From West Seattle to the world: Omilero benefit at OutWest

(Photo courtesy Jim Loder)
Thursday night, OutWest Bar is hosting a benefit that will help save lives on the other side of the world. Starting at 6 pm Thursday, an auction and proceeds from drink specials, plus a share of the night’s bar proceeds, will go to Omilero, an organization whose director of development Jim Loder is a West Seattle resident. Omilero is working on a sustainable way to provide Nigerian families with safer drinking water through the use of clay water-filtration pots. Loder provided the photo, showing families using water filters provided in their first phase. Regarding Thursday, he explains, “This event is in support of our next phase, now that we’re confident the local populations want and will use the filters, where we will bring in filters to serve an additional 10,000 people. We expect that to be in place by February 2012. We hope our next phase will be to build a ceramic studio in country where local potters will learn the process and will then be able to build the filter locally. That investment will be about another $50,000 to complete the construction, siting, and training of local potters. Our end goal is to establish a sustainable, locally run enterprise that will support clean water and promote economic development.” Wondering about the name? According to Omilero’s website, it means “Water is the cure,” in the Yoruba language. And the problem it’s curing is a deadly one – Omilero says disease spread through contaminated water kills at least 10 Nigerian children each day.

4 Replies to "From West Seattle to the world: Omilero benefit at OutWest"

  • DLR December 13, 2011 (5:07 pm)

    Way to go!
    My niece spent time this year working as an RN, living in a camp in Sierra Leone. And one of the biggest of many problems was ANY drinking water.

    It took her at least 2 months to try to clear-up stomach parasites from the water, and that was with good expensive health care in the US.

    I will try to Stop in Thursday after work.

  • newnative December 13, 2011 (7:22 pm)

    That is amazing!

  • old timer December 13, 2011 (8:55 pm)

    I can’t find “Omilero” on the Washington State charity register or on Charity Navigator.

  • datamuse December 13, 2011 (9:38 pm)

    Old timer, they’re listed under Water and Sanitation Health.

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