Update: USS Ronald Reagan, as seen from West Seattle

We mentioned this morning that the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was headed for Bremerton – and lots of folks subsequently watched as it headed past West Seattle shores in the past hour and a half or so. Bob A shares the above photo, taken from North Admiral, and also looked up its stats:

1,002.9 Feet Long
134.1 Feet Wide
Draft: 40.9 Feet Deep
Gross Tons: 109598
Net Tons: 55350
Built: 2003

The Kitsap Sun reports it’ll be at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for a year of maintenance and that its homeport has been “administratively” changed to Bremerton for that duration, so that the families of its 2,500 crew members can join them here. (We’re expecting to add another photo or two later.)

ADDED 6:40 PM: Here, actually, are three photos. First two are by Greg (thank you!) – including the view that a commenter described earlier, wondering about the cars on deck; third, with the ferry, is by WSB’s Patrick Sand.

The Kitsap Sun has an updated story on the carrier’s arrival, and photos from that side of the Sound, here.

12 Replies to "Update: USS Ronald Reagan, as seen from West Seattle"

  • T-Rex January 10, 2012 (1:30 pm)

    What a great picture! Ronnie would be proud!

    God bless the USA and God bless our servicemen and women who serves this country.

  • Raelene January 10, 2012 (6:59 pm)

    The cars on deck belong to the ships crew. When ever a ship changes “homeport”, everything gets moved.

  • Eddie January 10, 2012 (7:44 pm)

    I think the cars on deck – and possibly some family members – are part of something they call a “Tiger Cruise”.

  • S January 10, 2012 (7:56 pm)

    That’s one heck of a car ferry ;)

  • miws January 10, 2012 (8:34 pm)

    Caption: After decades of running in the red, the Washington State Ferry System shuts down, and service is taken over by the US Navy. First route to be serviced by the USN; Seattle-Bremerton.



  • FT January 11, 2012 (4:27 am)

    My recollection is that family belongings are moved aboard ship (inc cars) in circumstances like this. Why not? There’s no additional expense and there’s plenty of storage space without an air wing aboard.

    To follow on the car ferry joke, actually, by using the deck catapults, the Reagan can off-load cars in a fraction of the time a WSF vesssel would require – and the cars land several hundred feet past the apron… Reducing congestion at terminal, too!

  • clf January 11, 2012 (8:59 am)

    Actually a “tiger cruise” is for family members to ride on board after a deployment and to experience part of ship life. The cars on deck are those of the crew, no other family belongings are allowed which I’m sure would be an insurance issue if something should happen so that the navy would not have to be responsible.
    Not all families were allowed to accompany the ship to WA. It all depends on how much time the member has left on the Reagan. If they only had 5 months left, let’s say, then the family has to stay in San Diego. Some members families who came to the ship within last few months had to move directly to WA months ago so the navy wouldn’t have to pay to move them twice. A lot of families have been without and will be without their loved ones even through this after a recent deployment.
    Just wanted to give a little background and info:) Beautiful ship!

  • RayK January 11, 2012 (3:12 pm)

    Wow, that’s one huge car ferry!

  • californium January 13, 2012 (9:42 pm)

    I remember the Reagan coming through Santa Barbara for a week. That was an eye-popping experience. First, I’ve always thought SB Harbor was a large-enough facility, and it takes some time to walk around…

    Well, I was coming down the pass which overlooks the whole of SB, and what I saw about blew my mind. Out in the channel, the Reagan was docked, and at first it was impressive, but nothing spectacular. Then I looked down and saw the harbor. THE HARBOR – THE TEENY TINY HARBOR! I think the Reagan was 3-4 times larger than the WHOLE HARBOR. Absolutely stunning; what a beautiful ship.

  • CT January 14, 2012 (4:26 am)

    USS Ronald Reagan should be refereed to as “Reagan” or “she” but never “it”.

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