2nd West Seattle Water Taxi ticket machine coming to Seacrest

(WSB photo from October 2010)
With rising West Seattle Water Taxi ridership – noted here a week ago – comes a rising demand for tickets, so the county is about to install a second ticket machine at Seacrest. It’ll be right next to the first one, according to this afternoon’s announcement, which mentions another change as of this Thursday:

On the same date, a new King County Ferry District fare policy will be implemented. Tickets sold through our TVMs will now show a sixty-day expiration date. Please be aware of this change, as the ticket will not be valid beyond the listed date.

(And remember that, as also reported here last week, fares will go up 50 cents next spring.) P.S. Holiday schedule note – no Water Taxi service next Monday.

1 Reply to "2nd West Seattle Water Taxi ticket machine coming to Seacrest"

  • Mel January 6, 2012 (11:04 am)

    I think what we’re finding is that as more people ride it for the first time, they like it and see it as a great alternative to sitting in the West Seattle Bridge/99 gridlock.
    And it’s in all likelihood more cost effective for the County than maintaining roads, and even with the higher fees the Water Taxi’s cost, vs. gas, parking and car maintenance and the “time cost” of sitting in gridlock works in commuters’ favor.
    Like it or not, the Water Taxi is likely to be West Seattle’s only real “rapid transit” option for the next 25 years or more. (“Rapid Ride” buses are not rapid transit, that name is really misleading and for the few minutes of saved time the costs are pretty damn high.)

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