Video: Roxhill Park Skatespot design review, the final round

Roxhill Park‘s future “skatespot” is going into the final design phase before construction next year, now that the project team has presented the newest round of design concepts. In case you wanted to be there but couldn’t go, we have the full hour on video in our clip above (if you just want a quick look/listen at the concepts, fast-forward to about 12 minutes in).

More than 20 people attended the meeting at Southwest Library. As with the 2nd meeting last month (WSB coverage here), design firm California Skateparks was represented by its lead designer Colby Carter, who brought two concepts, each with two variations. Votes were requested; “Plan A” was the favorite by far …

… with “Plan B” a fairly strong second, while the other two got a combined total of one vote. One key feature requested: Something unique that can’t be found at any other skatepark in Seattle.

We’ve requested electronic versions of what was shown last night; in the meantime, keep an eye on the official project website for updates. This is to be built at the same time as the Roxhill Park Playground renovations, which get their own final design meeting on November 30th (6 pm, also at SW Library), with completion projected for next fall.

11:11 AM UPDATE: Thanks to Parks project manager Kelly Davidson for the full PowerPoint from last night’s meeting; see it here (from it, we’ve added the Plan A rendering inline, above).

7 Replies to "Video: Roxhill Park Skatespot design review, the final round"

  • old timer November 15, 2011 (1:40 pm)

    Were there any indications of just what that ‘unique’ feature might be -any suggestions offered?
    A beer garden?
    A mini-movie house?
    A skateable water feature?
    Food truck parking?
    This could be fun!

  • bridge to somewhere November 15, 2011 (5:09 pm)

    @old timer: how about anyone older than 30?

  • David Means November 15, 2011 (5:41 pm)

    This is a TOTAL WASTE of money and NOT needed.There is already a skatepark nearby and the playgroung there now is GREAT.In very good shape and the kids LOVE IT.Put in some lights and remodel the CRUSTY bathrooms,hire security guards for the park in the evening and at night.We have already had a vicious murder at the park.

  • Brandon November 16, 2011 (6:32 am)

    @ David This skate park is not a total waste of money. Saying this skatepark is too close to the other one to be warranted is basically saying since delridge community center has a playground then roxhill park does not need one. Yes it’s close-ish, but it’s better to have one in the neighborhood. Also, since the delridge skatepark is basically all transition and this one is going to be more of a skate plaza the two parks are completely different, therefore needed. It’s like comparing one of those “water parks” and a traditional playground with just a big toy.

  • cwit November 16, 2011 (8:50 am)

    @old timer – facetiousness aside, go to the 35:30 mark of the video, there were a few suggestions regarding the unique feature and it was also presented as a challenge to the designer to come up with his own idea of something unique.

    @bridge… – although the plaza-style skatespot may attract more younger skaters than older, a majority of the advocates at the meeting were over 30 and certainly chimed in about the design of the spot. So, not so unique there. Not even aged 40 is unique. Maybe 50, though.

    @means – I totally agree with you! On the lights, that is. Get lights for the skatespot! That was discussed in the meeting – building the skatespot with consideration for lighting in the future. It was just discussed, not decided upon.

    The rest of your argument, I don’t agree with. Proximity doesn’t prevent multiple basketball fields, soccer fields, etc. from being built. So why should it differ with skateparks?

    And as Brandon notes, these skateparks are not the same – they’re catered for different aspects of skating. Some people that like to skate the features at Delridge may not necessarily like to skate what will be at Roxhill and vice versa. Or some skaters will just like the variety offered between the two and skate both.

    Feel free to read up on the Seattle skatepark plan if you want to find out more about the city’s plans for creating skatedots, skatespots and skateparks, whether you’re for or against them:

    And look into the Seattle parks and green space levy from 2008 regarding your concern about wasting money.

    Lastly, giving kids more chances of participating in a physical activity they enjoy will help keep them out of trouble. So I think this skatespot will help towards that.

  • seaskater November 16, 2011 (2:01 pm)

    Maybe they should add an outdoor roller derby track?? Could be lots of fun for the hundreds of skaters that live in Seattle.

  • Mark November 16, 2011 (4:52 pm)

    How many people have you heard say “skateboarding saved my life”?….I have heard many. How many people have you heard say, that swingset saved my life”?…..NONE! The park is needed especially in West Seattle where there are not many street skate spots.

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