West Seattle food: Last Stockbox week (for now); WCCDA profiles

FINAL WEEK FOR STOCKBOX GROCERS’ WEST SEATTLE PROTOTYPE: It’s the 8th week of Stockbox Grocers‘ “prototype” store at 24th/Holden – and the final week, since, as they’d warned all along, this was just a test. Stockbox founder Jacqueline Gjurgevich (at right, photographed as they prepared to open) says they’re having a sale: “The last day the store will be open is Sunday, November 6th although it may close earlier depending on when we sell out of inventory. We have 300 items in the store ranging from cleaning supplies to baking products to condiments to pasta and other staples. Dairy products and produce are also on sale. Most items in the store have been priced 20-75% off and people are flocking in to stock up on great deals. As a thank you to the Westhaven apartments and immediate vicinity we had a preview sale that started over the weekend and would now like to open up the sale to the greater West Seattle community.” They haven’t announced future, permanent locations but promise they’ll be back.

GUIDE TO SOUTH DELRIDGE/WHITE CENTER MARKETS: If you haven’t shopped some of the small-ish food stores in South Delridge/White Center, you might be missing a world of delights. If you’ve ever wanted to know more before venturing into one of the markets, the White Center Community Development Association has just granted your wish – creating a guide to nine of the markets. (See it as a PDF, here.)

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  • coffee October 31, 2011 (3:16 pm)

    I would think this solution would be good for the Highpoint area, are there any plans to try this solution there?

  • Valerie October 31, 2011 (4:33 pm)

    Wow, thanks for the guide to the WC markets – who knew? I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t. I’ll have to check these markets out!
    and re: Stockbox, all I can say is – hurry back SOON!

  • Dan October 31, 2011 (5:44 pm)

    Delridge needs a grocery! Thanks, Stockbox – we eagerly await your return.

  • AJP October 31, 2011 (9:30 pm)

    Not for the sake of any argument whatsoever, I am just wondering: there are several mini-marts on Delridge. Can/do the neighbors petition the owners to sell similar items? I know mini-marts don’t tend to have the most reasonable prices on grocery items, but if there is a market, would they be more apt to provide things at a lower price? I thought the mini-mart with the cool mural was trying to sell more fresh produce. I don’t know whatever happened with that.

  • Karrie Kohlhaas November 2, 2011 (8:22 pm)


    The Food and Fitness Initiative worked to bring healthy food options into convenience stores. Mr. Singh who owns the Super24 on Delridge Way and Findlay agreed to participate (the one with the cool mural).

    What has been observed: Neighbors do not go to convenience stores for healthy food. They want to go to a grocer where they can see more than a wilted lettuce head and a couple dimpled tomatoes crying out for adoption. It simply didn’t work.

    There was a lack of selection, a lack of upkeep since the veggies didn’t move fast enough and in the end, the habits around convenience stores and quickie marts has been formed: people go for beer, cigarettes, candy, lottery tickets and a few emergency items like paper plates, mayo or random things like that.

    Just like people in West Seattle and other areas want to shop at a grocery store that provides a good selection of food items in a clean and tidy environment, so do Delridge residents.

    It has been told to neighbors by the Dept of Economic Development that there will “NEVER be a major grocery store” in the neighborhood.

    I do hope that Stockbox can continue their work here. It is much needed and much appreciated.

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