The one here was open when we drove by last night. – TR

  • Ray West February 9, 2012 (6:06 am)

    I hate to see any business fail, but it sounds like they totally missed the mark with their poor customer service, non-competitive prices, and less-than-stellar food quality. I do wonder how the old Tervo’s was able to stay in business for so long. That place was the pits. Hopefully someone will come in and revamp what’s there and run it better.

  • bridge to somewhere February 9, 2012 (12:54 pm)

    here’s my take on Jones: https://westseattleblog.com/jones-barbeque

  • Bob February 9, 2012 (7:28 pm)

    Tear the whole mess down, and get rid of the rest of the blight on Alaska, what a horrible entrance to West Seattle. What are landlords thinking besides $$$ ya it is tough but someone has to address the situation. Maybe Trader Joes will set an example. WS has to get some class, not just character. we have enough of that. Does “future slum” seem possible?

    • WSB February 9, 2012 (7:40 pm)

      Bob – there was a development proposal a few years back during the boom. It is marked as “canceled” on city records now, though.

  • Harry E. February 10, 2012 (2:38 pm)

    Why does this NOT surprise me? The area has changed so much and I saw this sad ending coming as soon as I learned about it opening. It’s just a crappy location……period.

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