Say ‘so long, summer’ at equinox sunset watch tomorrow

Today’s clouds belie the fact that it’s still technically summer … until very early tomorrow morning (just after 2 am our time). And since tomorrow is the autumnal equinox, that means it’s another sunset-watching event at Solstice Park in West Seattle, with NASA Solar System Ambassador Alice Enevoldsen (whose husband Jason Gift Enevoldsen took the photo at left, a silhouette at the park this past Monday). Sunset will be around 6:50 pm, so you’re invited to arrive around 6:30. Solstice Park is uphill behind the Lincoln Park Annex tennis courts, across from the gas station where Fauntleroy Way meets Lincoln Park Way (Alice’s website has an excellent map, if you need further instructions). In all the time she’s been leading solstice/equinox sunset watches at the park, this past summer-solstice event (WSB coverage here) was the first one during which the sun was actually visible – so if that’s a repeat tomorrow (hard to tell from the forecast), it will provide the chance to see if the equinox sunset lines up with the park marker placed at what should be the spot.

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