Video: Seattle Public Schools superintendent’s Q/A in WS

As mentioned briefly earlier, on the eve of the first day of school for Seattle Public Schools, the district’s interim superintendent Dr. Susan Enfield invited media to a briefing/Q & A session – and held it here in West Seattle, at the new Denny International Middle School, just before the dedication celebration.

It wasn’t a case of speech-and-a-few questions, but more like a wide-open 35-minute Q & A; we asked about the elementary-overcrowding issue at some West Seattle schools, and Dr. Enfield acknowledged that remains a problem in several areas around the city, including here. She said she’s hopeful that, even as district and school staff work to deal with short-term issues (with measures such as the portables in place at Lafayette, Schmitz Park, and Gatewood), long-term proposals will come out within a few months. As in, which school/s might reopen? we asked. She wouldn’t get into specifics, though it’s widely expected that Fairmount Park Elementary is first on the list; School Board member Steve Sundquist discussed it at a community Q & A session we covered in June. He has two of those community Q & A’s coming up this month, by the way – 11 am September 10th at High Point Library, and 11 am September 21st at Delridge Library.

P.S. For more coverage of the superintendent’s session today, here’s the roundup from the Save Seattle Schools site, whose Melissa Westbrook was there and asking about many hot topics; here’s a story by Katherine Long of the Seattle Times (WSB partner).

3 Replies to "Video: Seattle Public Schools superintendent's Q/A in WS"

  • madashell September 7, 2011 (2:18 pm)

    This woman is good at spin, not so good at improving the mess at HQ or inspiring her teachers.

  • madashell September 7, 2011 (2:22 pm)

    What is it about transparency that the interim superintendent doesn’t get?

  • madashell September 7, 2011 (8:43 pm)

    Minute 11, “central office wants to offer better service to schools”. Is that by forcing inexperienced, ill-prepared Teach for America neophytes into Title 1 schools?!

    I have to put on my hip waders…

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