West Seattle Crime Watch: 1st sentencing in Bushaw murder

Bryce Huber, found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2009 West Seattle shooting death of 26-year-old Steve Bushaw (right), was sentenced this morning. Our partners at the Seattle Times report that King County Superior Court Judge Joan DuBuque ordered a 31-year sentence – the high end of the sentencing range – for Huber, who testimony indicated had coordinated the plan to get Bushaw to Talarico’s that night and to lure him outside, where two other men shot him. Those men, John Sylve and Danny O’Neal, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and are to be sentenced on September 30th. The jury that found Huber guilty in a trial that took most of last month (our coverage archive is here) were not able to reach a verdict for Brandon Chaney, the alleged getaway driver; the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has not announced yet whether it plans to seek a new trial for Chaney. The murder motive involved a belief that Bushaw had planned a home-invasion robbery targeting a friend of Huber’s, but neither he (nor anyone else) was ever arrested, charged, or publicly described as a suspect.

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  • Seattlite September 16, 2011 (11:53 am)

    Huber got the sentence he deserves for planning the killing of Steve Bushaw. But, what exactly is the deal with Huber’s friend, the home-invasion victim? Did he have anything to do with the plan to kill Steve Bushaw? How has he been able to avoid prosecution and more intense police scrutiny? From what I’ve heard and read on the WSB, he sounds like a very dangerous criminal.

    • WSB September 16, 2011 (12:18 pm)

      Seattlite, the prosecutor’s office had told us previously that they are still reviewing whether anyone else would be charged in this, given evidence presented during the trial etc. There would be two people who potentially would fall under that – both the “home invasion victim” and the fourth guy in the car who allegedly came to West Seattle that night with Chaney, Sylve, and O’Neal. We’ll continue to follow up. The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says the decision on Chaney is pending a hearing on 9/30, same day that Sylve and O’Neal will be sentenced – TR

  • curious george September 16, 2011 (1:53 pm)

    Will either the Seattle Times or you at the WSB be transcribing for us the words that the people who stood up and said something today at the sentencing said? Do you know who all did address the judge before sentencing besides who the times named, namely, Huber and Steve’s sister? Anyone else besides the prosecutor and the detective? Huber’s attorney or friends, family? Did he say more than what the times briefly wrote?


    • WSB September 16, 2011 (2:11 pm)

      Unfortunately, the information I had on the time for the sentencing was incorrect, and by the time I learned that, it was way too late to get downtown. That’s why I am pointing to the Times story. – TR

  • onceachef September 16, 2011 (2:23 pm)

    One down..three to go.

  • Kate K September 16, 2011 (4:08 pm)

    Once again, thank you for your continued coverage of the trial and sentencing of the people responsible for Steve Bushaw’s murder.

  • bert September 17, 2011 (7:19 am)

    You call 31 years justice? Eye for an eye.

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