Car bumps building after 35th/Barton hit-run crash

Busy morning for emergency responders. We checked this out right after the Fauntleroy shed fire. From the scene and the scanner, police believe that this car was hit by another vehicle that left the scene, just hard enough to override the parking brake and send it rolling onto the sidewalk and up to the front of this commercial building just south of 35th/Barton (map).

No injuries and no serious damage – the car hit the mailbox post and took out a few bricks on a planter in front of the business’s front window. (Editor’s note: We’ve blurred the plate on the top photo, per WSB policy on faces/addresses/plate #s.)

3 Replies to "Car bumps building after 35th/Barton hit-run crash"

  • Gawdger December 15, 2011 (11:21 am)

    Does the city periodically review intersections with high volumes of accidents? This particular intersection seems to have quite a few accidents. My opinion would be to relocate the Bus stop just south of the car in the photo above. Turning left from Barton onto 35th can be a challenge due to visibility of oncoming traffic and it leaves very little reaction time if a bus is at that bus stop, and more so if other vehicles are stopped behind the bus.

    Also, if that Chrysler was parked near there, it was parked illegally.

  • DBP December 15, 2011 (12:09 pm)

    Well, the car drove into a place called “West Seattle Refinishing.” Clearly, the car needs refinishing, so how do you know that wasn’t all on purpose?

  • thansen December 16, 2011 (4:22 pm)

    We live a few blocks from this intersection and I can tell it’s one of the most dangerous I’ve ever encounter as a driver. I have witnessed more accidents and near misses than anywhere else in the city.

    Driving West, people fly through the intersection to get to the ferry.

    Driving East, people try to beat the light to get to Westwood

    Driving North or South, people are fly through the intersection.

    Plus there are bus stops at 2 corners which cause backups and people get mad.

    There needs to be a dedicated turn light.

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