Reminder: Fauntleroy Expressway & WB Spokane St. Viaduct closed

10:24 PM: Have heard from a few people who apparently missed the previews and reminders about the current abundance of road work and were surprised by the bridge closures last night and tonight. In case you’ve been out of town, or busy, or lost track, this SDOT update from today explains what’s going on. Tonight is the only night the two bridge projects overlap, but if you are trying to get home from points eastward before 5 am or so, it will be tricky – you can’t get onto the westbound West Seattle Bridge from I-5 or Beacon Hill, and once you’re on, Delridge is the last open exit.

10:47 PM: As noted in comments, and in e-mail we received, try exiting at Harbor Island, BEFORE Delridge, for a reduced chance of getting stuck in a backup. One person who e-mailed points out that the detour signs do NOT offer this option (and also, as we’ve noticed, erroneously declare the entire WS Bridge closed).

2 Replies to "Reminder: Fauntleroy Expressway & WB Spokane St. Viaduct closed"

  • JanS December 21, 2011 (10:33 pm)

    I just came east from I-5, and the traffic is almost backed up in that one lane to that exit. We took the exit to the low bridge, and it was a breeze coming to Admiral…no traffic at all. Beats sitting in that line of traffic.

    • WSB December 21, 2011 (10:47 pm)

      Thanks, Jan. Just got a note from someone suggesting the same thing. We came across about this time last night and I got stuck in the backup, didn’t even think about the Harbor option …

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